Case study | The biggest reason why Chinese suppliers always delay delivery

By justchinait
January 19, 2021

The customer Christan purchased 80,000 LED hanging neck lights from Chinese suppliers with a delivery time of 40 days. However, the supplier was delayed for 10 days and was unable to deliver the goods. And the supplier can’t tell the customer when the delivery can be made, which makes Christan a headache. Christan contacted Justchinait, hoping that we would assist the customer in advancing with the factory’s production schedule.

First, Justchinait learned the details of the customer’s order.

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package: 1pc/color box

accessories: Two AA alkaline dry batteries

shipping mark

Quantity: 80000PCS black


The customer delivery date has been delayed, so the key now is to find the problem and then solve the problem. The customer supplier’s factory is in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, far away from Justchinait, and online communication efficiency is too low. So Justchinait immediately sent a buyer from Shenzhen to Ningbo to inspect the factory’s current production schedule and find the production problems.

After investigation, our buyers found that people mainly employed the factory over 50 years old, and the employees were completely unaware that the order was in a hurry. The employees’ work efficiency is low, and factory managers have not taken any improvement measures. This has caused the factory’s production progress to be slow.


First of all, we must let the supplier know the seriousness of the matter. Let the supplier know how much the delayed delivery of the factory will affect the customer. For example, if the factory delays delivery by one week, the customer may have to delay the delivery by one month. Give suppliers a bottom line, and then mobilize factory employees to speed up work.

The factory is required to work 2 hours of overtime every night, and Justchinait’s buyers will stay in the factory to monitor the factory’s production progress.

Justchinait sent two more employees to the Ningbo factory to help the factory recruit. Due to the factory’s remote location, few young people are willing to come to work in the factory, which leads to the fact that most of the factory workers are residents near the factory. Justchinait helped the factory conduct online recruitment and recruited 5 young new employees within 2 days. With the increase of manpower, the production schedule will naturally increase.

Finally, with the assistance of Justchinait, the factory completed production on the third day. In order to allow customers to receive the goods earlier, Justchinait arranged the loading in the evening. It was raining at around 10 o’clock that night, and Justchinait and the factory packed 2,000 cartons into two containers.

Many Chinese factories are like this. The workers are residents in their 50s near the factory, and some even bring their grandchildren to work. This has led to the factory’s low efficiency, and it is difficult for the factory to recruit new employees, so they will not be fired.

Justchinait has handled many similar things. We suggest that you start to follow up the order’s progress when placing an order to ensure that the supplier can deliver on time. Instead of waiting for the delivery date to arrive, ask the supplier about the order’s progress.


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