Cellphone case manufacturers China -The Complete Guide in 2022

By justchinait
September 25, 2021

This is a complete guide to Cellphone case manufacturers China in 2022.
So if you’re looking for:

  • Everything you want to know about cellphone case manufacturers
  • How to choose cellphone case manufacturers in China
  • How to negotiate the best price
  • How to fulfill your orders

Then you’ll love the actionable tips from this new guide.
Let’s get started.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Cellphone case manufacturers China Basics
1.1) What is Cellphone case manufacturers China?
1.2) Why is Cellphone case manufacturers China Important?
1.3) How to Start Your Trade with Cellphone case manufacturers in China?
Chapter 2 Get to Know Cellphone case factories China
2.1) Look the Most Cellphone case factories China
2.2) Go for the Highest-selling Phone Cover
2.3) Gain Your Profit in Cellphone case factories China
Chapter 3 Choose Cellphone case factories China
3.1) Filter Your Factories
3.2) Comparing Your Factories
3.3)Chat with Your Factories
Chapter 4 Get Your Target Price
4.1) Inquire Your Factories
4.2) Value Your Factories Price
4.3) Bargain with Your Factories
Chapter 5 Ensure Your Trade Safety
5.1) Focus on Verified Factories
5.2) Test Your Samples
5.3) Place an Order
5.4) Care Your After-service of Your Factories
Chapter 6 Shipping from China
6.1) Ensure Your Way of Shipping
6.2) Select Your Logistics
6.3) Avoid Your Cargo Pitfalls
Chapter 7 Top 5 Cellphone case manufacturers in China
7.1)Shenzhen Ipaky Electronic Co. Ltd
7.2)Shenzhen Gobay Electronics Co., Ltd.
7.3)Guangdong S-Zone Electronic Ltd.
7.4)Guangzhou Dmax Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
7.5) Dongguan Prosub Technology Co., Ltd.

Chapter 1 Cellphone case manufacturers CHINA Basics

What is Cellphone case manufacturers China?

Cell phone case manufacturer is aiming at making kinds of phone covers. People buy it for phone protection and style.

Why is Cellphone case manufacturers China so important?

Once your phone drops and break, you must pay a lot to repair it. But a super-cheap phone case can prevent this case.

In 2020, the global Cell Phone Cases market size was US$ 7240.4 million and it is expected to reach US$ 12420 million by the end of 2027, with a CAGR of 7.9% during 2021-2027.

By the forecast report, China takes up the largest cake in the phone cases market in 2018 among the Asian Pacific. And is expected to maintain its dominance in the future as well.

A specially designed phone case reflects personality. Factors such as quotes, movies, books, and music preferences. Thus factories seized the chance to put all these factors into their products, and up-to-date to attract customers endlessly.

How to Start Your Trade with Cellphone case manufacturers in China?



In the cell phone cases market, the Offline holds a dominant share in terms of Sales Channel in the 2018 market, occupied 89.24%. And it is expected to reach a volume of 1871.35 (Million Units) by 2025, at a CAGR of 5.02% during 2019 and 2025.

However, due to the bad Covid-19 pandemic situation, offline can be your better way to start a trade.

Chapter 2 Get to Know Cellphone case factories China

Look the Most Cellphone case factories China

Most cell phone case factories gathered in Pearl Belt River of Guangdong.China. Most of them are based in Guangzhou, Dongguan, and Shenzhen cities.

Go for the Highest-selling Phone Cover

There are so many types of the phone case, divide them into kinds of segments, and find out the salable ones.

Type by material:

  • Plastic
  • Silicone Rubber
  • Metal

Based on material costs, plastic-type leads a big share in the market in 2018. And is predicted to dominate the market over the forecast period, likely to rise at a CAGR of 6.08% from 2019 to 2025.

Type by shape:

  • Hybrid
  • Wallet
  • Rugged

The best bet for most smartphone owners would be a hybrid case. They offer a lot of protection despite being quite thin and light.

Type by function:

  • Charging
  • Anti-radiation
  • Kickstand

People are likely to feel anxious when their phones run out of battery. That’s why having a battery case is so practical for daily life.

