Case study | What if the supplier does not actively cooperate?

By justchinait
October 14, 2020

Purchaser Bruce recently encountered such a problem when developing a supplier: When talking to the supplier, the supplier’s attitude was very good. Then he sent out drawings for the supplier to come up with a plan, but the plan has been delayed again and again, and it has been delayed three times now. Nothing is given, and there is no preliminary plan.

And I was communicating directly with their general manager. This product has already screened out 3 suppliers, and I am so tired. Originally, this supplier had good technical capabilities and good communication, but the problem emerged during further communication.

Customers urgently need this product, what should I do? I know that I should take precautions and find a few more backup companies, but the current situation is urgent and can only rely on promoting cooperation with this supplier. The supplier’s reason for this problem is that the factory is too busy.

Many buyers will encounter this problem when looking for suppliers. Suppliers are slow to respond and do things slowly. What should you do when the supplier does not actively cooperate?

We think there are two reasons for this.

  • The first one is that the supplier don’t have enough interest in you.
  • The second is that the supplier do not have enough ability to achieve the degree of cooperation you are satisfied with.

Let me talk about the first aspect. They are not interested enough in you.

Because the profit is not enough or your requirements are too high, they feel that they cannot meet your requirements.

As the saying goes, never do things without purpose. Suppliers are businessmen, and they also want to pursue rich returns in business. Therefore, they will prioritize large customers and those whose profits are sufficient to attract them.

In order to gain their favor and care, you must let them have enough interest in the profits you bring. If the ordered product’s unit price is too low, or the unit price is high but the quantity is small, the supplier will not take you seriously.

Doing business is also like falling in love. The supplier will also stock a lot of rebound guy, and you will unfortunately become his back burner. He doesn’t want to lose you, but doesn’t want to give priority to completing your work. He will save you here and serve you when he has time.

Their so-called too busy is not really busy, because they prioritize to serve for customers with sufficient profits, they do not have enough time and energy to serve you. If your profits are large, they will immediately prioritize your order.

In fact, the above mentality is the mentality of all suppliers. If you become a supplier, you will do the same. This is also one of the common sense of doing business.

When encountering such a supplier, you must first reflect on whether you have shown the utmost sincerity and what can be negotiated in this regard, such as the quantity of orders, or the unit price, or the requirements to the supplier.

If you have done your utmost sincerity, and the supplier is still not interested, then you should consider changing to another supplier. Suppliers are also divided into different levels, large, medium and small. There is always one suitable for you. Of course, there will be such a situation. You have shown the utmost sincerity and the supplier has shown the utmost sincerity, but you do not match, changing the supplier is the best choice at this time.

Let me talk about the second point, the supplier does not have enough capacity to achieve your satisfaction.

According to Bruce’s description, this does not exist in his case. But we can also analyze it briefly. If this happens, the supplier has worked hard and he has actively cooperated with you, but his ability is really limited, making you unsatisfied and thinking that they have not treated your cooperation properly.

When encountering this kind of supplier with limited ability but high degree of cooperation, and very active, you can also give him some time to train and run in. Attitude is everything. They have already established the basic conditions to become your firm partner in the future.

Be flexible and don’t back yourself into a corner. He is a good supplier today and a good supplier this year. It does not mean that he will always be a good supplier. Therefore, it is important to prepare spare backup suppliers. There is no need to be afraid of losing a seemingly good supplier, matching is the way to success. Opportunities are always there, but opportunities will not be left to those who do not know how to adapt.

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