Cheap women’s clothing websites like Shein

By Sarah
September 12, 2023

Do you want to start a BUSINESS? Clothing is on the top. You won’t believe my words. According to Statista, the Global Apparel Market has a MARKET SIZE of 1.53 TRILLION USD. It is TRILLION USD, not billion!But every business is not PROFITABLE in clothing. Therefore, you should find CHEAP and affordable websites like Shein.

Do you know any websites like Shein? If not, no problem. Our expert team has COMPILED the list of 33 cheap clothing stores online.

Let’s talk about them!

1. What should you look for in a clothing website like Shine?

Every single day, I have heard of the scams. Some people complain about the low quality of products. While others might face transaction scams when buying from B2B sites.

There is one concern: How to handle scams?

It is a DOODLE! You have to buy it carefully. Since B2B ordering occurs in bulk, a scam can cost you thousands of dollars. I’m sure you never want that!

If yes, I have added some essential tips to filter out the best women’s clothing stores like Shein!

1)Check out the website’s reputation

There are some sites like Alibaba. Although they are popular, the suppliers on Alibaba can be scammers. You need to have a picky eye to find such suppliers. And avoid them.

When it comes to other women’s clothing stores, you need to take a look around. Know about it from your friends. And check whether they are popular. And if they are, confirm whether they provide quality clothing or not.

2)Trendy clothing or not?

Can you sell a sweater in the summer season? You’ll get 0 out of 100 sales.

Do you know why? Because you have picked the wrong item. Sweaters are good to sell only in the Winter season. And you can quickly grab up to 1000 sales in a week in winter.

Right product—Right Time–Right Season. Follow this strategy to get 100% success in the business.

Trendy clothing has such a scenario. You must check whether stores like Shein offer the latest and most stylish inventory. If they do, that would skyrocket your sales. And bring your business to the limelight.

3)Eco-friendly clothing

In the clothing, you might have heard of the toxic chemicals. For example, the use of LEAD elements!

Lead is a highly toxic element affecting the environment and human health. Wearing such clothes can depress the customers. And might decrease your sales.

You don’t want that, right?

4)Affordable prices

Every seller wants to keep a higher margin. For example, I bought a summer dress for $20. The aim is to get at least $5 in profit. And I will try to sell it for $25 or above.

This is one way to increase the profit margins. There is another way too! (Secret One)

Why not convince the supplier to buy the summer dress for $15? That would save you $10 straight in profits.

That is why you should find suppliers with cheap women’s clothing. (You’ll turn your 5-figure store into 6-figures quickly!)

5)Excellent Shipping facilities

Imagine for a moment! There is a PEAK selling jeans. And you fall short of stock! You should ask your supplier to provide it fast.

Shipment timing and speed will cost you money for every second. Moreover, increasing product damage is probable if the delivery service is NOT GOOD.

A stitch in time saves nine. (Popular Quote)

You should work with a clothing website that has excellent shipping speed. You should ship orders on time with 100% safety.

6)After-sale services

Suppose your supplier sent 50 defective products out of 100. Believe me, there is no bigger scam than this.

But wait. If the supplier is authentic and famous, you can talk. Negotiate. And send the products back. After-sale services would keep your morale high and relationships with suppliers strong.

Before working with any store like Shein, know about their return and refund policy. Check customer support. And work with them.

2. 33 Cheap Clothing Websites like Shein

So, the top websites like Shein? Not a BIG DEAL! I have listed the top 33 websites like Shein with affordable costs.

Let’s check!

1) PrettyLittleThing

Pretty Little Thing is a store like Shein. The great thing is the trendy collection that offers the diversity of the products to the sellers.

This store, like Shein, targets women aged 16 to 35. It is pretty great! Based in the UK, it has shipping facilities around the globe. That means you have to worry about the shipping no more!

Why choose a website like Shein?

