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By justchinait
January 20, 2021

Puregear is mainly engaged in screen protectors, phone cases, power banks, audio devices, car parts, phone mounts, etc. They import various products from China and have a wealth of experience in sourcing from China. Their long-term cooperative suppliers mainly produce electronic products such as power banks and earphones. They have no equipment and experience in producing plastic products. Therefore, when Puregear plans to purchase Universal Phone Mount- from China, Puregear needs to find factories dedicated to Universal Phone Mount production. The following is the specific product information:

Product: Universal Phone Mount-Black

Size: 1.299 in x 1.378 in x 3.661 in

Puregear found a lot of mobile phone holder suppliers on Alibaba and Made in China. Still, after half a month of communication, they have not found a supplier whose quality, price and delivery are satisfactory. Otherwise, the quotation is higher than their budget, or the delivery time is too long, or the supplier’s response speed is too slow. One of Puregear’s favorite suppliers is Shenzhen Yongheng Electronics Co., Ltd. This supplier’s service and delivery time, and product quality are not bad, but the price is higher than the Puregear’s budget. This supplier’s price is 2.99 USD.

Puregear tried to find some supplier information on Google, and then I saw Justchinait’s blog. Justchianit is a Chinese sourcing company serving international buyers, specializing in helping customers verify and find the best quality product manufacturers. Puregear learned from Justchianit’s website that Justchianit has 11 years of experience purchasing and exporting, so it has accumulated many high-quality suppliers. Puregear hopes to find suppliers quickly in the shortest possible time so as to advance the progress of the entire project. then

Puregear purchased Justchianit’s services and informed them of their purchasing needs:

  1. custom silk screen logo
  2. color box packaging
  3. clear circle sticker
  4. 50pcs/carton
  5. shipping mark
  6. Quantity: 5000PCS Black

Justchianit found a mobile phone holder supplier for Puregear within four hours. Justchianit has negotiated all the order details with the supplier, and the supplier’s offer is 2.5 USD. Puregear compared this price.

Shenzhen Yongheng Electronics Co., Ltd



Universal Phone Mount – Black



Unit Price(USD)



Sourcing Service






This means that Puregear can save $14950-$13497=1453USD for this order

10% have been saved!

When you evaluate a supplier, figure out the main products of this supplier. There are usually many categories of products sold by a supplier, perhaps even hundreds. However, if some of these products are not produced by this supplier, and are not the main products of the supplier, the price of this product will be higher. Suppliers’ main products always have a competitive advantage in price.

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