Best China Wholesale Websites to Buy From

By HX Wenli
September 10, 2022

Chapter 1: China Wholesale Website Basics

What is a China Wholesale Website?

As the industry and market in China increase, it opens doors to more and more buyers all over the world. Businesses and companies put up online transactions because of how high these demands are. It leads to the yield of china wholesale websites today. 
A china wholesale website is a platform wherein hundreds and thousands of suppliers offer their products and services. It is an all-in-one solution for buyers to do business in China without going in themselves. In these platforms, one can contact and negotiate with suppliers, make payments, and source multiple products.


What is the role of these China Wholesale Websites?

The role of the wholesale china websites is to connect the buyers all over the world to suppliers in China. These platforms serve as a bridge so a customer can visit the site and places an order with the supplier. In short, the customer can buy the products after browsing through the suppliers’ offers and information. Then, the supplier can package and dispatch the item to the client.
An example to understand more about these wholesale china websites’ role is Alibaba. Alibaba is an open website where customers and suppliers can enter. The buyer has the means to browse through the number of suppliers on the platform. They can also pay through these platforms, negotiate, and do other transactions. Similarly, suppliers can list their products, qualities, and services. 

Why are these websites important?

These websites play a huge part in the success of your China transaction. First and foremost, there are numerous best china wholesale websites where you can get the highest rate of products. You won’t need to visit China to get the best deals; you can do business with one click. Second, you have the means to earn a profit connection to the suppliers that can offer you a low MOQ and low prices. 

Chapter 2: The Pros And Cons of China Wholesale Websites

It is the best website to buy wholesale from China for many reasons. However, at times, it might also bring disadvantages, such as what we listed below:


Pros Of China Wholesale Websites

Safe China wholesale websites

Most Chinese websites online are safe and secure to use. It has a strict algorithm and process to eliminate any scammers and buyers. 

Offers lower prices of products

China is known for having products at meager prices. You can also expect that when you browse any china online wholesale websites, they have various products, set MOQ, and affordable prices. 

Eliminate the need to visit China

Among the best uses of wholesale china websites offer is buying items without going to China. It means you can purchase and transact with suppliers and the products you want with a single click on your computer. 

Provide a high-profit margin

Because you can get a high MOQ and a meager price of products from a supplier, you can have the chance to price what you’ll sell better. This way will lead you to get more profits and attract more customers.

Suppliers are keen to do business

Chinese suppliers are very open to doing business with buyers worldwide. It means they have more chances to earn more profit, market their products, and be top providers in the industry. 

Cons Of China Wholesale Websites

Delayed delivery

There is always a possibility that your cargo will get delayed. Since both of you and your suppliers are in an end-to-end, the shipment will pass through different routes and techniques. 

High shipping cost

Shipping overseas may cost higher due to duty and customs fees. Also, the bigger and nore weight your cargo, the higher your shipping cost will be.

China trademark and infringement issues

One of the drawbacks you need to prepare is protecting your products. One of the common issues of buyers is that suppliers and factories might duplicate their products, or you might buy copied products from other brands. This issue might become a hassle for your brand in the future. 

Scammers suppliers

There are numerous suppliers on even the best china wholesale website. There is a chance that you might meet one, so 

Poor quality products

One of the most significant drawbacks of buying from a Chinese website is that you might get poor-quality products. Even though you opted for sample products, you might never know if the production and material will be the same.

Chapter 3: The List Of The Best Website To Buy Wholesale From China

There are multiple wholesale websites in China where you can choose when to buy products. With so many options, you might find it tricky to decide which is indeed the best one. In this list, we have checked the best website to buy wholesale from China, which is as follows:


Among the best Wholesale Websites in China on this list is no other Alibaba. Alibaba is the first to create the concept of b2b markets. So, it’s no surprise one of the biggest b2b e-commerce websites today. 
Alibaba offers a broad range of help, starting with suppliers. You can meet suppliers that have been in a specific industry for many years. Or perhaps, suppliers that are still new and are venturing their services.
Most suppliers in Alibaba also have a set MOQ, although it’s not fixed because it will vary by supplier. If you want to adjust the MOQ, product details, shipping, or discuss something with your supplier, you can use the supplier’s details or the website. Alibaba has its messenger called Trade Assurance.



Among the best china wholesale website that you can buy products from is AliExpress. This platform is a subsidiary of Alibaba, so when it comes to their benefits, they are similar. One of the benefits is that they focus on global markets. It means that you can find and buy from Chinese and overseas brands.
Furthermore, this platform is for you if you are looking for the best china wholesale clothing websites. AliExpress has different product sorts, leading among them is women’s clothing. For sure, you can find products that are not on Alibaba. 



