Embrace Your Inner Makeup Mogul: Why You Should Start Your Makeup Brand

By Sarah
November 28, 2023

Whatever business you are doing, there are some POINTS to consider:

  • Assess how many bucks you can make.
  • Check demands.
  • Notice the total investment you need to make.

And guess what? The makeup industry is the top one. It is expected to be 57 billion USD by 2030. And currently, it is around 40 billion USD. Do you know the best thing about it?

Less investment but higher margins. Customers need a basic makeup list every single day. That is the reason many famous brands like MAC cosmetics are earning billions of dollars in revenue.

But what to choose? How to choose? And when to choose? Do you know the answers to all these questions?

If yes, congrats, you’ve got a JACKPOT niche with higher profits. In this article, I will explore all makeup products.

Ready to know? Let’s have a detailed chat.

1. Makeup Tool Basics

1) What are makeup tools?

Everyone knows what it means. But do you know what exactly is in the things of makeup?

It is the list of tools that help apply the beauty layers to your skin. You might have gone to the beauty parlors. They have the same makeup tools every woman has.

2) What are their uses?

There are many uses of the tools in makeup. Here are some:

  • They help you look more beautiful, especially at a party or event.
  • You can get ready for your office or any other work too.
  • It helps conceal the blemishes and acne effectively.

In short, you look more beautiful and elegant. It is more prevalent among women and men who want to look more attractive.

3) Why should you buy them?

Many reasons flash through the mind when it comes to makeup tools. The first thing is the profit. The procurement process of such products is quite effective. Plus, the number of sales is pretty high.

If you are planning to start a store, it can be the right idea to get makeup products. Begin a brand. And turn the tables with higher profits.

2. Why should you start your Makeup brand?

Just think about the RARE BEAUTY. Loreal! They are all popular brands but commenced from the ground. And still popular globally.

The next one can be your brand shining among all the top brands. Therefore, I am suggesting to start a makeup brand.

Let’s look at the benefits of starting a makeup brand.

● High Demand

Everyone uses different types of makeup products. Why not get an idea from this?

It is the reason behind the high demand for the makeup inventory. Plus, it is a 40 Billion USD industry, showing how billions of dollars more prominent brands earn by just selling such products.

It can give your business a new name in the MARKET. And make you the industry leader.

● Better Conversion ratio

Conversion is another word for sales. It means the number of clicks and sales generated from each click.

You need to know it is a high-conversion industry. The sales are high. And you can generate more revenue in a short period.

● Profitable Business.

How many bucks do you want to earn? 10K USD or more per month? It is a good-to-go business. If you make 20% per product margin, you’ll easily make up to 10K USD by selling products.

Some sellers are generating 100% in profits, too. That is why this niche is trendy for businesses.

● Easy to Source

No hassle. No longer delays. OEM and ODM suppliers are there to offer you. You need to contact them. Know the private-label products you need. And boom!

They will get you the right deal and help you make more money. You can also get help from sourcing agents. They will be the TRUSTY guides.

● Lower investment

No fortune is needed at all. If you have 10K USD in your pocket, you can start from a small store on Shopify or Amazon and sell makeup products.

After generating some good profits, it will be easier for you to make money.

3. Five Places to Source Makeup Suppliers

Are you turning up your heads to the business? That would be great if you have the right supplier. But where do you even find the right supplier? Is that your question?

No problem at all. I have listed some significant points where you can find makeup suppliers for your business.

● Supplier Directory

The supplier directory is the TREASURE of ALIBABA. Not a single deal you’ll miss here. Even the suppliers are pretty reliable, but only if you have PICKY eyes.

So, what are some supplier directories?

No hassle. Be proficient. I have got names of the TOP DIRECTORIES, making up the best for your business.

  • Alibaba
  • Dhgate
  • Made-in-China
  • com

The list is long, but I have picked the TOP ones. Oh, I forgot, ALIEXPRESS. Include it, too, because you’ll find the BETTER deals there too.

Go to the supplier directories. Check the products. And talk to the relevant suppliers. Filter them out. And that is all.

Easy peasy, right? Do it now!!