Gain Your Profit in Cellphone case factories China

People now buy cell phone cover not only for protection but also for fashion. Some people keep on finding unique design things, cellphone cover is one of choice. It seems like everything can be put on a cover, animals, names, fashion brand logos, arts, etc.

It doesn’t take much upfront investment to start a phone case business. You can create an online store in minutes, and go live in a few hours.

Here you can get three main benefits to import from China:

  • Get your phone cover at a cheap price and high quality.
  • Find your unique type of phone cover.
  • Get profit in your trade.

Chapter 3 Choose Cellphone case factories in China

Filter Your Factories

In this part, you need to think more about your demand. Things like what’s your key phone brand? What’s your main phone system? Do you need a unique design? All these stuff refer to different types of the phone case.

Business Model:

  • OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means you can ask them to provide your design.
  • ODM: Original Design Manufacturer. This kind of factory has its design and production line. If you are about to launch your first product, you may want to consider using


  • IOS
  • Android

Cellphone Brand:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Xiaomi

Comparing Your Factories

Let’s take Made-in-China website as an example. Things have become easier for you to compare now. Follow the steps below to get your answer freely.

  • Add into inquiry basket
  • Click the “Compare”
  • Come out the list

They cover 4 main info, including:

  • Transaction Info: Price, Min order, Trade terms, payment terms.
  • Quality Control: Certification (RoHS), Related system (ISO9001, BSCI).
  • Trade Capacity: Export markets, Revenue, Average lead time.
  • Product Attributes: Specification.

After this clear list, you are about to have a further decision to select your factory.

Chat with Your Factories

There are two common ways for you to go contact each other.

  • Email

It’s the most common way in the world, but it will take some days to get your feedback due to the time difference.

  • Chatbox

Check it out here; whether they hire foreign staff or just a head photo is both ok. They just want you to talk with them without any worry.

You even can kick up an online meeting with your seller if you have a large order or some special requirements. Anyway, try to keep in touch with your vendor is always good for you.

Chapter 4 Get Your Target Price

Inquire Your Factories

Before you inquire about your suppliers, you should concern about some things.

  • Packaging
  • MOQ: Minimum order quantity
  • Phone case design:

You can custom your phone cover whatever you want. You can print pets, logos, lyrics, or make some strange shapes. People like unique things.

All these things result in your final price. It’s simple, requires more, pays more.

Value Your Factories Price

After your company comparing list, you already have a general image in your mind. And you also should know that price depends on the cover material. Some will cost you more, such as a battery phone cover.

Bargain with Your Factories

You need to handle some skills in your purchase for this part.

Do not stop to talk with your seller, even the online pages show you the bulk price. Chinese people are smart at bargaining. They may not give you a lower price the first time. The only thing you need to do is try to reduce the price for several rounds.

They may ignore your message sometimes due to the large guest volume. Keep on asking with your key points and short sentences. Let them know clearly about what you want. And make them feel you want to have a long-term cooperation. Thus can level up your ideal price possibility.

In fact, please also pay attention to these points in your negotiation:

  • Ask for a reasonable price: Don’t cut it too much, or this way will lower your product quality.
  • Concern about material cost and duty related to your goods.
  • Care about the exchange rate of your currency
  • Balance your needs and budget:
  • As we said before, require more, pay more. You will get what you pay off.
  • Never show up your urge to your suppliers: It will make them feel easy to get your money, and that will be tough to reduce the price. A clever logic is to have a win-win business with each other.

Even you think you already got an optimal price after your negotiation. Please still keep comparing with others. It won’t be wrong for doing this at least three times. And then the final quotation most likely exceeds your expectation.

Chapter 5 Ensure Your Trade Safety

Focus on Verified Factories

With a whole and complete online marketing chain in China, everything has become safe and fast. There’s always a “verified” icon on the website. Click it and start your trade within these sellers. All their information showed to you to reduce your worries.

Besides, check if they have a complete production line, including related machines and control systems.

Test Your Samples

Keep 1-2 samples to better check and compare your further order quality. You can download their test reports to check their quality based on their “ready to ship” cases.

Place an Order

You should be careful when you first trade with a new vendor. Try to choose a safety payment method as you can.