DHgate is a china website wholesale located in Beijing, China. This website is best for first-time buyers and importers because they are quick and simple. They also have multiple suppliers from the top, mid-sized, and even new ones. 
However, most suppliers that are on this platform are small-scale. It means that you can likely get products at a low MOQ. You can also talk to the suppliers on this platform since it has a chat option where most suppliers are active. 


Made In China

Among this list, you can buy products from made in China best website wholesale. It is the best platform for buyers, mainly global ones because they can find a legit Chinese supplier. This site also provides unique qualities starting with MOQs.
Most MOQs you can see on this china website range from hundreds to thousands. This website is your best option if you plan to buy with a high MOQ. Suppose you want to discuss more with your supplier. You can use the chatting feature provided. 


Global Sources

Global Sources is a china wholesale website that serves as your one-stop solution for your products. This website provides various benefits, such as connecting buyers to multiple wholesale suppliers. If you are hesitant that you may encounter a scammer supplier, this website has put a Verified Manufacturer so that you know which ones have been checked by global sources.
Moreover, global sources offer more benefits, such as:

  • Quality assurance
  • Verified Company Certificates
  • Verified Product Certificates

Another best website to buy wholesale from china is 1688. This website has many suppliers offering the highest grade and goods. For this reason, this is your best option if you have strict criteria or will order in high MOQ. 
The only downside is that most suppliers are legit Chinese. You might need a translator since these suppliers don’t have a good grasp of English compared to other suppliers on other websites.  


If you are looking for a legit and reputable website to buy in China, your best option is HKTDC. It is the type of website that has been working for many years now—at most, 50. This platform also offers sorts of services, such as expos and seminars. 



Yiwugois a china wholesale website with numerous products you can buy in Yiwu. This website has at most 3 million items, so this is the best if you are doing your research. Most suppliers that sign up on this platform are part of the Yiwu International Trade Market, which means they have a factory. 
There are numerous benefits this website provides, such as the following:

  • You can see the MOQs directly on the page. 
  • There are buttons for communicating with suppliers.
  • You can negotiate the payment methods. 

Trade Key

Trade Key is one of the ideal wholesale websites China if you want to buy products from multiple suppliers. You can find suppliers with Trust Points, indicating more reliability and legit. You can also view the supplier’s details along with the points like the type of business, the year they joined the platform and even the feedback. And because of the prominent supplier base and how secure this platform is, it is perfect for beginners. 



ChinaBrands is a well-known Chinese online wholesale website with a broad range of goods. They have a section of best-selling items and highlight the trending things on other e-commerce websites like Amazon and AliExpress. If you need help, you can contact their teams to help you identify the best ones to sell.


LightInTheBox is one of the best wholesale clothing websites China. They sell everything from women’s fashion to trendy pieces and even a wide range of items. However, they also sell various products in home decor, accessories, car parts, etc.


Lovely Wholesale

Lovely wholesale is a china website wholesale clothes that deal with fashion and clothing items. There is a vast reason why you are buying on this website is one of the best decisions:

  • They have an excellent return & refund.
  • They ship their items via China Post, which is safe and reliable.
  • They take payment via PayPal or Western Union.

Global Market

If you are looking for the best china wholesale website that links the factory to customers, this is the one. Global Market is an M2B type that has verified suppliers through GMC. This GMC is a method wherein the supplier has verified through 8 qualities. 


Chinavasion is also the best website to buy wholesale from China. They offer a wide range of high-grade items at a range of pricing. This website is also notable for its variations of electronics and gadgets.


DIYTrade is a china wholesale website providing the highest quality items and legit Chinese suppliers. You can find numerous suppliers on this website that ranges from large to small. For these reasons, they set a MOQ to offer you the best price.

TB Dress

Another china website wholesale clothes on this list are TB Dress. This website has everything you can find related to fashion and textiles. They also have plus-size clothes, trendy items, and the latest fashion piece. 


DX is also your best option if you want to buy in China with low MOQ or drop shipping. You can find numerous products on this site, but they mainly focus on the following:

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Outdoor and sports equipment


Banggood is among the best website to buy wholesale from china because of its wide range of Chinese goods at low costs. They focus more on selling electronics; however, they expanded in the industry below:

  • Clothing and apparel
  • Home and garden
  • Mobile phones and accessories
  • Sports and outdoor activities


CJDropshipping is a china wholesale online website meant for dropshipping. On this website, you can find suppliers that offer high-quality products and services at a low price. You can connect the products from this website directly to your website. 


Another best website to buy wholesale from China is Gearbest, which offers high-quality goods and services. This website also contains hundreds of suppliers that are legit and trustworthy. If you are looking for a diverse product range, Gearbest focuses on the following:

  • Appliances
  • Health and personal care
  • Home upgrades
  • Motor and car electronics

Chapter 4: Types Of China Wholesale Websites Suppliers

When buying from Wholesale Websites China, you can meet many suppliers. Based on the types listed by Ash Monga, there are three common ones. However, we added two types that you can also likely encounter. 


