Best Sunglasses Manufacturers in China: A Visual Guide with Images

By Sarah
October 31, 2023

Are you planning to start the sunglasses business? There are hundreds of reasons for launching a sunglasses brand. Even the market demand is relatively HIGH.

You can estimate it from the Statista statistics about the sunglasses. According to Statista, the sunglasses industry stands at 24.55 BILLION USD. And it is growing at an annual rate of 4.86%.

Isn’t it enough to know the peak market demand for sunglasses?

Before commencing your business journey, one thing is for sure: you must have sunglass makers. Do you have that? If not, it’s not a BIG deal. I have made a LIST of sunglass brands.

Let’s know!

1. Sunglasses Basics

1) What is a sunglasses manufacturing business?

The glasses business has been on the top for many years. All is possible due to their excess use. Do you know the reason?

It is a fashion item. That means you can go to the party. Wear them. And impress your guests. Above all, the glasses business is rising. So, it can be a hit of the moment to start making money.

For that, you need to OPEN an online store. Or have a local shop. Only then can you list the glasses items. And attract more buyers to make money.

2) Is it profitable to sell glasses?

Yes. It is 100% lucrative. Usually, you can save 30-50% per sunglasses item. Isn’t it a high margin?

For example:

You start an online store on Amazon. List the items up to 50 items. And invest 10K USD in the business. It depends on the sale. If you generate 5K USD sales, your profit is 20%. Then, you will make 1K USD per month or week.

For store owners, 1K USD is not a lesser amount. You can make more profits with the right eyeglass manufacturing companies.

3) Why should I start the glasses business?

Not one or two reasons are enough to start the glasses business. What is more crucial is the money? It is one’s target to achieve.

Apart from that, this business is relatively easy. You don’t have to invest a fortune. Only a few hundred bucks are enough to ignite the process.

To know more reasons, I have made a list of benefits. Check it out below.

2. Why should you work with Chinese Sunglass companies?

Maybe you wonder about custom eyewear manufacturers from China? Why you should not talk to USA suppliers.

The reason is a one-stop service. Complete shipment. Lower prices. And better facilities. Here is the list of benefits you get.

1) Lower prices

Want to become a billionaire? I am not joking; it is possible. Lower prices are the first rule of the business. And the Chinese follow it well.

Plus, you get access to many eyeglass manufacturing companies. That increases your simple approach to multiple suppliers. Ensure a fast deal. And brings up the best rates.

2) Quality Control

9 out of 10 businesses fail. Do you know the reason? They do not sell quality products. And do not get enough buyers as well.

That is the time you should make a name. And quality control is the right approach.

3) Bulk Production setup

Running out of products pauses your business. Not only do back orders increase, but customers also move to another buyer.

But bulk production can have a high stock. And make ongoing sales.

4) Custom sunglasses manufacturers

One way to win more clients is to ensure the features that they want. And it is something custom suppliers help you do.

You can get the desired quality and quantity of specs.

5) Private label sunglasses

Do you know how brands like Zara survive? They go for private labeling. It saves costs. And gives an upper hand over the rivals with premium quality glasses.

China suppliers provide this facility, too.

6) Easy talk

Maybe you think Language is a barrier. Yes, it is. But most suppliers know English. That makes the whole talk easier and better.

Plus, you get access to sourcing agents. They can solve this problem instantly.

7) Complete shipments

Shipment is a HEADACHE. Products don’t reach your home. Sometimes, you are out of the delivery area.

But that is not a problem. Chinese suppliers take your products to your location with a guarantee.

3. What should you look for in your Favorite Sunglasses manufacturers?

Are you finding eyeglasses manufacturers? The right supplier can be a tough job. But no worries at all. I have picked up some golden points. And helped you pick the right supplier in the blink of an eye.

Here are points to look for in a supplier.

1) Popularity of the sunglasses manufacturer

Popular means reliable supplier. That is like a filter to make the best choice. Therefore, take a look around. Know the most popular supplier.

And then talk to verify the quality!

2) Customer satisfaction rate

Does your supplier offer premium support? Only a reliable supplier focuses on customers. And pays heed to your issues.

Therefore, find suppliers with relatively high customer service.

3) Check the Quality Control Setup.

Do you want to ensure the best quality? Find a credible supplier. It is better to test the quality in your labs. For manual inspection, you can even visit the factory. Test the tools. And verify the product grade is the best.

4) How much profit margins do you make?

Do you want to make a higher profit? One simple strategy. Check the margins. Buy at low prices. And sell at a high.

And that is possible when your SUPPLIER offers a highly integral stock.

5) Does a sunglasses factory give certificates?

If you plan to sell in the US or UK market, one thing’s for sure— safety credentials. You can’t sell without those certificates.

Ensure your supplier provides the certificates.

