China Electronic Wholesaler – The Complete Guide (2022)

By justchinait
September 25, 2021

This is a complete guide to China Electronic Wholesaler in 2021.
In this new guide you’ll learn:

  • How to find better China electronic wholesaler
  • How to deal with China electronic wholesaler
  • The regulations for electronic products
  • Lots more

Let’s get started.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: China Electronic Wholesale Basics
1.1) China Electronic Wholesale
1.2) Why Chose a China Electronic Wholesaler?
1.3) How to Find the Best China Electronic Wholesaler?
Chapter 2: Benefits of Choosing China Electronic Wholesaler
2.1) Price Margins
2.2) Cool Electronics
2.3) Warranties
Chapter 3: Electronics Suppliers from China
3.1) JustChinait
3.2) Alibaba
3.3) GlobalSource
3.4) Made-in-China
Chapter 4: Things to Know Before Getting Wholesale Electronics From China
4.1) Quality Is the First Priority
4.2) Maintenance of the Products
4.3) Valid Warranties
Chapter 5: Regulations for the US and Europe
5.1) Regulations for Europe
5.2) Regulations for United States of America
Chapter 6: Shipping
6.1) Shipping channels
6.2) Shipping Costs
6.3) Customs
Chapter 7: Different Types of Electronics
7.1) Digital electronics
7.2) Analog electronics
7.3) Consumer electronics

Chapter 1: China Electronic Wholesale Basics

1.1 China Electronic Wholesale

China is famous for its inexpensive products having good quality. A lot of people want to buy Chinese products to save money. Entrepreneurs and companies order bulk from Chinese sellers. This reduces the costs and increases the profit. China provides good electronics at lower rates.

China electronic wholesale market involves selling and buying Chinese electronics in bulk at wholesale rates. People worldwide can order electronics made in China through various shipping agencies. They help in getting the electronics delivered in the safest condition.

1.2 Why Chose a China Electronic Wholesaler?

You can find Chinese electronics wholesalers to get products at a good price. Choosing a wholesaler is beneficial because China’s electronic market is dominating the world. Chinese workers have experience in assembling and finishing electronics. The labor is cheap here, and the workers also have years of experience.

China builds cell phones for more than half of the world. This country has made almost every printed circuit board. By choosing a China electronic wholesaler, you can get good quality stuff at lower rates.

1.3 How to Find the Best China Electronic Wholesaler?

Finding the best China Electronics Wholesaler is not a difficult task anymore. You have access to a number of these wholesalers through their websites. All you have to do is research on the internet to get their complete information.

These wholesalers like JustChinait can get you connected with the suppliers. They can also perform price comparisons to get you the best prices.

Chapter 2: Benefits of Choosing China Electronic Wholesaler

2.1 Price Margins

One of the main benefits of choosing China electronic wholesalers is that you get the best costs. Chinese electronics are popular for their low prices. It is a misconception that the quality is not good. But, China dominates the world in technological items.

There is a variety of electronic manufacturers in China. They produce highly competitive electronics.

2.2) Cool Electronics

China manufactures various kinds of electronics that aren’t easily available in other countries. Even if they are, the prices are too high. Chinese have made cool electronics for various needs. You can find products for both commercial and personal purposes.

2.3) Warranties

The manufacturers and the sourcing companies offer warranties. You can discuss this with your wholesaler. If you get defective products, you will be compensated as promised.


One of the major benefits of buying Chinese electronics is that they focus on diversity. They make their electronics for everyone. Chinese manufacturers focus on everyone’s demands. They make electronics products according to it.

Most professional manufacturers don’t discriminate in selling or advertising their electronics items.

Amazing Features

Another major benefit of Chinese electronics is that they come with amazing features. As compared to electronics manufactured in other countries, Chinese electronics have extra capabilities. They also fall within most people’s financial budgets.

Chapter 3: Electronics Suppliers from China

You can get electronics from China through various shipping companies. Some of the major companies are mentioned below.

3.1) JustChinait

It was established in 2009 and is a devoted electronics trader. During these twelve years, it has given sourcing services to almost ten thousand customers from all around the world. Some famous companies it has partnered with are Walmart, Falabella and Cencosud.

It deals in phone accessories, digital electronics, car parts, smart devices, live screen equipment, etc.

3.2) Alibaba

It was founded in 1999. It is one of the most popular global trading platforms. This company serves millions of suppliers and buyers. It has done its business in 190+ countries. You can find 40+ categories of products here.

You can find many different suppliers here. Messaging them and discussing the prices is quite easy. They provide you with a quote according to your demand.

3.3) GlobalSource

This company came into being in 1971. It has been in business for 50 years. It is recognized internationally for its B2B trading. GlobalSources allows you to connect with many trustworthy suppliers.

It offers tailored solutions to your needs. There are digital platforms and trade shows arranged by this company. It has around 10 million registered international buyers.

3.4) Made-in-China

It is a platform for global trade. Made-in-China provides business opportunities for buyers and Chinese suppliers around the world. It promotes trade between China and other countries. Currently, it provides more than 40 million items.

The company offers items from 27 top industries. There are different methods through which buyers can source products provided by Made-in-China.

Chapter 4: Things to Know Before Getting Wholesale Electronics from China

4.1) Quality is the First Priority

By selling electronics, you can earn more money because they have high-profit margins. People prefer electronics that are durable and have high-quality.