  • Affordable Prices. They are much lower, just like the Shein discount clothing stores. That means you can save more. And make more!
  • Diversity of products. They need to have fit women’s clothing. Instead, they have plus-size clothes, increasing the expansion of your business.

2) Romwe

Romwe! The first thing that comes to mind is:

 This website can be called the Shein#2. It is true because Shein owns this website.

 romwe the website for cheap women clothing

Romwe has all the products that Shein does not have. However, some items might be the same as the Shein.

Here are the pros!

  • Cheap prices. Their costs are just like the discount clothing stores. You can raise your profit margins by purchasing at lower prices.
  • Unique Inventory. Since they have inventory different from the Shein, it can be an excellent chance to buy if you are tired of Shein.

3) Wish

Who does not know Wish? It is one of the top stores like Shein.

With a massive collection of products, they have from dresses to lingerie. Due to global operations, you can order the items anywhere you live.

wish the website like Shein

Here are some pros of this store like Shein.

  • Heavy Product discounts. Wish has heavy discounts of up to 50%. It can save you money. And help you increase your profits.
  • Qualitative products. The product’s quality is appreciable if you find the correct item with excellent research. You can build a trusted environment and increase your sales.

4) DressLily

DressLily has been very popular among retailers for its excellent inventory. Their products range from dresses to jumpsuits.

dresslily website for cheap women clothing the website like Shein

Here are some benefits of Dresslily.

  • Discount for new users. They offer 15% for the new users. If you purchase for the first time, it can be an excellent opportunity to make some profits with affordable inventory.
  • Free Shipping. Once your order exceeds $45, you can get FREE SHIPPING. That helps you save some bucks on shipping.

5) Amazon

I am sure every one of us knows about Amazon. Even 50% or more have ordered the items from this platform.

amazon the website for cheap women clothing

amazon website for cheap clothing

It is one of the top websites like Shein. There are tons of suppliers. To find quality products, you must do the research.

Here are some benefits.

  • Quality Clothing. Amazon has a strict quality policy. If a seller sells low-quality products, Amazon removes him. So you can grab quality inventory.
  • Easy Return. The return policy is easy, and you’ll get instant refunds. It boosts your confidence and helps improve your business.

6) RoseGal

Rose is not a new website you might think about. It is undoubtedly one of the top 10 women’s online clothing stores.

rosegal the website like Shein

rosegal website for cheap women clothing

Do you know why? Because of the following reasons.

  • Huge collection. It has almost all types of cheap women’s clothing items. You can effectively increase your product range.
  • Super Easy purchasing process. Rosegal provides the buying guide. It becomes easy to get quality products. And increase your customers’ satisfaction.

7) Zaful

Zaful is one of the top websites like Shein, with affordable pricing and quality inventory. Even their shipping rates are compatible with the Shein.

zaful the website for cheap women clothing

zaful website for cheap women clothing

The buying process is easy. Zaful has the following pros.

  • Quality Inventory. The product quality is undoubtedly excellent. You can raise your BRAND image by selling their products in your store.
  • Affordable Shipping. Shipping takes around two weeks. But the great thing is the cheaper cost of the shipping.

8) FairySeason

Fairy Season has those products other stores like Shein don’t. That puts it among the top stores for selling women’s clothing. Their graphic tees have been the most extensive collection ever!

FairySeason the website for cheap women clothing

FairySeason website for cheap women clothing

Here are some reasons to choose the Fairy Season.

  • Affordable costs. The product pricing is lower compared to the other stores. That means you can improve the profit margins.
  • Huge Collection. The product collection is very huge. That is great when you need to increase your business diversity.

9) Boohoo

Are you looking for something new and unique for your store?

boohoo the website like Shein

boohoo website for cheap women clothing

Boohoo is a good-to-go store like Shein. With top inventory, you can increase your products. They have a pricey collection, but the quality is their ultimate feature.

  • High-quality products. Their products are HIGH QUALITY. It can be good if you want to make a high brand image.
  • Fast Shipping services. They have a relatively speedy delivery service. In some countries, they offer the NEXT-DAY delivery.

