Dropshipping Jewelry Like a Pro: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Suppliers, Setting up Your Store, and Growing Sales Fast

By Sarah
August 29, 2023

Do you want to sell more things from your online shop? Good news! You can dropship jewelry and earn a good profit from it!

Are you into selling jewelry? It is always an in-demand product for people to buy because it goes with fashion.

China has thousands of suppliers for all kinds of jewelry. This blog can help you if you want to add jewelry to your store. Some of our clients requested this guide, and we’re happy to share it with you!

1. Introduction

Not all online jewelry stores stock their items first before selling. Most of them drop ship from a supplier or partner in China. We will explain for you to understand this model of selling.

1) What is jewelry dropshipping?

If you can get a supplier that agrees for you to sell their product in your store, you can try dropshipping. Many online stores sell them, but the stocks are with suppliers than with them on hand.

What is jewelry dropshipping

The cheapest way to sell jewelry without buying your stocks is through dropship. To explain further, here’s how it works. Two parties are involved: you, the store owner, and the supplier, who will pack and send the product to the buyer. The supplier will dispatch the product to your customer.

2) Why dropship jewelry in China?

China is the number one supplier of all kinds of jewelry. You can find thousands of suppliers that sell cheap but fashionable pieces. They sell like hotcakes!

You can find and partner with suppliers and earn high profits for selling jewelry. You’ll be surprised to see how beautiful and well-crafted they are! Many online store platforms can process drop shipping quickly.

Things like fashion pieces get high sales. Customers love to buy earrings, rings, watches, and other jewelry pieces that are not expensive. It is easy to sell them and drop ship from China because there are suppliers who cater to this way of selling.

If you do not have a big budget to start a business, you can try jewelry dropshipping. You only need to market your online store to get customers and buy from you. The fulfillment of the item will be your supplier’s job!

3) Advantages of Dropshipping Jewelry in China

You won’t believe how many online sellers are drop shipping. They are from countries like the US, UK, and Asia. They partner with suppliers in China and market the product. Here are the advantages of this business model:

  • Low Cost

The number one benefit of drop shipping is the low or cheap cost of products. Many sellers know what their customers like and buy from China. They would agree that they cannot find cheaper suppliers than those from China.

You can buy affordable jewelry and get a good profit from selling it. If you do not have a budget to stock what you want to sell, you can do drop shipping. You can save on expenses and storage too.

  • Unlimited Choices

You never have to worry about the designs you can buy. In fact, you will be shocked by so many designs you can choose from! Various jewelry ranges from necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, etc. You can find designer items and unique choices from different suppliers.

You can find trendy items that customers look for. It is available in all sizes and makes. For example, they are made of gold, silver, gemstones, or crystals. They can be stainless steel, non-tarnish, and safe for daily use.

  • Available Suppliers

You can also choose to partner with thousands of suppliers in the market. You don’t have to worry about your item being out of stock. It is always easy to find a supplier and partner with them. You must be careful when choosing your supplier to ensure they can fulfill your needs on time.

2. What Jewelry Can You Dropship from China?

1) Jewelry Available from China

Three classifications of jewelry are available in China:

Fine jewelry– made out of precious gems and metals, diamonds, gold, platinum, or rubies.

Jewelry Aavailable from China

Bridge jewelry– made with semi-precious stones like opal, jasper, topaz, or pearls with silver, gold, or vermeil.

Costume jewelry– made with base metals like copper or brass, plastic, glass, wood, or other kinds of beads that are either organic or synthetic

2) Top-selling Jewelry of 2023

  1. Necklace
  1. Earrings
  1. Bracelets
  1. Bangles
  1. Cuffs
  1. Charms
  1. Watches
  1. Key Holder
  1. Ceramic beads
  1. Pearls

3. How to Start Dropshipping Jewelry

You can get a high profit from selling jewelry because of many reasons. One is, it is small so shipping it can be cheap. There are thousands of pieces of unique designs that are timeless! You can sell it any season.

Are you excited to start this business now? Here are four important and critical steps you need to master if you want to start this venture.

1) Finding Your Suppliers

There are many suppliers in the market, but you must partner with a reliable one. When you say reliable, it means they ship on time, and the product received by your customer is great. Your customers will not complain if they receive it and gives you a good rating on their product or store review!

Here’s how you can find suppliers and how to choose the right one for you:

  1. Search through Google or Chinese platforms like Alibaba, AliExpress, DHGate, etc., to find dropshipping jewelry suppliers. When looking, check company information like how long they’ve been in the business, client reviews, products they sell, and company license.
  1. After listing your choice, do some research about the supplier. One example is to see if there are red flags. Google the name, go to forums, and read if they have bad records. Check all their information like address, contact number, buyer rating, etc.
  1. Message them to assess how they communicate and how their process works. Ask about their dropship policies, terms, and product catalog.
  1. Test their store. You can place an order and assess how quickly they send the item and how good the product is.
  1. Do not settle on one supplier. Having one or two backups is helpful.
  1. If you need help finding the best suppliers, you can hire a sourcing company to research for you. You can contact JustChinaIt. We have access to all the best suppliers of jewelry in China.