Here are some common ways to pay for your bill:

  • L/C: letter of credit. Very safe, suitable for large goods, complex documents needed.
  • T/T: telegraph transfer. Lower safe but paperless.
  • Western Union/ Money Gram: not recommend for large business or strange people.
  • PayPal: very safe, fast for small business
  • Others: Visa/MasterCard/Bank Transfer.

Make sure of the payment terms or settlement method with sellers. It should be clearly written into your contract.

Mostly you need to pay 70% of the total price and clear the rest 30% after your deal closes. Or you can ask to clear all money after you receive goods within rational days.

Care Your After-service of Your Factories

Due to the light weight of a cell phone case, most sellers offer refund policies. You should care about this part in case some issues happen in your trade.

Online operation

  • Remaining time to return goods. (Mostly the rule will be 7-15 days.)
  • Fill in your goods information via the platform
  • Mail the goods with a traceable logistics
  • Wait and track your process

Agreement sign

List everything that protects your benefit clause in your contract with your seller

Chapter 6 Shipping from China

Ensure Your Way of Shipping

The cost of freight will take a big part of your shipment. Find a suitable way of shipping based on your trade conditions can help you reduce much more wholesale costs.

  • Import duties: the duty rate varies from country to country. Mostly you will pay 0% to 5% in Europe or may higher in Asia.
  • Your delivery date proposal: Remain enough time for your shipping. Usually, it will take 15-30 days for shipping, considering where you are.
  • Your shipping budget: Related to the quality and service of your shipping
  • Freight cost estimation: Container, packaging, terminal handling, and broker fees.
  • Freight forwarder: It can save you a lot of time by finding an expert’s help. You just need to give your details to your agent. And then you can just let them go to handle it.

Select Your Logistics

After your sample shipping test and valuation, you know how to choose your logistics better:                     

  • Air Freight: Safe and efficient, but much higher cost. You can speed up your cargo from China by air freight within ten days. But it can’t provide you with door-to-door service. You still need to ask your agents to deal with customs clearance.
  • Sea Shipping: FCL/LCL. The main method for global trade, suitable for large volumes and a lower budget.
  • Courier Service: DHL/UPS/FedEx. Fast and low-cost for small package and fewer things. You can choose your courier service company to differ in their unit price from the weight of your bags.

Avoid Your Cargo Pitfalls

There are so many hidden costs and tedious files in your shipment. Once there is a mistake happen in your cargo process, you must pay a lot to deal with it. And the at stake thing is about your seller’s licenses.

For example, if you import something with the trademark or a logo, and your seller doesn’t have the correct license to verify it, your cargo will be seized.

You can hire an expert to do the CBP job, like a customs broker to avoid these things.

Chapter 7 Top 5 Cellphone case Factories in China

Shenzhen Ipaky Electronic Co. Ltd

  • Basic Info: Founded in 2005.
  • Main Products: Mobile Phone & Accessories
  • Main Markets: 50% North America, 10% South Africa, 10% Eastern Europe.

Shenzhen Gobay Electronics Co., Ltd.

  • Basic Info: Founded in 2010
  • Main Products: Phone Case, Voice Translator, Phone Accessories
  • Main Markets: 15% North America, 34% Western Europe, 16% Domestic.

Guangdong S-Zone Electronic Ltd.

  • Basic Info: Founded in 2008
  • Main Products: Mobile Phone & Accessories
  • Main Markets: 35% North America, 7% South Africa, 35% Eastern Europe.

Guangzhou Dmax Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

  • Basic Info: Founded in 2012
  • Main Products: Tempered Glass Screen Protector, TPU Screen Protector
  • Main Markets: 18% North America, 24% Southeast Asia, 33% Eastern Europe.

5) Dongguan Prosub Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Basic Info: Founded in 2012
  • Main Products: Phone Cover, Switch Cover, Mechanical Keyboard Cap.
  • Main Markets: 10% North America, 10% South Asia, 55% Domestic.

Now It’s Your Turn

I hope you enjoyed our guide to cellphone case manufacturers.
Now I’d like to hear from you: which tip from this guide are you going to try first?
Or you may have something we didn’t mention. Either way, let me know by leaving a quick comment, we will get back to you.

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