Case study | How To Shorten the production time In 3 Easy Steps?

By justchinait
January 25, 2021

Hitcase is a company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Since they created the first Hitcase PRO for the iPhone 4, it has been sought after by a large number of users. Later, the product range was continuously expanded. They are different from other mobile phone accessory brands, they have more creative and unique product designs, and the products are durable.

Their suppliers are not in China, and they have not tried sourcing related products in China. In 2018, because of the Christmas promotion, Hitcase needed to urgently purchase a batch of 7800PCS mobile phone protective cases as Christmas promotional gifts. The delivery time needs to be completed within 10 days from the factory. Their previous suppliers were unable to take orders due to scheduling issues.

So they thought of sourcing products from Alibaba and GlobalSources to see if the Chinese supplier Stone can complete it in 10 days. But after several hours of investigation, they came to the conclusion that it is impossible to find a reliable supplier in Alibaba and GlobalSources in a short time. Because there are too many suppliers, it is impossible to identify which are real and reliable factories and which are trading companies, and even if they find a factory, they are not sure of the quality of the production. They dare not take risks.

So they found justchinait when searching for suppliers on Google, and got the “How to buy from China” e-book for free. After spending an hour reading the e-book, they thought that spending a small amount of money to buy justchinait’s service could help them save a lot of money. time. So they contacted us, let’s take a look at his needs:

The following are their purchasing requirements:

Imitated original phone leather protective cover

Imitated original phone leather protective cover, microfiber inside, embossed LOGO, customized PVC color box packaging








iPhone x







iPhone xs







iPhone 11







The product requires embossed LOGO, customized PVC box packaging, the required color is consistent with the picture provided, and the product delivery time is 10 days.

The normal delivery time and process are as follows:

1. It takes 5 days to make a copper mold for embossing LOGO;

2. The supplier that Hitcase looks for often makes the color different from the required color and needs to customize the leather, which takes 10 days

3. It takes 7-10 days for PVC packaging production;

4. It takes 5 days for mobile phone cover production + embossing LOGO;

5. Packaging products: 3 days;

6. A total of 18 days for order completion;

According to the demand, we can clearly see that it is obviously impossible to complete 7800pcs in 10 days according to the normal production process. If 10 days are not completed, it means that you will miss the Christmas promotion.

So after Justchinait learned about the situation, considering the customer’s highest requirements for time, he analyzed the following solutions:

1. The products are produced according to the factory’s existing colors close to the picture, no custom colors are required. Take a sample of the existing mobile phone case to confirm to the customer to see if it is acceptable. In this case, it only takes 3 days to produce 7800PCS mobile phone sets.

2. Change the embossed LOGO to the silk-screened LOGO, the silk-screen does not need to open the copper plate, as long as the screen is opened in 1 day. There is no obvious difference between embossed LOGO and silk-screened LOGO, and the effect is similar. The only difference is that the embossed LOGO is not completely flat, it feels a bit protruding to the touch, and the silk-printed LOGO is very smooth. It takes 2 days to complete the silkscreen LOGO of the 7800pcs mobile phone case.

3. The PVC box is produced by Justchinait looking for another packaging manufacturer. Justchianit’s supplier database has hundreds of high-quality packaging manufacturers, which is a very simple matter for Justchinait. From the prototype to the mass merchandise, the factory owner personally drove to the mobile phone case factory. It only takes 5 days to produce and ship the 7800pcs PVC box. While the mobile phone case factory produces the printed logo for mobile phone cases, the PVC box factory can also produce PVC boxes. By day 6, the mobile phone case factory can start packaging mobile phone cases.

It only takes up to 2 days to pack 7,800 mobile phone cases. In this case, the factory can deliver in 7 days. Even if some accidents happen during this process, delivery can be done within at least 10 days.

Customers have always used embossing LOGO before, but I don’t know that they can also silk-print LOGO. Justchinait has 11 years of purchasing experience and knows the various processes of the product and the required production time, so it can always find a solution that meets customer requirements.

After receiving Justchinait’s solution, the client found that although the color of the sample was not exactly the same as the color he designed, but it was within the acceptable range, he decided to adopt this solution. Finally, the factory completed the production of 7,800 mobile phone cases on the 9th day. The customers received the products before Christmas as they wished, and they did not miss the peak sales season.

For businesses, time is money.

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