Wholesale Handbags from China – The Complete Guide in 2022

By justchinait
September 25, 2021

This is a complete guide about wholesale handbags from China.
In today’s guide you’ll learn:

  • How to choose wholesale handbags from China
  • How to get your price
  • How to ensure the quality
  • Dozens of wholesale handbags from China best practices

In short: if you want to buy a wholesale handbag from China, you’ll love this new guide.

Chapter 1 Wholesale Handbags from China Basics

What is the Wholesale Handbag from China?

China has been developing a whole E-commerce chain with a huge demand for handbags wholesale.
China is a big industry country in the world, with no exception for handbag factories. There are huge bag suppliers in China, produce almost 30% of global handbags. According to Euromonitor, the scale of China bag wholesale market has grown to 253 billion from 2012 to 2019. And it’s still active.

Why is Wholesale Handbag from China Important?

You can buy everything in China at a lower price and with good quality. Here are three main reasons below to explain why it’s important to import from China:

  • To save your money and time
  • To meet your specific needs
  • To develop your business

How to Wholesale Handbags from China?

Frankly, there will be two ways for you to import from China: ONLINE and OFFLINE.


You can find anything you want by searching it online. Try to get information from the top three results by inputting keywords. And find some official websites to make your suppliers list. Also, you can contact some reliable business agents to help you.


Nothing can be better than going to see it with you.
You can go to these sites to know whether they are good or not if you or your friends live in China. But you will also cost a lot of time and transport fees in this way. It will be a tough thing during a bad epidemic situation.
Hence choose online will be your better way. Now let’s see what you can do step by step below the details.

Chapter 2 Get to Know China Bag Wholesale Supplier

Look at the Most Handbag Original Factories in China (wholesale handbags from China)

The answer is Guangdong, as the base of bags production in China. Lots of people rush here to find their goods. Local and foreign guests prefer to find their factories in Guangzhou, Dongguan, and Shenzhen. The reason is good location and transport.

Observe Difference between These Handbag Factories

It’s easy to observe that Guangzhou and Dongguan factories are more than in Shenzhen. And it will be more time-saving for you to direct your destination both in these two. On the other side, there are many known bag brands co-packers in Shenzhen. You can customize your logo by them.
Besides these, here are some definitions to explain another difference between these factories. It’s called R&D CAPACITY.

  • ODM: Original Design Manufacturer. This kind of supplier has their design and production line.
  • OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer; means you can ask them to provide your design.

Find the Cheapest Handbag Factory in China

You can quickly find your answer by clicking. Here are some big online supplier’s platforms, like Alibaba, Wholesale7, Made-in-china, Dhgate, and so on. Don’t forget to sign in to your account.

Chapter 3 Choose Your Handbag Suppliers from China

Comparing Your China Bag Wholesale Suppliers

There are so many choices that you may have a headache choose.
Make a comparing form to deal with this quickly. You can list key items. Like price, handbag type, location, transport, and so on. You can use “↓” or “↑” to mark on your form.

Here are some handbag types below: (at least but not limited to)
The more details you list, the more ideal suppliers you get. Here are some tips on business type:

Trading company:
If you want to buy kinds of handbags and the amount is not so large. You can choose a trading company to get stable work and require special needs.

If you have a large bag volume and want to get a much lower price. You can choose this, but be aware of the lead time.

Estimate Your China Bag Wholesale Supplier (wholesale handbags from China)

After several times on choosing, you already have your ideal name list in your mind. And now you should value them to make sure your right decision.

  • Inspect company status: Such as business license and ISO identify.
  • Check the company model, capacity, business type (trading or factory)
  • Handbag quality: You can read buyers’ comments to check whether good or not)

You can just mark scores for each step, to sum up, a final result to make further decisions.

Communicate with Your China bag wholesale Supplier

Do not hesitate to talk with wholesale handbags suppliers.
In fact, after you read buyers’ comments. You can ask any questions by clicking the “Chat” icon.
There is a whole complete and professional customer service supporter to help you. So no need to worry about the language issue.

Chapter 4 Get Your Optimal Price

Inquire Your Suppliers for quotation (wholesale handbags from China)

When you inquire about your suppliers, you should tell them your basic needs. Like how many handbags you need, what type of bags you want, also how and where you want to deliver.

Negotiate with Your wholesale handbags Suppliers

This part will be the most interesting thing in your progress.
Chinese people are good at bargaining. If you accept their initial price, they will be confused about this. And likely to doubt your intention. That’s true, because they will think you don’t want to buy anything at all, and you are not a sincere person. So be sure to reduce your price several times. Thus you will get a much more realistic price.
In fact, please also pay attention to these points in your negotiation:

  • Ask for a reasonable price: Don’t reduce it too much, or this way will lower your product quality.
  • Focus on material cost and tax related to your things.
  • Care about the exchange rate of your currency
  • Balance your needs and budget: If you have higher requirements. Like get a logo on bags or a unique design, or even need a specific texture. Then you’d better accept a higher price. On the other hand, it will be lower.
  • Never show your urge to your suppliers:It will make them feel easy to get your money, and that will be tough to get an optimal price.

Win-win will be a perfect way to develop your business with suppliers. So be patient and farsighted.

Comparing Your China bag wholesale Suppliers Price

Even you think you already got a target price after you have negotiated. Please still remember to keep to compare others. It is so true for comparing at least three times. And probably the final quotation exceeds your expectation.