Chinese Manufacturers

A manufacturer is the most common supplier you can meet on any wholesale website china. This type of supplier is the one that can offer you the best deals because they are the ones creating the products. In short, they are the factory themselves. 
When you work with them in creating your products, you can expect them to have high expertise. You can preset your criteria and make changes. They can also give you a much lower price because they calculate the prices without any third-party cost.
However, there are two downsides of choosing a manufacturer among others in wholesale website china. The first one would be MOQ. Since factories create a high volume of orders all at once, they will also set a high MOQ. The second one is that most website manufacturers may be trading companies.  

Trading Companies

Another common type of supplier that you can find on wholesale china websites is trading companies. This type of supplier serves as the middleman, meaning they buy from the factories and then sell the items to their clients. It is the reason why their prices are higher than the factory.

Sourcing Companies And Agencies

Instead of selling any product, sourcing companies and agencies provide sourcing services to their clients. It means they will source your desired products or connect you with the supplier in the industry you want. 
Like JustChinait, we are a sourcing company and agency with numerous services for our clients. We have a relationship with multiple suppliers that are reliable and trustworthy. At the same time, we guarantee that 


There are many china website wholesalers that open doors to smaller suppliers. For this reason, you can find low MOQ and limited numbers of products. You can also find drop shippers on these websites who offer small MOQs and deliver things straight to customers. 
This type of supplier provides two disadvantages; the first is that you will never see your products, and the quality may be low. Suppose you have strict requirements. Working with drop shippers may not be a good option. 


Most wholesalers provide products they bought from the factory or their overstocks. Wholesalers offer a low-cost product and then sell it in bulk. For instance, on a “China Website Wholesale Clothes Overstock Market,” you can get a piece of clothes for a dollar or less. 

Chapter 5: The Things To Expect When Buying from a China Wholesale Website

Buying in China online wholesale websites or buying in China, in general, is the best decision. You can get the highest grade of goods at a low price. However, despite its excellent benefits, you might also face various hurdles. 
If you are buying from any china wholesale online website, the following are some of the things you can expect:

Language and culture barrier

One of the common barriers when you buy from wholesale websites, is language and business culture. Many Chinese suppliers are not fluent in speaking using the English language. In the same manner, how you, as buyers, may find it hard to understand Mandarin.
In addition, Chinese suppliers have a different way of doing business compared to the west. As stated by Mileston Localization, the US has a more rigid take on business and working. Compared to the more laid-back take of business and suppliers in China. 

Long lead times

Another expectation when buying from a “Wholesale Website China” is their long lead times. Most suppliers and factories will not begin creating a large order unless they receive a final order and a deposit. Depending on which type of products you will order, you need to wait for one month or more. 
When you also place an order on a China website wholesale store, the shipping will take 1 to 3 months. For this reason, you have to calculate the time and anticipate your needs. 

The set minimum order quantity (MOQ)

Most factories and suppliers have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) set. As per the definition of MOQ, it is a requirement that buyers must meet when buying products from any wholesale china website. Suppliers have different MOQs based on materials, labor costs, and production. However, most of the time, they will offer a higher MOQ because it can cut a high cost, leading to your higher profit.

Payment terms

There are different options when sending any payments to a supplier. The most preferred one is through wire transfer. Most wholesale website china suppliers also require you to deposit at least 30% of the initial cost. Then you can pay the remaining balance once the products are ready. 
We understand that you may worry about getting scammed. However, most safe china wholesale websites like Alibaba offer trade assurance. These can protect you when you do transactions with suppliers on their websites.

Quality control

Quality is often an issue for most buyers buying from any china online wholesale websites. Since you don’t have the means to go to China to inspect first-hand how the production is going, you will only rely upon your supplier. The best form to do this is to specify your criteria or hire a sourcing agent to check for you. 

Chapter 6: Ways To Deal With China Website Wholesale Suppliers

It is the best website to buy wholesale from China, especially if it’s your first time. However, looking for products is not the only process that you will face, but also suppliers. You might find it tricky to deal with suppliers; it will be worth it. The following crucial points you can note to gain leverage in choosing a supplier. 


Check the suppliers’ credentials

When you want to contact suppliers on any china wholesale market website, ask for their documents and proof. It will ensure that whom you are dealing with is legit and trustworthy. These papers can also help you narrow down the best suppliers. 

Compare the suppliers

One thing you need to remember when you look for suppliers on wholesale websites china is to compare. There are hundreds of thousands of suppliers that you can see. So, one might be better or even best than the others. 
It’s best to take your time researching several suppliers who supply the goods you’re looking for. This way can assist you in getting the best deal, working with a legit supplier, and getting the highest quality of products. 

