China Product Wholesale-The Complete Guide in 2022

By HX Wenli
November 16, 2021

China Product Wholesale Basic

What is China Product Wholesale?

A product, if you buy it for one piece, or in large number from China. We call the latter wholesale or buy in bulk from China.

Why is China Product Wholesale Important?

China, as a large production and consumption country in the world. You can buy everything in China at a low price and with excellent quality. Also, China shares a large export market in the world.
We can see the China export data from Statista below. In 2020, China exported nearly 2.6 trillion USD goods. And it’s still active now during the epidemic.

 China product wholesale

Sourcing from China raised 28.1 percent year on year to a new high of USD 305.7 billion in September 2021. Facing the Covid-19, global demand for medical and electronics rise to drive the market share.
Here are three main reasons below for why it’s important to wholesale products from China:
To cost you less money and time.

  • To solve your special needs.
  • To gain your profits.

Is it legit to Wholesale China Product?

The answer is YES. If you want to bulk order from China legally, you need to learn more about import and export.
Type of the China product wholesale you want to buy.

  • China wholesale vendors’ information.
  • Policy related to your country.
  • The China wholesale site you choose.

Is it safe to China product wholesale online?

Of course, it is. But you still have to be careful with China product wholesale online, especially when you are a new beginner. Even you choose some well-known online sites, like Alibaba, you still have a chance of being scammed by thousands of suppliers. In case of this thing happen, you’d better:
Check your supplier, including audit report and company license.

  • Choose well-known websites.
  • Don’t fully trust some tags like “gold supplier”. It is a badge for that paid money.
  • Find suppliers who have operated for more than three years.
  • Ask experts for help.

Wholesale the best seller from China

China wholesale clothing

Clothes are one of the hottest things to bulk order from China. It shares a big cake of China’s e-commerce market. Since the social media boom, you can see many bloggers showing their fashion look and selling their clothes with these videos.

China wholesale jewelry

Chinese take more than 40% of the worldwide market in the jewelry industry. It attracts lots of vendors from well-known brands to new start-ups. The data of China wholesale jewelry is about 20% higher than the world average. And still to be active rising.

China wholesale shoes

The shoe is an excellent way to show people’s fashion style, Whatever women or men. For women,  they prefer to invest their money into a luxury logo and fashion shoes. In comparison, men prefer casual and sports ones.
There are so many shoe factories in China for you to choose from. Low price, various types, and nice quality are common things to buy wholesale from china.

China wholesale toys

Do not ignore the kids’ economy. Parents would like to spend more money on their kids. Toys, for sure.
More than 90% of toys are produced in China. It’s a good choice if you bulk order from China. You can get all types of toys here, with the best quality and high-tech skills. Also, a good revenue margin as well.
Before you do this, you need to target the age and gender of the children. Let’s say dolls for girls and toy guns for boys.

China wholesale bags

There are huge bag suppliers in China, produce almost 30% of global handbags. Considering that 40% of Chinese consumers’ expenses are dedicated to bags, you can make this one of your options in China product wholesale.

China wholesale watches

As the third biggest export watch market, China watch factories have a huge potential to get great value. With high tech and the age of AI times, China will continue to develop its ability and skill in the watch.
People love to have a smartwatch now, by its functional sets, like track time, chat, keep fit, and enjoy music.

China wholesale fashion jewelry

Most fashion accessories are made of alloy, copper gold-plated, copper silver-plated, or 925 silver. Thus you can buy them at a low price compared to fine jewelry.
The jewelry supply chain is gathered in three areas. Guangdong, Shandong, and Zhejiang provinces.
You can buy any type of fashion jewelry in China, from high-end to low-grade.

China wholesale electronics

As we mentioned before, the top one in China’s export data is medical goods and electronics. This data shows the vast demand overseas.
Why? Because of the low labor cost. With the big population base of China, we have enough staff to produce all things day by day. Unlike high labor costs in foreign countries, there is huge stock in China electronic factories to export at any time.