It’s better to spend a little extra on buying electronics that have better service and quality. The reason is when you sell quality items, customers trust you. They will be willing to spend more because they would get value for it.

Unlike other products, electronics can get broken or damaged easily. If you provide high-quality, you can ensure that the electronic items are long-lasting. People are generally willing to pay more for electronics because functionality and durability matter a lot.

4.2) Maintenance of the Products

When you face any issue with an electronic item, the company won’t replace it but make the necessary repairs. You will be required to send the shipment back to the company if a similar issue is faced with all items. Else, send selective pieces back.

However, the customs and the shipment will be paid by you in this case. You have two options when you are in such a situation.

Option 1: You can gather all the defective products from your customers. Then end them as a whole to the supplier after a specific period. This way, you would not have to pay huge costs for each item

Option 2: You can ask your supplier to provide you with the parts or accessories required for repairing the items. This way you can get the products repaired in your own country.

4.3) Valid Warranties

Another important thing to consider is that you need to ask for the warranties beforehand. Customers are interested in warranties and frequently ask questions related to them.

The warranty of electronic items, whether they are simple or complex, matters a lot. Asking for the warranties will help you in giving accurate information to your customers.

Chapter 5: Regulations for the US and Europe

The regulations vary according to the country, usage of the product, and working. The common regulations in the two largest regions i-e, Europe and the United States of America, are as follows:

5.1 Regulations for Europe

1) CE

If you want to get a product sourced to Europe, there is a compulsory certification that you must get. It is used to verify that your items are produced according to European standards.

2) GS

It stands for “Gepruefte Sicherheit“, which is a quality seal. A third-party laboratory provides this. This certification is suggested if you are selling your product as a retailer. GS is not needed by law and is voluntary. But, it assists in building credibility with customers because people commonly know this seal.

The criteria to meet a GS certificate are more comprehensive as compared to CE. This certificate is not commonly accessible for many products.

3) RoHS

It is an abbreviation for “Restriction of Hazardous Substances”. It regulates the usage of 6 hazardous substances i-e mercury, cadmium, lead, PBB, PBDE and chromium.

5.2 Regulations for the United States of America

1) FCC

Everything that is electrical, such as radio transmission, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc., is regulated by FCC. It is a need to get anything that is electronics to be certified by FCS. It includes intentional and unintentional radiators.

The things included in intentional radiators are smartphones, radios, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices. Unintentional radiators include power packs, earphones, PCBs and headphones, etc.

2) RoHS

The requirements for RoHS in the United States are similar to that of Europe. The United States also considers this certification and uses it commonly.

3) UL

It is a worldwide certification company. The company tests product safety against set standards. You may have to get this certification even if you have already have an FCC certification. It helps in building credibility with your customers.

Chapter 6: Shipping

6.1) Shipping Channels

Sea Freight Shipping

It is the most cost-effective channel of shipping. It is best suited for large shipments. But this channel takes a lot of time. It can take anywhere from a week to many months. So, choose this channel only when you have a lot of time.

Air Freight Shipping

It is the quickest and safest channel to get your desired products shipped. However, this is the most expensive shipping channel. Choose this channel when you want things urgently and can afford the charges.

Electronics Rail Shipping

Railway systems are extensive and are spread through regions. You can use this channel to get products shipped to the nearest country. Since rail shipping is not very expensive, you can get your consignment to the nearest rail station. Then transport it through road to the final destination.

Electronics Door to Door Shipping

You can choose this channel if the quantity is not huge. This method allows small to medium size deliveries and also provides insurance.

6.2) Shipping Costs

The cost varies according to the weight and the channel used for shipping. Not just this, sea freight prices differ from one port to another. Sea freight is generally four to six times less expensive than air freight.

6.3) Customs

You would have to pay customs when shipping items from China to the USA. There are some countries where customs are exempted. But, the US has strict custom rules imposed. The majority of products, when shipped to the UK from China, are subjected to customs. Other common names for customs are import tax, customs tariff, and import tariff etc.

To calculate the exact amount of customs, you have to understand the tariff or HS code. Customs are normally calculated based on product type and value of the shipment.

Customs are generally exempted if the total price of shipment falls under a certain amount. You can hire a qualified shipping agency like JustChinait. They can deal with all the customs.

Chapter 7: Different Types of Electronics

China manufactures a vast range of electronics. It has been manufacturing electronics for a long time. China manufactures electronics at a vast scale. The voltage and power settings are adjusted according to the region the electronics are intended for.

7.1) Digital Electronics

You can find great digital electronics from China at good rates. Digital electronics are in huge demand today. China has become a haven for all Original Equipment Manufacturers around the world. China is home to manufacturing companies that make digital electronics to meet world demand.

7.2) Analog electronics

Analog electronics use analog signals instead of digital signals. Resistors and transistors around the world are exported from China. You can easily get your hand on them in wholesale markets and buy in greater quantities.

7.3) Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics is a broad term. This includes items you purchase for personal use and not for commercial use. You, as a supplier, can get the exact demand from the consumer and then import the product directly from China.

Suppliers, wholesalers and OEM’s greatly benefit from the export, import of consumer electronics.


Optoelectronics are usually used for security and surveillance purposes. Security agencies from across the world import these electronics from China. China gives not only the best price but also promises optimal quality.

Marine Electronics

GPS, marine fuel management, marine radar, satellite television are a few of the most used marine electronics. Chinese manufacturers comply with the standards. These electronics can also be customized according to the need.

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