Case study | How to complete a large order in just 20 days?

By justchinait
January 13, 2021

Jenskin is a customer in France. He mainly sells 3C consumer products. He wanted to carry out promotional activities during Christmas. So at the end of November, he started to look for suppliers through Alibaba, but they were rejected because he needed 50,000 mobile phone holders are produced, and the delivery time is only 20 days.

So he found justchinait, hoping to help him find a suitable supplier as soon as possible because he wants to hurry up for the Christmas promotion.

Justchinait thought of the three elements of procurement (price, quality, and delivery). Obviously, for Jenskin, delivery is the most important. JustChinait enumerated the time required for an ordinary supplier to complete the entire production:

1. Mobile phone support structure: clip/head/bottom tripod

2. Production cycle:

①Material preparation for 10 days;

② It takes 20 days to assemble 2500PCS/day;

3. Bluetooth Selfie: Shell/PCBA

4. Production cycle:

①Material preparation for 10 days;

②Assemble 5000PCS/day. It takes 10 days.

The materials for preparing the mobile phone holder and the Bluetooth Selfie can be carried out at the same time, so it can be seen from the above that if it is a conventional factory or supplier, the delivery time will take 40 days. Otherwise, it can’t be done at all.

So justchinait solution:

1. Two A-level factories were selected from a database of 3000+ suppliers. Factory A and B mainly produce mobile phone holders, and factory C mainly produces Bluetooth selfie cameras.

The mobile phone holder is prepared by factory A, and then half of the materials are sent to factory B. It takes 10 days to prepare materials.

It takes 10 days for factory A to assemble 25,000 mobile phone holders.

It takes 10 days for factory B to assemble 25,000 mobile phone holders.

It takes 10 days for C factory to assemble 50,000 Bluetooth selfie cameras.

The A, B, and C factories can operate at the same time, so it only takes 20 days to get down. After the division of labor and cooperation, Justchinait sent people to follow up the factory’s production every day, finally assembled all the products on the 20th day, and completed the packaging of the products that night. After the packaging is completed, the freight forwarder will pick up the goods. The entire order was successfully completed.

For customers, time is money, and sometimes business opportunities are lost if time is missed. Losing business opportunities means losing the market. So before purchasing any product, you must first evaluate the supplier. If you don’t know this well, you can find a local professional team to help you solve it. You only need to spend a small amount of money. You can save a lot of time and cost. To help you complete the purchase smoothly.

If you encounter any problems with purchasing in China, we are happy to help you solve them!

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