● Trade shows

Have you heard of trade shows? Indeed, you might know about the trade shows.

As depicted by the name, they are the places where suppliers disclose their best products. That means you’ll get access to their best inventory and ask them to visit their location for better confidence.

● Google

What else can guide us better than the GOOGLE? Want a coffee? Check on Google. Google is an encyclopedia giving every single thing you want.

Now, there is one problem. Most of the reviews on Google are fake. So, how do you approach suitable suppliers? In that case, you need to take it to the suppliers. Ask what products they sell. And get the transaction record. Plus, you can check the factory conditions for your satisfaction. That is all you need to do.

You’ll surely land the unbeatable MAKEUP TOOL suppliers.

● Friends and family members

It is the most trusted method as far as I know. Why so? It is because an experienced person can give you the right suggestion about the supplier.

So, it’s a lucrative idea!

Look around. Check what your friends have in the business. Talk to them formally. Know their experience with the suppliers. And get the recommendations about the suppliers. They’ll tell you which supplier is the most suitable for you.

● Business Chamber

Business chambers are local business gatherings. For example, if you live in Florida, it will have a business chamber. All the suppliers will have their name and business registered there.

You can ask them about the most popular suppliers. Get the list. And narrow it down based on your research. That is all.

● Sourcing agents

Turn up your heads to the sourcing. They are the best deals ever!

Sourcing agents are professionals who already have experience with the industry and know how to get you the right deal. They take the extra burden off your shoulders and help you find the right products.

One thing I like the most is their local experience. For example, if you want to trade with Chinese suppliers, the sourcing agents will be the Chinese experts. They know the local market and top suppliers. And get you the right deals.

4. Types of Make-up Tools

The makeup list is quite long. It is because of makeup names and their types. And every single makeup tool has a different yet very important one.

Let’s look at the significant types of makeup accessories you should buy for your business.

1) Makeup Brushes and their uses

The fundamental purpose of using a brush is to clean the surface or apply some powder and such layers.

Here is the complete list of different makeup brushes.

● Foundation brushes

The foundation is the primary layer on your skin. If you apply makeup, you have to create a foundation layer. If it is not proper, everything will appear like a mess. And indicate you are not a PRO at makeup application.

Foundation brushes

But foundation brushes are very helpful at this point. Foundation brushes come in different shapes. Some have the form of a paintbrush, while others might look like a toothbrush.

Everyone has their specialty. Follow them accordingly.

● Powder brushes

Powder is quite an essential part of makeup. Sometimes, you need to adorn your make-up with the colors and powder that comes out on the top.

Powder brushes

These are simple brushes that help spread the powder on your skin. Some other types of brushes can also work in the place of powder brushes. Use them whenever you want to spread the powder on your skin.

● Concealer brushes

Is something still left in your makeup? Fill it up with the concealer brushes. They help hide the acne skin or pimples with the makeup application.

Concealer brushes

It is more like a paintbrush, but its functions are pretty marvelous. Start using them today.

● Stippling brushes

They have two SEPARATE lengths and serve multiple purposes. Whether you are highlighting your makeup or applying the creams, they assist you.

Stippling brushes

You need to dip it into what you want to apply. And that is all. It will help spread the makeup on your skin. Isn’t it great?

● Fan Brushes

A fan brush is like a fan with fibers spread in the fan shape. They do an excellent job in applying the makeup and even it up. It is loose, making it easy to use the makeup layers on your skin.

Fan Brushes

You can apply colors to your skin quite easily with such brush types. Since they have multiple jobs, you can use them for other brushes, too.

● Blush Brushes

Have you seen women having red cheeks or some peculiar colors on their skin? The blush brush helps them blush their skin and make it more appealing.

Blush Brushes

They are often smaller than the powder brush but a little stubbier. Applying a slight blush will amplify your beauty greatly.

● Contour Brushes

Want to give your face a proper shape? It is the contour brush that comes into the game. They have a dense fiber arrangement with an angled shape.

Contour Brushes

With these brushes, you can apply both the powder and cream. The best practice is to use makeup on depressed skin parts and make it look excellent.