China wholesale accessories china

Accessories, as well as bags, become daily items in our life.
With lower prices and a large variety of products, Chinese consumers mostly buy their accessories online.
Thus sell them online means you will be able to target even more buyers.

China wholesale sunglasses

Sunglasses are in huge demand globally. China offers a variety of brands and types, and it will guarantee sunglasses that are most recent and trendy.

Reach the best China main production origin


As the clothing production base in China, this city is also well-known for fashion accessories, bags, and jewelry. Thousands of people rush here to find their goods. With core strength of transportation and location, Guangzhou has become the first choice for China product wholesale.

  • Clothing:Tianhe District,, Baiyun District, Liwan District.
  • Fashion accessories: Yuexiu District.
  • Bags: Baiyun district.
  • Jewelry: Huadu District, Panyu District.


Shenzhen is known as a high-tech city in China. You cannot figure out how many watch and electronic factories here. It has become the largest electronic wholesale market in the world. And you can find every single part of 3C products here, in Bao’An and Futian district.
Besides, the Luohu district in this city is the paradise of jewelry. Mainly on gold, diamond, and gem inlaying.


Yiwu is the world’s largest wholesale trade market(China product wholesale). Supplies small commodity needs all over the world. You can not imagine how many factories produce accessories, textiles, bags, and handcrafts.


In China, the largest sunglasses hub is based in Danyang, Jiangsu province. You can get a cheap China product wholesale by visiting Danyang Glasses Market. Also, women’s shoes and toys are both key products here.


There are about 8.5% of global sports shoes produced in Jinjiang, Fujian province. And about 3000 shoe factories here. The first-class supply chain and production facilities become a center to buy in bulk for global buyers.

Types of China Product Wholesale Supplier

Domestic Manufacturers

Domestic manufacturers don’t sell overseas directly; they have big space and equips to form a whole production line. Also, they usually have a single type of product.
It’s a direct way for you to buy in bulk. You can skip other China product wholesale suppliers to control your goods’ profit margin.

  • There are lots of types of China product wholesale for you to choose from.
  • You can better check quality.
  • To save your time more rather than talk to others.

You should be alert to find how reliable they are.
They may have an English barrier to talk to you.

Domestic Small Workshop

Domestic Small Workshop stands for a place to repair or assemble products in China. And they source other brands to get parts. Some of them don’t have related business numbers. They can produce things only by a few staff in a small room or even at home.
Lower cost.
High rate of bad quality. If you are not an expert in China product wholesale, it’s not easy to find a suitable workshop.

  • Lack of space and equips to produce a large number of things.
  • Weak system management.

Domestic wholesaler

This type of supplier aims at big orders rather than retail in China. They always source their goods from factories and sell them to others. Generally, they have authority letters of related brands.
You can still reach an ideal price from Chinese wholesalers. They won’t add too much cost on factories’.
They have a more mature system for China product wholesale.
You often pay a 20-50% higher price when buying through a wholesaler than through a trading company or factory.
Wholesalers generally only deal with standardized products and usually can’t arrange customization.

International Manufacturers

These kinds of factories enable them to work with overseas and global websites. They can sell what they produce more widely than normal factories.
You don’t worry about language anymore.
You can have an easy way to wholesale.
Due to the labor cost, they will give you a little bit higher price than domestic factories.

International Trading Company

For this type of China product wholesale supplier, we can call them traders. They will source kinds of products to meet buyers’ needs. They don’t like a big stock to max pressure, so they like the way to purchase when there’s an order in.
They can sell all things overseas with full certifications. You can ask them for any things you want.
If you don’t want to buy in bulk or buy for one piece, they’d like to offer your service than factories.
You don’t know where your goods are sourced from.
You will get a longer time to deal with if any defects.
They have a much higher price. Even you buy a lot.