10) ChicMe

Are you tired of searching for the latest items? No problem! ChicMe has an updated product collection with the BEST INVENTORY. They update their trendy collection every week to improve access to products.

chicme the website like Shein

chicme website for cheap women clothing

Here are some pros.

  • Plus size Collection. They do not sell the limited products. Instead, you can impress your customers with their plus-size collection.
  • Cheaper prices. The prices of the products are more affordable. And increase your profit margins efficiently.

11) ASOS

I’ll put ASOS as a top competitor for Shein. It has the ultimate quality. And a massive collection of trendy inventory.

asos the website for cheap women clothing

asos website for cheap women clothing

Purchasing from ASOS can raise your business status and make higher profits.

  • Quality Clothing. They ensure the highest quality of products. So you avoid the risks of low-quality scams.
  • Fast Shipping. Their shipping speed is matchless. Roughly two or three days are enough for them to ship to your location in specific counties.

12) LovelyWholesale

The name is all for this supplier. They have unique women’s clothing comparable with the Shein and other websites.

LovelyWholesale the website for cheap women clothing

LovelyWholesale website for cheap women clothing

They bring up the best inventory. Here is more you can get from them.

  • Trendy Inventory. They constantly update the products from time to time. That is great when you want to sell APPEALING products to your consumers.
  • Wholesale prices. The prices are meager. You won’t believe it if I say they have 99-cent clothing products. It is a huge opportunity to gain higher profits.

13) Missguided

Missguided is a PRICEY clothing store. But it is 100% worth it because of the quality products that can improve your business reputation.

Missguided the website for cheap women clothing

Missguided website for cheap women clothing

Their collection can bring you the expected business results. Here is more of this store-like Shein.

  • High Discounts. They offer discounts to the new customers. And you can improve your margins by purchasing at lower costs.
  • Easy selection. They have a couple of filters. You can filter out the best products. And make more sales.

14) BerryLook

BerryLook has been a popular site that is a big competitor to Shein. With its impressive collection and fast navigation, you can explore the top women’s clothing.

BerryLook the website for cheap women clothing

BerryLook website for cheap women clothing

Here are some of the top benefits.

  • Easy navigation. BerryLook has a lot of new and excellent products that are easy to navigate. You can save time.
  • Easy Return and Refund Policy. The return policy is about 30 days. And you get full or partial refunds.

15) Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is a ONE-STOP shop featuring women’s, men’s, and kids’ clothing.

Fashion Nova the website for cheap women clothing

Fashion Nova website for
cheap women clothing

There are many benefits!

  • 30% discounts. They offer up to 30% discounts when you join their mailing list. That is the EASIEST 30% off you’ll ever get.
  • Safe Shipping. They have reliable shipping. There is less or no risk for the damage.

16) Nasty Gal

Comprising the best quality and the pricing, Nasty Gal is there. It always satisfies you when you want quality at affordable rates.

Nasty Gal the website for cheap women clothing

Nasty Gal website for cheap women clothing

They have fashionable collections ready to impress you till the end. Here is why you should choose this store like Shein.

  • Cheaper prices. Their prices are super low. It can efficiently support your business when you try to make higher profits.
  • High-quality. Their products undergo the STRICT QUALITY criteria in manufacturing. That means you can rely on them and impress your consumers with quality.

17) StyleWe

Stylewe is on the top for the best and most unique clothing collection. They have those products you need help finding on Shein or other stores like Shein.

StyleWe the website for cheap women clothing

StyleWe website for cheap women clothing

The one con is the longer shipping duration. The pros include:

  • Best Pricing. Their prices are relatively affordable. It is a massive opportunity for making some bucks.
  • Quality Collection. The product collection is extensive and qualitative. You can attract more consumers by selling high-quality products.

18) JustFashionNow

Want something different? It is undoubtedly the style for BOHO looking for some quality products.