2) Choose Your Dropshipping Platform

The platform refers to the app you will use to set up your store. These apps have built-in and ready tools that can put up your shop. It has tools that can connect with your jewelry dropshipping suppliers. You only need to learn how it works to use it efficiently.

You can use ready-made apps like:

  • Shopify
  • Oberlo
  • AliExpress
  • SaleHoo
  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Modalyst
  • Doba
  • Wholesale2B
  • Six
  • Amazon
  • AliDropship
  • CJ Dropshipping
  • Shift4Shop

When choosing a platform, pick one that is easy to manage. You can connect a few apps to it for store and sales management. If you cannot handle it, you must hire someone to do everything for you. A freelancer can create a good storefront design and landing pages for you.

3) Market Your Shop

If you want to earn profit and make good sales, you need to market your shop. Social media is the best place to sell your product and communicate with prospects.

This is where you need to apply your social media marketing knowledge. Without this, you cannot make sales. First, you need to know what social media marketing is. You can find free tutorials and lessons on Youtube.

Market Your Shop

Using social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, and more can help you widen your audience. You can maximize these apps to reach more customers, run ads to make sales goals, or boost your site. When you run ads, it drives traffic to your website, and many will discover your shop.

You can collaborate or partner with social media influencers to promote your product. If you do not have a budget for collaboration, you can build your store by encouraging buyers to write a good review and share it.

You can also run Google ads or advertise on the platform where you get the most views or followers. There are so many ways to market your product and store. The key is to research, learn, and apply. You can hire your social media manager if you have the means.

4) Manage and Track Orders

You must track your store orders and ensure your dropshipper ships them on time. You can do this by selecting a feature or an app from your platform to check and track sales and order status.

Choose a platform with an all-in-one solution to manage your store sales and track orders. It allows you to monitor the shipping details and status of your customers.

You do not have to manage the inventory of your products if you drop ship. That is the role of your dropshipping supplier. They handle the inventory because you do not store the products on hand. But ensuring that your orders are fulfilled on time is your responsibility.

4. Working on After-Sales and Challenges

It is very common for any business to encounter product returns from customers. The reasons for return could be a damaged item, a wrong item sent, or dissatisfaction. As a store owner, you must establish a fair process for you and your buyers.

But as a dropshipper, who is liable for the return and replacement? Let’s discuss it here…

1) Product returns and after-sales service

When setting up your website, you will indicate your Product Returns Policy. It is based on the conditions of your supplier. So when you look for a dropshipper, ensure you partner with one with fair standards.

Product returns and after-sales service

Before you write your policy, you have to look at your drop shipper’s return policy to know the condition they accept. Do they accept returns or refunds? Do they have free return shipping?

Here’s an example of how you process returns:

You ask your supplier for an RMA (return merchandise authorization) number. Then your customer ships the goods to your supplier or a PO Box stating the RMA number. You provide the consumer with a full refund or cost indicated in your policy. The supplier credits your account with the item’s wholesale price.

After-sales service and support is one reason why a customer patronize your products. If they get help and support on their concerns, you’re guaranteed to have a repeat customer. They will also tell others about your shop. They help you market your store!

2) Challenges in Dropshipping Jewelry

It is also common to experience some challenges when you drop ship jewelry. But everything has a solution and a way to manage each. You may encounter the following:

Slow Delivery Time

If the item is shipped to a place too far from the supplier, the turnaround time will be longer. The way to address this is to set your customer’s expectations.

If your supplier has been dropshipping for a long time, they know the process well and can explain it to you. You also need to take note of delays caused by holidays. This will help you when making your delivery policy.

Customer Dissatisfaction

We know that we cannot please all our customers. They may not be happy with their purchase and sometimes even write a bad review. It can have a bad impact on your store.

What helps is to see the item for yourself before you sell it. Order and inspect the product to assess it based on your criteria. If this is not possible, check others’ reviews before you display this item in your store. Choose only the best products.

Challenges in Dropshipping Jewelry

You can always find a way to pacify or contact your customers. If they are unhappy with their purchase, you can refund or give them shop vouchers or loyalty promotions.

Unreliable Suppliers

It is inevitable to partner with a “bad” supplier. If this happens, look for another. You should take time to find the right supplier because once your shop operates, you should focus more on growing it. When your supplier is not reliable, you’ll be in trouble!

3) Resolving Issues on Product Delivery and Complaints

When resolving issues with the customer, always take a win-win solution. Do not argue or ignore them. Reach out and listen and offer a gift, reward, or refund when necessary.

You must do the same with your dropshipping partner. Always know their policy and ensure you agree on a deal so it will be smooth when you need to ask them to resolve an issue for you.

5. Who are the best Jewelry Dropshippers in China?

We’re giving you a list of the best dropship jewelry suppliers in China:

1) SilverBene Sterling Silver

They are one of the top China-based suppliers of jewelry for dropshipping business. You can choose from their collections of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and pendants.

Most of their items have designs ranging from vintage, pearls, and animal categories. They have affordable prices, and you’re assured that none of their items contain lead or nickel.