Get China Product Wholesale Suppliers for Beginner

International trade show

Canton Fair

 International trade show

China Import and Export Fair, opened by China Foreign Trade Centre in 1957. Twice a year in Guangzhou. About 16 types of products you can find here to trade. Virtual Canton Fair opened in 2020 due to the global pandemic.
The largest scale.
You can find a complete product variety.
The largest buyer attendance.

Global Resources Trade Show

3 Global Resources Trade Show

This event holds just before the Canton Fair. You can catch both events at the same time.

  • More unique vendors than Canton Fair.
  • Easy for you to reach local factories.
  • Major in high-tech products and electronics.
  • Forums held on how to run a successful business.

HKTDC Trade Fair

4 HKTDC Trade Fair

Hong Kong Trade Development Council was founded in 1966. It’s a China wholesale website based in Hong Kong to link retailers to wholesalers throughout the world.
HKTDC organizes lots of events offline. Due to Covid-19, they start offline events, like International exhibitions, forums, and business groups. They divide into two sections:
Hong Kong:
Electronic Tech
Lighting Products
Medical Tech
Eco Solutions
Outside Hong Kong:
International Expo

International China wholesale websites

Launched in 1999, Alibaba is a leading China product wholesale platform for global wholesale trade. We can say it’s the top 1 of Chinese wholesale sites.

  • More than 8 million China product wholesale vendors joined in.
  • There are Countless products in over 40 different major categories.
  • It covers more than 220 countries and regions around the world.
  • They post a complete guide of export for buyers to learn.
  • It has a mature management system to start a stable business for both buyers and sellers.

Made in China

Founded in Nanjing, 1998. Made in China aims at promoting China product wholesale.
While Made in China is not as well known as Alibaba, it works among overseas buyers and China product wholesale suppliers. Made in China propel its brand by Google and other search engines, foreign fairs as well.

  • One-to-one service. A buyer can only send inquiries to sellers after clicking to see the specific product page.
  • There is a perfect comparing list for buyers to read. Add your items into the inquiry basket, and click “compare” to come out of the list.

Global Sources

It started in Hong Kong, 1970. Global Source used to be Alibaba’s strong competitor.
Now, the core idea of the company relies on the virtual expo and offline fairs. Also, e-magazines and forums as well.

  • For global buyers: it provides full order information.
  • For China product wholesale suppliers: it offers integrated marketing services.
  • All-round electronic and gift parts to keep pace with the times.


The name of Dhgate was carried out by the Chinese city Dunhuang. It was a stop to connect east and west during Silk Road. And this name aims to trade globally through the internet.
DHgate has been operating for over a decade. The website deals in all kinds of products, ranging from electronics to hair styling.
If you are eager to find the best Chinese wholesale website, it will be a good idea to mark DHgate on your list.

eWorld Trade

This is another over ten years running China wholesale site, targeted in digital branding and web development.
There are over 500,000 users, covering China wholesale vendors from all over the world. It competes with others by all-new advanced features and functions. With the super clean user page, safe and fast trade, also strong database, it makes it stand out among those websites.


It was established in 2006. it becomes the fastest growing one within small and medium business trade.
It is the world’s first China wholesale site that earned both ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 27001 Information Security System.

  • A cost-effective manner for buyers & suppliers.
  • Powerful search engine.
  • Digital trade show.
  • Business data support.
  • Product promotion tools to offer you better solutions.

Open the door to begin your China product wholesale

Google search, you can find China wholesale suppliers list by search from google.
As more and more Chinese wholesale suppliers turn to online marketing, they start to post their companies and products via online channels.
In particular, some large factories set up their site alone online rather than open on China wholesale website platforms. So Google search and social media search become the best way to find out suppliers.