6) Does your supplier allow white-label sunglasses?

White-label products are often branded items that brands sell under their label. You can get such quality glasses. And sell them under their brand name.

It will improve your brand presence.

4. Top 22 Sunglass Manufacturers from China

Chinese eyewear manufacturing companies are quite famous for their pricing and quality.

Here is the list of the 22 most popular eyewear manufacturers who provide US-MADE sunglasses of the best quality. Know them here.

1) Seasun Glasses

SeaSun is a TOP eyewear manufacturer. It has the best infrastructures with high-end tools for making sunglasses.

shenzhen seasun glasses best sunglasses manufacturer in China

Its clients are Coca-Cola, Adidas, H&M, etc. They export 70% of their business sunglasses.

Here is why you should choose this sunglass factory.

  • Quality products. They have strict quality criteria. That means product testing occurs. And you can expect no less than a robust quality.
  • Different certificates. They allow you to grab credentials. Make sales in the local market in the US and UK. Sunglasses business growth is no longer a dream now.

2) Cheng Yi Optical

Cheng Yi has been selling sunglasses items for more than 40 years. Founded in 1978, it has invested a lot in creating original sunglasses.

Cheng Yi Optical best sunglasses manufacturer in China


Their long-term partners are from the US or Europe. Here are the key benefits of this supplier.

  • Large selection of sunglasses. They do not sell one or two types of sunglasses. They have 1.5 million eyewear items on display. And it is vast for any buyer.
  • Bulk production. If you need bulk products, they help you out. Their production setup is quite impressive.

3) Shenzhen Gonbes Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Gonbes has its headquarters in Guangdong. It has a high production, shipping up to 5 million pairs of products across multiple countries.

Shenzhen Gonbes Technology Co., Ltd. best sunglasses manufacturer in China

They invest in research and development and bring out the best technical products to support consumers.

Here are some pros.

  • OEM/ODM. They allow you to launch your brand. Get their custom products. And make your name in the sunglass market.
  • Variety of sunglasses. Not only quality but also a large selection of sunglasses is their main feature. You can find whatever sunglasses you want.

4) Raymio Eyewear Co., Ltd.

Raymio Eyewear looks to be a new brand, but it is not in terms of quality. Founded in 2020, it has a large manufacturing plant. Quality equipment facility. And shipping to different countries like the US and UK.

Raymio Eyewear Co., Ltd. best sunglasses manufacturer in China


Here are some pros.

  • Wholesale pricing. Less pricing, more customers. That has urged them to start selling sunglasses at lower prices.
  • Quality items. Quality is unquestionably the best. You can never find it from other sunglasses suppliers. It is the best chance to increase the reliability index of your business.

5) FC Optics

You can consider it the best sunglasses supplier. Quality and pricing are both best at FC Optics.

They have a big sunglass factory. And export 90% of their products to foreign countries. You get what others don’t provide.

FC Optics best sunglasses manufacturer in China

Here are some pros.

  • Quality Sunglasses. They test their products before giving it to buyers. That puts them among the top sunglasses brands list.
  • Bulk production. Not one or two items. They allow you to make bulk orders and get products faster. You can make more sales.

6) Xiamen Langxue Spectacles Co., Ltd.

It is not a new supplier in the market. With 20+ years in the sunglasses market, it has some serious quality stuff. They allow you to test the products.

Xiamen Langxue Spectacles Co., Ltd. best sunglasses manufacturer in China

You can get custom services as well. Here are some pros of this supplier.

  • ODM/OEM services. Do you want to launch your own brand? Their ODM/OEM services will get you the desired item. And expand inventory to get more sales.
  • High standards. They believe more in the standardized inventory. And therefore, they have gone one step ahead. Their sunglasses procure quality.

7) Wenzhou Readsun Optical Co., Ltd.

If I had to recommend a supplier, Wenzhou Readsun would make a top place. 12000 meter square factory. Four production lines. 100 staff members. What else do you even expect to make a supplier perfect?

Wenzhou Readsun Optical Co., Ltd. best sunglasses manufacturer in China

Quality is also there. They have sold their sunglasses to famous American brands. Here are some key benefits of working with this supplier.

  • Private Label Services. You can get private-label sunglasses. Customize them. And sell under your brand label to make your brand more popular.
  • High production. 4 production lines are enough to accept bulk orders. You make ongoing sales for extended periods.

8) Wenzhou G&D Glasses Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou G&D does not compromise the quality. Founded in 1999, it has served thousands of buyers all around the globe.

Wenzhou G&D Glasses Co., Ltd. best sunglasses manufacturer in China

200 full-time employees. Four production lines. And annual 700K sunglasses production is no less than the PYRAMIDS of Gaza.

Here are some positive points about this supplier.