● Eye shadow brushes

Eye shadow brushes are not one or two. They are of multiple types, each having a different function. It is often better to use them as a set for your eye makeup.

Eye shadow brushes

These might include the liners and shadow crease creators. Check them out!!

2) Brush Cleaners

Suppose you have bought the powder brushes and applied the makeup on your skin. Don’t you want to reuse it?

Brush Cleaners

In that, brush cleaners come into the game. They are often cleaning agents such as liquids and fluids that help in the whole cleaning process. And you might need the help of a brush sponge.

The brush sponge, along with the cleaning brush, will help you clean up every single part of your brush and make it more effective for reuse. Plus, you need plenty of water, too. Keep it in mind.

3) Powder Puffs Types and Uses

How do you apply the foundation layer? Is it the makeup puffs or the manual with the hand?

With your hand, your foundation layers look very messy and lousy. Powder puffs are the perfect solution to that case. Nowadays, different types of puff help. For example;

● Regular Puffs

These are the most common puffs made up of cotton or sponge. The working mechanism is simple with easy application. You don’t have to worry about the foundation layers anymore.

Regular Puffs

● Cushion powder puffs

Cushion powder puffs often comprise sponge or rubber materials. No pores are there. And you get easy foundation layers applied to your skin.

They are soft and excellent to apply on the skin without any skin problems.

Cushion powder puffs

● Silicon powder puffs

They comprise the silicon and are often transparent. Their surface is smooth but has non-absorbable features. That means you don’t have to worry about makeup absorption anymore.

It is super easy to use them as well.

Silicon powder puffs

4) Palette Set with Spatula and Their Usages

Palette puffs and spatulas come in a complete set. They have two main components. A palette that is often made up of metal. Sometimes, you can buy it in plastic form, too.

Along with that, you need the spatula to mix up your makeup colors and make them look suitable for your makeup.

5) Eyelash Curlers Types and Uses

Eyelash curlers are good at curling your eyelashes and help implement mascara. Here are some types of eyelash curlers you must know.

● Regular Eyelash Curlers

These are one of the most commonly used curlers with the metal structure used in the makeup. They have a scissor-like shape with a handle, often having a rubber band for excellent grip and a clamp for your eyelashes.

Regular Eyelash Curlers

Some eyelash curlers have a built-in comb to get you a full-fledged preparation opportunity.

● Mini Eyelash curlers

Mini eyelash curlers– The name is all for them. They are small but known for their accuracy of eyelash curling. You get the ease to curl false eyelashes with precision.

Mini Eyelash curlers

It is all possible due to pointing ends on the top.

● Curler for lower eyelashes

Do you have long lower eyelashes? It is the lash curler you must have in your pocket. Comprising the simplified clamping parts, you can easily curl your eyelashes with such lash curlers.

Curler for lower eyelashes

● Heated lash curlers

They have been trendy for centuries. We all know hair has a protein that easily bends on it. And that is the concept applied here.

Heated lash curlers

With small heat applications, you can bend the eyelashes.

● Portable eyelash curlers

Portable eyelash curlers have the same function as regular ones, but they share some differences in shape and portable features. They often comprise plastic material and are suitable for sensitive eyelashes.

Portable eyelash curlers

Due to their plastic nature, they are prone to breaks.

6) Cotton Pads and Usage

Cotton pads are simple cotton-made pads that help apply the makeup layers. And you can clean the makeup also with such pads.

Cotton Pads and Usage

They keep the skin moist, too. You must have it in your makeup products list.

7) Swab Rods and Usage

Swab rods often play a crucial role in helping prepare you. They can remove the small makeup or help spread the makeup on your skin. They play a vital role in maintaining the make-up, too.

When thinking about makeup tools, keep them in your basic makeup list.

8) Tweezers and Uses

Tweezers are the perfect gifts for makeup lovers. They do two main functions:

  • Tweezers help in the efficient removal of hairs from eyebrows. It is often painful but looks elegant.
  • You can stick the false eyelash names to your eyelashes and make them look more elegant.

Keep the tweezers under your RADAR!

9) Eyebrow Razors and Scissors

Eyebrows are essential parts of our body. And they enhance the beauty when trimmed excellently.