Get the best China wholesale suppliers for insider

Domestic China product wholesale market

a. Yiwu — Futian Market
Main China product wholesale:

  • Belts
  • Art & Craft
  • Scarf & Shawl
  • Hair accessories
  • Artificial flowers
  • Small home appliances

Address: Section A in District 1 of the Yiwu Market.
Open Hours: 8:00-17:00

b. Guangzhou — Baima Wholesale Market:
There are so many scales of clothing markets in Guangzhou. You can find low-end clothing in Shahe Wholesale Market and mid-level in Shisanhang Clothing Wholesale Market.
As for Baima, high-end items you can buy in bulk here, lots of foreign guests rush here to wholesale. It’s the most famous clothing market due to its location in China. It’s a place of clothing for all, as it’s close to most of the large-scale factories.
Main Products:
Kinds of variety for all, including men, wear, and women wear.
Address: 2 km from the Old Canton Fair buildings, 16 Zhannan Rd, Yuexiu District.

c. Guangzhou — Baiyun World Leather Trading Center:
It’s the largest leather wholesale market in Guangzhou. More than 1500 shops set up here covers 20,000 sqm. It attracts countless buyers from all over the world to trade all kinds of bags.
Main Products:
Leather handbags, briefcases, shoes, clothes, jewelry, and backpacks
Address: Sanyuanli Avenue, Baiyun District.
Opening hours: 9 am to 6 pm.

d. Shenzhen — Seg Electronics Market
It was built in 1888, the most popular electronic market in the Huaqiangbei area. It’s very easy for you to find this 71 floors building. This is the first high-tech building in China. Compared to other malls, The products in Seg are of the best quality.
Main Products:
Diversity of electronic products, security-related products, and software. Phones and computers on 1-9th floors.
Address: Seg Plaza, Huaqiang North Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong
Open hours: 9:00-18:00.

e. Shenzhen — Shuibei Jewerly Park
Shuibei Jewelry Park, the huge area that covers four streets in jewelry, covers 500 stores in types of mode. Most wholesalers are located on the top floors with the MOQ rule. In comparison, small orders are welcome on the lower floors.
Main Products:
All types of jewelry. Rings, wedding bands, necklaces, earrings, bracelets. Here you can find products made up of gold, silver, jade.
Address: Near Tianbei 4th road, Wenjing North Road, Buxin Road, and Cuizhu Road.

f. Shenzhen — International Watches and Clocks Market
There are six floors, with over 30,000 sqm and 2000 shops. Many famous watch and clock factories from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and HK gather here to direct. Sale.
Main Products: 

  • Kinds of watches and clocks. Such as desk clocks, wall clocks, floor clocks, electronic calendars, alarm clocks, etc.
  • Clocks accessories, like watchband, watch case, watch hand, watch crown, watch surface, clock movement, etc.
  • Watch fixing tools.

Address: Zhenxin West Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong.

Domestic Chinese wholesale websites


5Chinese wholesale websites

It’s opened in 1999, a domestic China wholesale website platform. Here you can find factories, wholesalers, and trading companies, for any industry. They target raw materials, food & beverage, clothing, and housewares. If you want to source certain materials and components, you can choose 1688.


6 Chinese wholesale websites

It started in 1992, in HK. Operates about 28 years in 60 industries to offer a complete supply chain and business services. There are three main parts in HC Group to develop their business.

  • Investment
  • SaaS is available to connect buyers and sellers.
  • Online Financial Service.

If you want to buy things like machinery, hardware, construction material, or heavy equips, you can log into HC360 to find out.

Get the way to be an insider in China product wholesale

There are many ways to get more cheap China product wholesale information or tips via local media.

  • Domestic Baidu search. Same as Goole, everyone uses Baidu to search all in their daily life.
  • Social media. The common one we use is Weibo, the same as Twitter. People use it to fast spread information in all aspects.
  • WeChat group. WeChat, it’s the best way to help you involved in China. Everyone uses it to keep in touch with each other. In recent years, they opened WeCom to set up a stage for business. Almost all companies open their mini program and official account via it. You can follow any accounts you like to get the latest news.

Advanced China Product Wholesale tips

Ask talk with the key person.

Only a key person can have the right to decide. Try to sign a contract to get an ideal bulk price in a stable period. Do not waste your time talking with the entry-level staff. But please keep polite; they will feel good to help you connect with the leader.