  • Accept bulk Orders. Want to make bulk orders? They are ready to accept bulk orders. Shorter lead times never let you go out-of-stock.
  • Quality sunglasses. There are no questions about their quality. Sunglasses have a safe and robust material. You build a trusted brand.

9) SKY & Sea Intl Sunglasses

Sky and Sea is not new to the INDUSTRY. Having a large setup, it has won many feats in the industry. Not only is the product quality reliable but also the transport system. It is truly a fortune to work with this supplier.

SKY & Sea Intl Sunglasses best sunglasses manufacturer in China

It has 200 employees and thousands of eyewear items. In a snap of a finger, you’ll be a digger exploring the best products.

Here are some key benefits of this sunglasses supplier.

  • Different certificates. Many official standards have certified them. That means you get the credentials. And get a golden entry into the global market.
  • Reliable production. The production process is quite reliable. Easy buying. And easy shipments.

10) Taizhou Youto Glasses

Another giant in the Sunglasses manufacturers is the Taizhou Youto Glasses. It has ten production lines. And produce 5 million sunglasses annually. Unbelievable fact!

Taizhou Youto Glasses best sunglasses manufacturer in China

Founded in 2010, it has served consumers all around the globe. Here are some key points about this supplier.

  • Best Quality. Taizhou manufacturers believe in quality. And focus on it. That helps you build a better market position for your sunglasses business.
  • Affordable pricing. The prices are pretty reasonable. You can get profit margins per product. And enjoy high revenue.

11) Sky & Sea Optical

It is one of the most renowned sunglasses suppliers across the world. Founded in 2007, it has been leading the market for years.

Sky & Sea Optical

They have five production lines. And follow International standards. Here are some pros of this supplier.

  • ODM/OEM services. Whether you are starting a small store or bigger, they are going to support you. You can make orders and get items quickly.
  • Complete shipment facility. They export 70% to 90% of sunglasses. That means you can get it in your country as well.

12) SUNOK Glasses

When we talk about the sunglasses world, how can you even forget the Sunok sunglasses? Sunok is a TOP sunglasses manufacturer that has achieved milestones in the sunglasses industry.

SUNOK Glasses

Here are some of its benefits.

  • Lower pricing. No hidden prices. They offer sunglasses at wholesale rates. You raise your margins by extra costs.
  • Complete shipping facility. Where do you live? It is not their concern. They ship wherever you are in the world.

13) Sunhaven Optical

Founded in 1983, Sunhaven has brought buyers to the sunglasses heaven. A high collection. Complete shipment to their locations. And above all, the quality manufacturing. All you are going to get from this supplier.

Sunhaven Optical best sunglasses manufacturer in China

Here is more you can get.

  • Affordable Pricing. The pricing is not a big matter for them. They offer you wholesale rates. And help you increase your business reputation.
  • Original sunglasses. They don’t make sunglasses made in the USA. Instead, they keep originality on top. And produce unique products.

14) Wenzhou Lenlook International Trade Co., Ltd.

Lenlook is the kingmaker of the eyewear field. It has been working for the past fifteen years. They focus on the product quality. And give their best to impress you.

Wenzhou Lenlook International Trade Co., Ltd.

Here are some benefits of working with this supplier.

  • Best American Made Sunglasses. They have American-made sunglasses. Follow US standards. And help you get easy entry into the US sunglasses market.
  • Affordable Pricing. Their Glasses factories are NEXT-LEVEL. They deploy the best technology. And get you affordable pricing. That means you’ll enjoy a MORE PROFITABLE business.

15) Yiwu CONCHEN Glasses Co., Ltd.

It is one of the top custom sunglasses manufacturers, putting your business on the top. Top quality. Best staff. All you have to do is to contact them. Get the quote. And decide on their quality items.

Yiwu CONCHEN Glasses Co., Ltd.

Curious to know more about the benefits? Read them here.

  • High-quality sunglasses. They produce sunglasses according to international standards. That means all the sunglasses will be qualitative and easy to sell.
  • Focus on customer experience. Customers are a priority for them. They focus on their preferences and provide inventory.

16) Xiamen Jiayu Optical Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Jiayu Optical has had a market presence for 15+ years. Best quality. Wide collection. And many more sunglasses products you can get.

Xiamen Jiayu Optical Co., Ltd. best sunglasses manufacturer in China

Here are some pros of this supplier.

  • OEM/ODM. Their custom products are going to support your business. You can launch your own sunglasses line.
  • Quality inspections. They allow quality inspection. That means you don’t have to worry about the quality anymore.

17) Wenzhou Sanshan Optical Co., Ltd.

Sanshan Optical has built its name in the international market. Over 30 million users are enough to GUARANTEE its best quality.