JustFashionNow the website for cheap women clothing

JustFashionNow website
for cheap women clothing

They even have the clothing for the men. That is why we have kept it on our list. Here are some pros of this supplier.

  • All types of women’s clothing. They have a collection covering from plus sizes to slim-fit dresses. That is excellent when you want to sell more products.
  • Affordable prices. The prices are pretty reasonable. This thing makes it easy for you to make higher margins per item.

19) Red Dress Boutique

Red Dress Boutique is an American fast fashion brand with various products. They not only sell women’s clothing. Instead, you can find other fashion items, such as jewelry.

Red Dress Boutique the website like Shein

Red Dress Boutique website for cheap women clothing

Here are the pros.

  • Excellent Quality. Product quality is appreciable. You can keep it in the list of top websites like Shein.
  • Free Shipping. They offer free shipping on most orders. It is a chance to save some money and invest in your business.

20) Pink Lily

Are you a fan of Shein? You must have heard of the Pink Lily, then. More for the girly side, this site has an extensive collection of women’s clothing. You can find all the clothes you want from trendy dresses to midi dresses.

Pink Lily the website for cheap women clothing

Pink Lily website for cheap women clothing

Here are some pros.

  • Trendy products. They have an excellent collection of products. You can make more sales by selling stylish inventory.
  • Discounts for first-time buyers. They offer discounts of up to 50% on specific products for first-time buyers. It can be a colossal opportunity if you purchase for the first time.

21) Chicwish

ChicWish is a top website like Shien. They have dresses to clothing inventory for stylish women.

Chicwish the website like Shein

Chicwish website for cheap women clothing

You get the following benefits when trying this brand.

  • High Quality. They have a high-quality collection. It can help you boost your business recognition. And increase customer retention.
  • Competitive Pricing. The pricing is similar to the Shein. Even some products have a lower cost than Shein. It can improve your profits.

22) Target

Target is a popular website working globally. They have better discounts and offer some unique collections for women.

Target the website like Shein

Target website for cheap women clothing

You can get the following advantages when trying it.

  • High discounts. They always have the sales going on. You can get up to 30% off on your purchase.
  • Eco-friendly clothing. They manufacture sustainable clothes. You can sell safe inventory to your consumers.

23) Aliexpress

Aliexpress is a retail website, but the good thing is the cheaper prices. Moreover, you don’t face quality scams with thorough research.

Aliexpress the website like Shein

Aliexpress website for cheap women clothing

You can get the following benefits.

  • A large number of suppliers. The number of suppliers on Aliexpress is large. That increases the probability of finding price and quality effectively.
  • Competitive prices. Aliexpress has some of the best prices out there. The products are very cheap.

24) Choies

Choies is also a popular website like Shein. It has some quality dresses. You can find some other products too.

Choies the website like Shein

Choies website for cheap women clothing

Here are the pros.

  • Flash Sales. They have a section specialized for flash sales. That means you have maximum opportunity to get discounts. And find lower prices.
  • Excellent Collection. Their products range from Women’s clothing to other fashion items. It reduces the hassle of finding products at multiple stores.

25) Princess Polly

Princess Polly is a USA-based fashion site with the best collection. They have trendy products.

Princess Polly the website for cheap women clothing

Princess Polly website for cheap women clothing

You can get the following reasons to choose this store like Shein.

  • Fast Shipping. They offer expressive shipping around the US. That can save you time and support your business when you need many items simultaneously.
  • Safe product returns. The product return policy is relatively safe. You can get faster refunds in case of low-quality.

26) Lightinthebox

Light in the Box is just like giant websites like Aliexpress or Amazon. You can find many women’s clothing products.

Lightinthebox the website like Shein

Lightinthebox website for cheap women clothing

Here are some key benefits.

  • Fast Shipping. They ship within 24 hours in the specific areas. That is great when you run out of stock for any item while selling them.
  • Good Quality. The quality of women’s clothing is adequate. You can increase your business reputation with it.

27) Walmart Fashion

Walmart is just like Amazon, with billions of net worth in the market.

