Case study | How to minimize delivery time?

By justchinait
January 9, 2021

KobraTech is a company established in 2012. The founder of KobraTech is a travel enthusiast. He often takes the time to travel, but during the travel process, he often encounters some beautiful sights and wants to record them with his mobile phone, but there is a problem That is, there are no excellent accessories for mobile phone photography and video recording. Especially it is very difficult to take selfies and group photos.

So he thought this was a big demand because it wasn’t just he personally encountered such a problem, other travel enthusiasts also had similar problems. So KobraTech was born, but at the beginning of the business, he didn’t want to invest too much cost. I wanted to test it on a small scale first, so I found some suppliers on Alibaba.

However, due to the small quantity and the need for customization, which cannot meet the requirements of the factory, most of them are unwilling to take orders. But in the end they found supplier C, and KobraTech issued a 100,000PCS mobile phone holder/Bluetooth adapter set to supplier C, requiring supplier C to deliver in 35 days.

Supplier C received a lot of orders, and after starting production, they found that their production capacity could not keep up with the delivery date, or even a long time behind the delivery date. For the sake of dignity, the Chinese commonly call it “face”. Supplier C did not tell KobraTech in time that it secretly tried to speed up production and wanted to quietly solve the problem. Finally, when it was time to load the goods, I told the customer that only half of the 50000PCS was produced, and the delivery date would be delayed by 1 month, which is unacceptable for KobraTech. He did not expect that the supplier he was looking for was so unreliable.

So he found justchinait through a friend recommendation, hoping to solve his problem.

When we found us, we analyzed his specific needs.

The time required for an ordinary supplier to complete the entire production:

Mobile phone support structure: clip/head/bottom tripod

Production cycle:

Material preparation for 10 days;

Assemble 10000PCS/day;

It takes 20 days.

Bluetooth Selfie: Shell/PCBA

Production cycle:

Material preparation for 10 days;

Assemble 5000PCS/day;

It takes 30 days.

Packing cycle: 7500PCS/day, it takes 15 days

Total: 65 days

The following is the solution given by justchinait:

After Justchianit learned about the situation, he selected two A-level factories from a database of 3000+ suppliers. Factory A mainly produces mobile phone holders, and factory B mainly produces Bluetooth selfie cameras. Justchinait recommends that the customer distribute the remaining 50,000pcs to the customer’s original supplier C, and factory A and factory B will produce them together.

Factory C provides materials to suppliers A and B,

It takes 5 days to assemble 50,000 mobile phone holders in factory A.

It takes 5 days to assemble 25,000 Bluetooth self-timer in factory B.

Supplier C is responsible for the assembly of 30,000 Bluetooth self-timer in 6 days. So if the remaining 50,000pcs are produced by three suppliers, it only takes 6 days to get it done. It takes 7 days to pack 50,000 products. In this case, the supplier can deliver at least within half a month.

Although the delivery date was still delayed, it was already half a month earlier than the original delay. The client could not find a better way, so he decided to adopt our suggestion. Of course, supplier C is not willing to distribute the products to other factories for production. But this time it was because of supplier C’s mistake that the delivery was delayed, so he could only cooperate with the customer’s request.

Finally, in Justchinait’s follow-up, factory A and factory B delivered the assembled products to supplier C’s warehouse on the sixth day. At the urging of Justchinait, the supplier stopped the packaging of other orders and focused on packaging the customer’s mobile phone holder and Bluetooth selfie device. Finally, the packaging of the product was completed on the night of the 14th day. The freight forwarder came to pick up the goods that night. The entire order was successfully completed.

For customers, time is money, and sometimes business opportunities are lost if time is missed. Losing business opportunities means losing the market. So before purchasing any product, you must first evaluate the supplier. If you don’t know this well, you can find a professional local team to help you solve it. You only need to spend a small amount of money, you can save a lot of time and cost. To help you complete the purchase smoothly.

I don’t know if you have encountered this kind of problem, please leave a message.

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