In addition to receiving a free plan with their basic dropshipping package, there is no minimum order requirement. They have a good return policy and can be done anywhere worldwide.

2) JewelryBund

As one of the largest wholesalers in China, they have more to offer than choosing from AliExpress or Alibaba. You get lower pricing since they have three manufacturing factories in China that also distribute to wholesalers and drop shipper suppliers.

If you are from the US, you can trust this company because they are 100% US Safety Compliant. They have certificates and licenses, which is an excellent advantage for E-commerce business owners in the US. They ship top 200 countries worldwide.

3) Chinabrands

Many online sellers choose Chinabrands because it is known as an international drop shipping supplier. It is located in Shenzhen, and they provide an all-in-one drop ship solution. You can find thousands of verified jewelry suppliers that sell gold, silver, pearls, gemstones, crystals, etc.

Their services include sourcing, system integration with dropship platforms, publishing, fulfillment, and more. Curating a jewelry collection for your store using Chinabrands is effortless because you can choose and post it in your store.

4) Nihaojewelry

Do you look for a custom jewelry dropshipping supplier? Then this is the perfect choice for you. With over 100 thousand pieces of jewelry, you can choose the best designs and jewelry types for your store. You can expand and grow your brand since they offer customized products.

Who are the best Jewelry Dropshippers in China

You can choose from their partnership plans. Dropshippers can sell their goods with no minimum order quantity while they take care of fulfillment. Nihao also offers a loyalty discount program to encourage large purchases.

5) Topearl

Want to sell jewelry made of pearls? Topearl is number one in China for drops-shipping cultured-pearl jewelry products. You can choose from their pearl items, beads and strands, Chakra jewelry, wrap bracelets, and pocket watches.

For pricing, they are lower than other platforms like Alibaba. They do not charge fees on their drop-shipping plan. To learn more about their drop ship program, visit their website and click the “Jewelry Dropship” link at the bottom.

6) Alibaba and AliExpress

These two popular platforms can offer thousands of jewelry suppliers offering dropshipping services. You can select from an unending choice of jewelry and fashion accessories. Find all the hot-selling pieces of earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, charms, etc.

Choose from a wide variety of them made from gold, silver, crystals, stones, magnetic or stainless steel. Be mindful of choosing suitable suppliers because not all are manufacturers. Some are also online stores that dropship. Learn more about their drop ship policies when you visit their websites.

7) TOMADE.com

They are one of the best choices if you want to dropship jewelry because of their company features:

  • Jewelry options of more than 14447 items
  • Provide pictures of jewelry so you can immediately start selling by posting them on your website
  • Complete product titles, thorough item descriptions, and, in most cases, keyworded descriptions
  • Orders are delivered in two to three days.
  • 30-day full money-back guarantee with few restrictions
  • No delivery information

8) Chicolink

This manufacturer is located in Dongguan City, and they supply OEM/ODM jewelry. They boast of their high-quality service and on-time shipment and delivery. They offer earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles and cuffs, rings, jewelry sets, and leather jewelry and they can also do custom orders with minimum MOQ.

6. FAQs:

1) Is dropshipping jewelry in China profitable?

Yes! Besides the UK and the US, China is one of the world’s top jewelry manufacturers. The jewelry niche has been a $70 billion worth industry for the past years. You can have up to 70% profit markup when you dropship jewelry compared to other products with 20-30% percent profit.

2) Can I dropship from Made in China?

Yes! You can find drop shipping partners from the Made-In-China website. If you go to the site, and type a keyword in the search box like “dropshipping jewelry,” it will list all the suppliers. You can chat with the supplier and get more details from them.

3) Is it better to dropship from China or USA?

When your main factor for choosing a drop-ship partner is low price, it is better to do it in China. So you can compare the difference, you can look for suppliers doing dropshipping jewelry on Etsy. You will find that the prices are way lower in China than in the US, with the same quality.

4) What do buyers look for when buying jewelry?

There are different types of buyers. They have their own criteria for choosing. For example, some buyers do not consider the price but the quality and authenticity. Some buyers consider the price and quality. When selling jewelry, you must match the criteria based on your target market.

If you are selling jewelry for fashion, these are fancy, trendy, cheap, simple, and cute pieces. They can also be “replicas” of designer brands. Due to risks, dropshipping is not a good option for selling authentic jewelry like gold or silver pieces.

5) Is it expensive to dropship jewelry from China?

No. Because China has cheap shipping options worldwide, dropship jewelry suppliers can sell it cheaply to online sellers and partners to earn profit. What makes this business profitable is how you handle the solution and the right choice of supplier.

7. Conclusion

Jewelry is a staple in everyday fashion. Have you heard the saying, “You’re never fully dressed without jewelry”?

Whether you are new to this or want to set up a dropshipping E-commerce store, venturing into the jewelry niche can give you many advantages and benefits.

Always make the best decision by choosing the right supplier. Your supplier can make or break your business.

Dropshipping is an effective and profitable business nowadays. Partnering with reliable and established dropship suppliers will give you a stable and profit-making brand. If you are interested in dropshipping jewelry, we can help you find the best dropship jewelry suppliers in China.

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