Share your business plan.

If you have a better way to gain more profits, you can share it with your supplier.
You can portion your income with suppliers. Like, take out X% of your sales to your seller. In this way to get a lower bulk price.
Win-win is the best way to keep a long-term road. Keep an open mind in your work.

Make friends with your suppliers.

If you want to keep a long way for your wholesale trade, you can develop your relationship with suppliers you trust. They also want to get a stable business with you. Try to start a meeting with them to discuss your further plans.
You can get many good tips from your suppliers if you become a partner.

Quality Control

Reading buyers’ comments is the first step to checking products quality. If you want to buy in bulk from China, you must make more effort in quality control.
Confirm your sample
Nothing can be more true by checking it yourself. Even you choose some options like “verified” suppliers, it doesn’t mean that you can buy things without risk. For the bulk order from China, you need to ask for samples.
Compare with sample
It’s wise for you to compare samples with at least three suppliers. Select some sellers with similar prices. If all samples look bad, you need to think about your price. Also, you can hire an agent to help you control it.
Inspection is a must
Products verified by the world-leading inspection company (i.e., SGS, Bureau Veritas) will be a good precondition. They inspect multiple items to make them standard. You need to ask sellers to provide reports, or you can check them yourself.

7 Chinese wholesale websites

Check items: 

  • Physical test, Chemical test, Supplier audit. Waterproof test.
  • Thickness, Color, Metal, Parts, Textiles, Smell, Technics, Edge evenness.

Lead Time

You need to value your whole process time to ensure your further business. It’s better for you to pre-order or remain enough time for wholesale. In this way, you can avoid some issues like:

  • If you get defective goods, you can have time to return and re-order.
  • If there are some issues during shipping or customs, you can get your goods in time.
  • State out your timing clearly

So, listing your timing plan is the key part for you. You can divide your trade time into several parts.

  • Items choosing time
  • Suppliers choosing time
  • Negotiation time
  • Sample checking time
  • Factory production time
  • Shipping time
  • Accidents time
  • Don’t forget the follow-up

Yes, it’s not easy to wholesale from outside. You must have to keep alert for every single part. Two parts you should pay more attention to.
Even your supplier has promised the lead time; you still need to care about the production status. Try to greet them and ask about this from time to time.
Also, the shipping process is another key point to track. Due to lots of reports and policies during shipping, sometimes even the bad weather. Try to have a look at your process bar on your platform more often.


ODM: Original Design Manufacturer. This kind of supplier has their design and production line. So it’s very fast for them to prepare your goods. And you can adjust the color, package, or logo easily.

OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer. It means you can ask them to provide your unique design. With their strong ability, your products can be competitive among others. But this way will cost you more money and more time.


FOB and CIF with international suppliers

8 Chinese wholesale websites

It’s the key part for you to sign a FOB or CIF agreement with your seller, to clarify the duty of goods transfer.
In FOB, the seller takes parts for export and loading costs. At the same time, the buyer is for all costs after the goods have been loaded.
In CIF, if you are a new one in global trade, you can ask your seller to deal with all. But this way will cost you more to get your goods.
The cost of freight and duty depends on which country the products are from. It’s a long way for you to learn step by step about those complex details.
EXW with domestic suppliers
EXW, or Ex Works, means the goods in the seller’s factory are ready for the buyer to pick up. And the buyer has duties for all operations, including pickup, export, and all transit.
If you plan to put products from multiple suppliers together, EXW is ideal. It allows the buyer to export the cargo as a single export.
As you need to take more duties than sellers, you can have the lowest price of sellers. But it’s not a good option for a new beginner.
Most of the time, you need to pay 30% of the total amount and clear the rest 70% after your deal closes.
To cater to buyers’ payment needs, China wholesale online provides more and more payment methods. Here are some common payment items below:
T/T: telegraph transfer. Lower safe but paperless.
Western Union/ Money Gram: not recommended for large a business or strange people.
PayPal: very safe, fast for a small business.

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