Chapter 5 Guarantee the Quality of Your Wholesale Handbag from China

Ask Your China bag wholesale Suppliers for Handbag Samples

Remember you already read buyers’ comments before? That’s the first step to checking products quality. And now it’s better to see the real thing.
See-through product page detail: Min. Order/Reference FOB price and payment item.
Fill your basic information and requests into the blank.
Order different samples to get a better compare
Feel free to contact suppliers if you have any other questions.
You can also ask for your samples before price negotiation. Indeed, the sequence can be flexible.

Check Your Samples

When you receive your samples, check the damage rate; quality is bad if the ratio is high. Still, if it’s low, you can infer that there might be some issues during shipping. Or it’s just within a normal range. You need to check them thoroughly to decide whether you can place your further order or not.

Place an Order

You must have a strong back-knowledge of how to wholesale from China now. Especially after your samples shipped, and now it’s time for you to step forward!
Notice production capacity and payment terms. Here are some common payment items below:

  • L/C: letter of credit. Very safe, suitable for large goods, complex documents needed.
  • T/T: telegraph transfer. Lower safe but paperless.
  • Western Union/ Money Gram: not recommend for large business or strange people.
  • PayPal: very safe, fast for small business
  • Others: Visa/MasterCard/Bank Transfer.

To make sure of the settlement method with China bag wholesale suppliers. It is very important. Mostly you need to pay 30% of the total order price and clear the rest 70% after your trade is complete.

Notice Your After-service of Your wholesale handbags Supplier

You may waste all your money and time once there is something out of control during your process. Unluckily, it’s unlike to get a refund or return your goods from your China bag wholesale supplier. That is caused by the high cost and complex shipping procedure. And there are many things you cannot predict or remedy. So in case of this thing happen and protect your benefit, you’d better pay for a trade assurance via:

  • The online of supplier’s secure payment platform.
  • The third party or assurance agent

Please do not buy it offline in case of some scams.

Chapter 6 Shipping from China

Estimate Your Way of Shipping

The cost of freight will take a big part of your shipment. Finding a suitable way of shipping based on your trade conditions can help you reduce much more wholesale costs.
Your handbag quantity: You ought to consider how much you value the shipping time and method.
Your delivery date proposal: You can arrange your order time early. Usually, it will take 15-30 days for shipping, considering where you are.
Your total budget: Related to the quality and service of your shipping
Freight cost estimation: Container.  (If you worry about whether the container space is enough or too big for your quantity, you can just ask your seller to calculate the weight of your products. And then figure the container type out), packaging, terminal handling, and broker fees
Freight forwarder: It always feels easy and time-saving for you to ask a professional partner’s help. (find some trustful agents by goggling forwarder list). You just need to give your China bag wholesale supplier’s detail to your forwarder. And then you can just let them go and feel hands-free.

Choose Your Logistics

After your sample shipping test and valuation, you know how to choose your logistics better:    

  • Air Freight: Safe and efficient, but much higher cost. You can speed up your cargo from China by air freight within ten days. But it can’t provide you with door-to-door service. You still need to ask your agents to deal with customs clearance.
  • Sea Shipping: FCL/LCL. The main method for global trade, suitable for large volumes and a lower budget.
  • Courier Service: DHL/UPS/FedEx. Fast and low-cost for small package and fewer things. You can choose your courier service company to differ from their unit price from the weight of your bags.

Guarantee Your Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance can protect your things from loss and damage. It is worthy of paying for insurance in case of bad weather and strict policy.
The freight insurance fee is very cheap. It usually charges you about 50-100 dollars, depending on your shipment invoice.
You must keep tracking your whole shipping process. And keep every single paper to prove your loss is in the range of insurance coverage.

Chapter 7 Top 5 Handbag Manufacturers from China

Here are some top factories for your reference selected by total revenue rank:

Guangzhou Baiyun Huixin Leather Products Factory

  • Basic Info: Opened in Guangzhou Guangdong 2015, it has one patent of X-1series wallet.
  • Main Products: Wallet/handbag/belt/luggage/leather notebook manufacturing.
  • Main China bags wholesale Markets: 40% Eastern Asian, 30% North American, 10% Western Europe.

Guangzhou Bomeirui Case And Bag Co., Ltd.

  • Basic Info: Starteded in Guangzhou Guangdong 2009, has one patent of EUIPO, complete documentation.
  • Main Products: Leather goods/leather case/EVA case/bags/packaging boxes/gift items.
  • Main China bags wholesale Markets: 40% Western Europe,20% North America, 15% Domestic.

Shenzhen Trendy Leather Products Co., Ltd.

  • Basic Info: Established in Shenzhen Guangdong 2016, has one patent of EUIPO.
  • Main Products: Handbag/backpack/cardholder/notebook/file folder.
  • Main China bags wholesale Markets: 46% North America, 13% Southeast Asia, 9% Oceania.

Baoding Tuoxuan Luggage Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

  • Basic Info: Launched in Baoding, Hebei 2011.
  • Main Products: Messenger bag/handbag/backpack/fanny bag/travel bag;
  • Main China bags wholesale Markets: 46% North America, 13% Southeast Asia, 9% Oceania. 20% North America, 10% South America, 10% Eastern Europe.

Guangzhou Yuanshuo Leather Co., Ltd.

  • Basic Info: Founded in Guangzhou Guangdong 2018.
  • Main Products: Travel bag/backpack/wallet.
  • Main China bags wholesale Markets: 30% Central America, 10% North America, 20% Eastern Europe.

Now It’s Your Turn

I hope you enjoyed our guide to wholesale handbags from China.
Now I’d like to hear from you: which tip are you going to try first with this guide?
Are you going to buy wholesale handbags from China?
Or maybe you want to negotiate better. Anyway, please free let us know by leaving a quick comment.

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