Case Study | How to finish 3000pcs phone cases within 15 days?

By justchinait
December 17, 2020

Aliflailaa is an online store in India that specializes in customizing personalized phone cases. It has a unique design and a very durable phone case. It is currently the best online store in India, selling products such as iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, and other well-known mobile phone cases.

 In August 2019, Aliflailaa needed to customize 3000 mobile phone cases for promotional activities. Because the time was too short, only 15 days were given for delivery, and their previous suppliers could not complete the order. So I contacted under the introduction of a friend, and according to Aliflailaa’s needs, justchinait quickly found him a suitable supplier from its 3000+ supplier database.

 The following is Aliflailaa’s demand table:

Product: phone case

 Normal delivery time is 3000PCS/25 days;

2 days for pattern design and layout;

3 days for printing patterns;

7 days for injection molding;

Pattern and PC molding for 5 days;

Clean inspection for 1 day;

PC preparation for 5 days;

The waiting time is 3-5 days (waiting for materials/waiting for machine/waiting for printing).

 justchinait analyzed the order. Generally speaking, the normal delivery date and the process should be like this:

 IMD mobile phone case production process: design and typesetting printed patterns (positioning according to the mold) → printed pattern film → put the pattern film and PC into the PC mold together → injection molding → pattern and PC bonding → cleaning-surface Fuel injection.

justchinait considers that customers want to carry out promotional activities, if you miss the time of the promotional activities, you will lose a lot. And the customer delivery time is only 15 days. The time is very short.

After justchinait understood the customer’s real needs, it immediately selected three A-class mobile phone case factories with fast delivery speeds from the 3000+ supplier library-factory A, factory B, and factory C.

Then communicate with the three factories the demand of the order and understand the factory schedule. Through telephone communication with the factory, we learned:

The production line of factory A in the last month has been lined up, and the most recently produced mobile phone case is HUAWEI mobile phone case;

The price of factory B is slightly higher than that of factory A, and the factory’s production line in the last half month has been full. But factory B is just about to prepare an order for the production of an iPhone case;

The price of the C factory is higher than that of the B factory. Only one order is currently in production.

After comparing the above three factories, we conducted further communication with factory B. Factory B promised to prepare and produce our orders together with the orders that the factory is currently preparing to put into production. This process only takes 7 days at the fastest.

Remarks: Because the iPhone case produced by Factory B is the same as the Aliflailaa order model, the pattern is different. So the two orders can be prepared together for injection.

Only the last two steps of printing and packaging are different. It takes two days to print 1500 mobile phone cases individually, and it only takes half a day to pack 1500 mobile phone cases. In this way, 1,500 mobile phone cases can be delivered in only 10 days.

Simultaneously, to prevent accidents during the order production process, we also communicated the order details with the C factory. The current order in factory C will still take 5 days to complete, and then it can start producing Aliflailaa orders. Normally, factory C can deliver the goods within 20 days.

We reported the solution to them on the afternoon of the Aliflailaa inquiry through our investigation and analysis. Aliflailaa decided to hand over the order to factory B for production.

After receiving the order and deposit, factory B will immediately start material prepared in accordance with our agreement. On the 7th day after the order was placed, the customer asked about the factory’s production progress, and the factory reported that the product had already started printing. Taking into account the urgent needs of the customers, we prioritized the printing of mobile phone cases. Finally, the factory delivered the order on the 9th day. The customer received the goods 7 days earlier than expected. Very satisfied with this service. And said that they will continue to cooperate in the future.

We can solve problems quickly because we understand customers’ real needs, know what customers want, and more importantly, we have accumulated decades of procurement experience in Shenzhen, China. We have our database. There is 3000+ supplier information in the database, and these suppliers have worked with us before, and we understand all of their conditions. This is unmatched by other traders.

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