Razors help trim the eyebrows. Convert them into different shapes. And make them more suitable for application of false eyelashes as well.

Scissors have that sort of work of cutting the excessive hair around the eyebrows and letting them shape quickly.

10) Packing Accessories and Uses

Packing accessories are more like boxes where the users can keep their makeup tools—for example, container palettes and such objects.

Packing Accessories and Uses

Whenever someone needs the tool, he/she can find the packing boxes and get them. Try to buy one package and test them.

One more important fact is that. They come in different shapes. That totally gives the flexibility to keep the different-sized makeup names.

11) Sharpeners and Uses

Don’t confuse them with pencil sharpening. Makeup pencils are like writing pencils but serve on the eyelashes and lips. If you are starting a business, it is essential to keep this tool in abundance.

Sharpeners and Uses

12) Mirrors

Mirrors are essential makeup tools. We all know how important it is to watch your makeup when applying it.

You need to have it when applying makeup over your skin.

5. Tips to get Quality Make-up tools from suppliers

Wake up! It is time for TRADING. But keep one thing in mind. There are many scammers ready to steal your money.

So, how do you tackle them? It is easy!! Check the following tips to understand how to get superior-quality makeup products.

● Find reliable suppliers

Always talk to reliable suppliers. The best practice is to check the reviews of the suppliers. A dedicated supplier will have a history of successful deals with 109% customer satisfaction and will be ready to go to the far end to satisfy you with the agreement.

● Ask for Samples

Samples are another method to get the best. But some suppliers pose some restrictions. They do not give you free samples. In that case, you can convince them how potential a source of business you can be for them. And then they will agree with you.

● Test Quality

Have you got the samples? It is time to send all the pieces to the laboratory.

Why so?

To get an idea of the components and test the quality of the products. It might take some time for the lab to give you the reports, but I am 100% sure you’ll get a safe rate and excellent experience regarding this. And it will give your business a vast growth potential.

● Visit Factory

It is even better if you visit the factory. Manual inspection will help you check:

  • The supplier has all the production facilities.
  • The production process is eco-friendly and safe for the customers.
  • Equipment is advanced with automated production.

All these factors will evaluate the top-notch performance.

● Monitor production process

Even if the production setup is excellent and compatible with your business, isn’t it a good idea to monitor the production process?

Ir will evaluate the quality production setup and give you a solid reason to work with the supplier.

● Work with sourcing agents

Sourcing agents are a TRUMP card. There is no need to worry about when professionals are there to help. From sourcing to inspection and transport, leave everything to the sourcing team. They will outperform and get you the best for your business.

Never hesitate to work with the Sourcing agencies. They know the local suppliers and get reliable suppliers with the factory.

6. FAQs

1) Which brush is for makeup?

There are many burhs types. You can’t say one brush is useless. It depends on their use. If you want to apply the foundation layer, you need a FOUNDATION brush. So, every brush is suitable for makeup.

2) How to do makeup?

It is straightforward.

  • Get your necessary makeup tools out of the packing box.
  • Start applying the powder and foundation layers.
  • Apply mascara.
  • Do the proper makeup as you want.

Many people have different methods. So, choose every technique that suits you the best.

3) Is selling makeup tools profitable?

Yes. It is a 100% profitable business. The reasons are:

  • High demands.
  • Lower investments.
  • Easy 30-50% profit per make up tool.

If you plan to start a makeup business, know the makeup TOOLS name. Check the trendy makeup products list. And then go on selling.

4) How much money can I earn by selling makeup tools?

It depends on how much you invest. If you invest 1000 USD and generate sales of 500 USD, you’ll be making 20-30%. That roughly becomes 100-150 USD. Again, it varies per product because the makeup names of TOOLS have different profit margins.

5) Are Chinese suppliers reliable?

Yes. China is globally famous. It is because of the quality of the suppliers and reliability status. You get the right products at affordable prices while saving your margins efficiently.


Are you considering the makeup business? Launch your BRAND LINE. Find the private-label OEM and ODM suppliers. And close the deal at an affordable price to ensure you save some bucks.

Don’t compromise on quality, too!! That is all you have to do.

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