Wenzhou Sanshan Optical Co., Ltd. best sunglasses manufacturer in China

Founded in 1999, it has served thousands of consumers around the globe. There are many benefits to working with this supplier. These include:

  • International standards. This manufacturer mainly focuses on vending to suppliers in Europe or the USA. Therefore, they build more compatible eyewear products.
  • Best quality. Quality is great. The products have to go through a chain of production processes. It ensures the best quality.

18) Taizhou Cramilo Glasses Co., Ltd

Taizhou Cramilo Glasses are famous for their quality, private labeling, and bulk production. This supplier facilitates buyers. And builds a long-term relationship with them.

Taizhou Cramilo Glasses Co., Ltd best sunglasses manufacturer in China

There are many benefits to working with them.

  • Large selection of sunglasses. Not one or two varieties of sunglasses. They have a massive collection. You are going to love it and sell it.
  • Private label business. They allow private-label products. That means you’ll get a high business trust and recognition.

19) Wenzhou Kangjing Optics Co., Ltd

It is one of the best sunglasses companies. Their best thing is the R&D process. They go on introducing new rules. Help you get made-in-USA sunglasses that sell in the USA and worldwide.

Wenzhou Kangjing Optics Co., Ltd best sunglasses manufacturer in China

Want to know more about their benefits? These are:

  • One-STOP solutions. You can not only buy the made in the USA sunglasses. But also store them. And ship them to sell in the US. It increases your ease of doing business.
  • Strong supply chain. Their supply chain is quite robust. You can get the design to prototype for the USA made sunglasses.

20) Taizhou Jiaojiang Dubery E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

I want to KEEP it on the list of TOP sunglasses manufacturers USA; no doubt it belongs to China. However, complete shipping facilities do not restrict their business to China only. Buyers can quickly ship products. Get more business expansion. And enter the US market.

Taizhou Jiaojiang Dubery E-Commerce Co., Ltd. best sunglasses manufacturer in China

Here are some benefits.

  • Complete shipment facilities. No need to find a shipping service. They reduce the hassle with the best shipping services to the USA or EUROPE. (That is why I keep them in the list of sunglasses manufacturer USA.)
  • OEM/ODM services. You can get white-label sunglasses with ultimate ease. Sell them under your business label. And make your business renowned.

21) Wenzhou Faith Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Are you looking for the best Sun glass manufacturers in CHINA? Don’t forget Faith Import and Export. They have an experience of 20+ years. And know how to sell quality sunglasses.

Wenzhou Faith Import & Export Co., Ltd. best sunglasses manufacturer in China

Here are some of the critical benefits of this sunglass manufacturer.

  • Big Factory. They have a big factory area of 23000 square meters. That means you can make more bulk orders. And get them faster.
  • Quality Sunglasses. The sunglass’s quality is unquestionably the best. You can increase your business sunglasses sales quite quickly.

22) Zhejiang Boom Glasses Co., Ltd.

Boom glasses are where an eyewear company has to invest a lot. They have an efficient supply chain. And introduce new technological equipment to improve the production of sunglasses.

Zhejiang Boom Glasses Co., Ltd.  best sunglasses manufacturer in China

Here are some benefits of the suppliers.

  • International Quality Standards. Their eyewear quality is exceptional. You can grab more sales with their businesses.
  • Flexible customer service. Their customer service is always there to support you through all the problems. You have instant solutions.

5. FAQs

1) How much do you make when selling sunglasses?

It all depends on your business. If your sales are 100K USD per month, you can make up to 20-30K USD per month. The margins for Made in America Sunglasses can be up to 50-100%. Keep that in mind when starting the business!

2) Who is the largest manufacturer of sunglass products?

Italy is the largest sunglasses manufacturer, exporting 3.3 billion USD in sunglasses. China comes in second place with 2.1 billion USD in sunglasses exports. The USA, France, Japan, and the Netherlands are other popular manufacturing countries.

3) Which brand is Famous among Sunglass manufacturers?

Ray-Ban always comes on the top when it comes to sunglasses. It was founded in 1936 as sunglass manufacturers USA. But now, it is not only in the TOP AMERICAN sunglasses brands but also in the whole world.

4) Which Quality of sunglasses is best?

UV rays blocking sunglasses are considered to be the best quality sunglasses. They have high strength and keep eyes safe with 100% protection from UV light.

5) How should I grab Quality sunglasses from sunglass vendors?

Deploy quality control in the production process of lowercase glasses. It will give you an idea of QUALITY manufacturing. And help you grab better-quality Polarized sunglasses made in USA.


Have you got the proper American-made sunglasses manufacturer? If yes, that would be the best. Otherwise, you should list some top-quality sunglasses made in America. Ask your supplier to provide that—test quality. And build long-term relationships.

That is the secret to lower prices when you have a strong and permanent connection with your sunglasses suppliers.

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