Walmart Fashion the website like Shein

Walmart Fashion website for cheap women clothing

It has a fashion section where you can find women’s clothing.

  • Large Selection of clothing items. Walmart Fashion has a wide selection of products. You can find excellent products to expand your inventory.
  • Cheaper prices. The prices are relatively lower. You can raise your margins better this way.

28) H&M

H&M is a site for fashion lovers. They drop 500 products every single week to their collections. It increases the chance of finding new and excellent products.

H&M the website like Shein

H&M website for cheap women clothing

Here is why you should choose this brand.

  • Trendy collection. They have a large group of products. Moreover, updating 500+ items weekly is enough to get you new and modern items.
  • Reliable Brand. It is a brand trusted by thousands of buyers. Moreover, you can safely buy and ship.

29) Lulus

Lulus is another website like Shein. It has the pricing and quality just like the Shein.

Lulus the website like Shein

Lulus wensite for cheap women clothing

Here are some benefits.

  • Quality products. The product quality is superior. You can rely on their products and earn more respect from your customers.
  • Discounts for new customers. They offer a coupon to the new consumers making the discounts.

30) ModaXpress

Moda Xpress is a USA clothing supplier founded in 1993. It is a significant site for distributing clothing items around the globe.

ModaXpress the website for cheap women clothing

ModaXpress website for cheap women clothing

Here are the pros of this site.

  • Easy Shopping experience. They have tons of filters to narrow down your research. You save time this way.
  • Competitive prices. Their prices are even less than the Shein’s. You can increase your profits.

31) Forever 21

Forever 21 is a US-based clothing supplier founded in 1984.

Forever 21 the website like Shein

Forever 21 website for cheap women clothing

It is a TREAT to the sellers looking for some quality stuff.

  • Heavy discounts. They offer multiple discounts. Sometimes, this facility is available to the new buyers. And sometimes, they offer discounts to all the buyers.
  • Trendy Collection. They keep a remarkable eye on the specific season or trends. You can explore the new products at the best.

32) Maurices

Maurices has been a cheap women clothing website like Shein.

Maurices the website like Shein

Maurices website for cheap women clothing

It has competitive costs and many other benefits for the sellers. You can check them here.

  • Free shipping over $50 orders. You can ship at NO COST in the US once your order exceeds $50.
  • Cheaper prices. The product prices are more reasonable. It can increase your profit margins.

33) Zulily

Have you heard of a store like Shein before? Maybe not, but it’s no problem. Zulily has the best quality women’s clothing with the top inventory. You can turn up your profits game.

Zulily the website for cheap women clothing

Zulily website for cheap women clothing

And here are some benefits.

  • Cheaper pricing. The pricing of Zulily is comparable with the Shein. It even offers more reasonable prices.
  • Easy purchasing process. The purchasing process is simple and fast. You can ship products quickly.

3. FAQs

1) Does Shein sell eco-friendly clothes?

Shein claims to be ethical and practical in not using the chemicals in the clothing. It makes the whole scenario sustainable for them. However, some sources claim that Shein does not use eco-friendly processes to manufacture its clothing.

2) What is the cheapest website to buy clothes from?

There are many websites to buy cheap clothing. Instead, you can buy from Amazon, ASOS, Shein, Romwe, etc. These website like Shine offer lower prices and better quality. Research can land you the right quality and price.

3) Is ASOS better than Shein?

ASOS is a viral website like Shein. But they share some differences. For example, the quality of products is more reliable on Shein than on ASOS. On the other hand, Shein has been involved in manufacturing unethical clothing.


Shein clothes for women have been popular due to their prices and quality. But you need alternative resources as well. There are some problems with scams. But thorough research and product reviews will get the quality and pricing you expect for cheap women’s clothing. So you can visit these websites like Shine with confidence

The above-mentioned websites are all the TOP ONES helping you avoid any scam. However, you should check reviews as well.

Know before you buy!

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