Go for clean communication

When selecting suppliers on wholesale website china, you should choose clean communication. Most suppliers can speak and understand English, so using profound words may result in misunderstanding. It would help if you shared your criteria and expectations to eliminate delays. 

Take into account the product price and quality

We understand that one of your expectations when buying from cheap china wholesale websites is low price. Indeed, you can get anything in China at a lower deal. The only problem is that it may come with a slew of issues. 
For example, you bought an item on a china wholesale phone parts website. When you received your order, the phone parts were made of poor-grade materials and were not sturdy. For this reason, you pay for a much higher cost rather than saving less. 

Do negotiate

One of the benefits of buying on the best china wholesale website is you can negotiate with your chosen supplier. You will be in awe of how these suppliers are open to talking, especially if you buy a large MOQ. If you negotiate with suppliers, you can get better deals at a lower price. 

Chapter 7: Mistakes To Avoid When Buying From A China Wholesale Online Website

There are numerous mistakes a buyer can make when buying from “Wholesale Websites China.” The root of these mistakes is the daunting task of not knowing how to do business in China. It’s also tricky that buyers cannot see the product, supplier, and factory themselves. 
However, even if it appears that buying from—even the best china wholesale website is tricky. Remembering and avoiding the following mistakes we have listed will result in a smooth process. 


Not checking the product details

One of the crucial mistakes that buyers must avoid when buying from a Wholesale Website China is not checking the product details. This part of the suppliers’ page on the website can highlight how expert they are on the product. If the supplier has a full grasp of what they’re giving, the description will be full of details. 
Imagine you bought clothes from the china website wholesale clothes supplier. You bought it, even though the description is unclear, then you sell it to your customers. And when the customer complained that the color changed after washing, you couldn’t explain because you also don’t have an in-depth idea of what you’re selling. 
This scene can cause potential loss of customers and profits. You can also get bad reviews that may affect your brand’s performance. 

Choosing the suppliers with the cheapest quote

You might have an idea that China is the home of the most affordable products in the world. It is; however, it might also bring multiple drawbacks. The cheapest china wholesale websites might have suppliers that offer the lowest price. The only problem is that the quality is poor and comes in various issues. 

Not getting sample products

Sample products are standard when you buy from wholesale china websites. The reason for this one is that buyers can check the product before placing a large order. You can also inquire about their sample pricing to know the possible amount you might pay. 
You must note that suppliers from any Wholesale Website China should be willing to offer you a sample. It is a red flag if they can’t provide you with this one since it indicates that they might be a fraud or sell poor-quality products.

Agreeing to the wrong shipping terms

Shipping terms state where buyers or sellers will be responsible for the shipping. This process is essential, so accepting the wrong shipment terms can cause disarray. There are numerous shipping terms that you can choose from, and based on the list of Marrel Law Firm; there are 11:

  • Ex Works (EXW)
  • Free Carrier (FCA)
  • Free Alongside Ship (FAS)
  • Free on Board (FOB)
  • Cost and Freight (CFR)
  • Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF)
  • Carriage Paid To (CPT)
  • Carriage and Insurance Paid (CIP)
  • Delivered at Terminal (DAT)
  • Delivered At Place (DAP)
  • Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)

Overlooking communication

The last but not the least of the things you must avoid when buying on “Wholesale Websites China” is communication. You must tell your chosen supplier your criteria, what you need, and the products you are looking for. Through this process, you can lessen miscommunication and risk. 

Chapter 8: FAQs About Buying On The Best China Wholesale Website

How to find the best website to buy wholesale from China?

There are numerous ways to find the best website to buy wholesale from China. You may start browsing through the different kinds of websites, such as:

  • China website wholesale clothes 
  • China fashion wholesale website 
  • China mobile wholesale website 
  • China trade wholesale website 
  • China wholesale jewelry website 
  • China wholesale website free shipping

How to buy from the best wholesale china website?

Among the best website to buy wholesale from China will depend on you, your products, and your preference. However, they provide a similar pattern so you can buy quickly and easily, such as:

  • Find a good product to buy.
  • Choose a legit supplier.
  • Request sample products.
  • Place your order and talk about payment terms.
  • Arrange to ship.

What are the best products to purchase in bulk from China?

China has everything you can find. They provide a wide range of products in various categories. You may do so if you want to order from the best wholesale china website with complex products. However, based on WorldAtlas, there are the best products to import and export from China. This product will allow you to make high profits and high market growth. 


  • Computers
  • Broadcasting Equipment
  • Telephones
  • Integrated Circuits
  • Office Machine Parts


  • Crude Petroleum
  • Integrated Circuits
  • Iron Ore
  • Gold
  • Cars

How do these wholesale china websites help in business?

These wholesale china websites are a big help to businesses for various reasons. First, these websites provide numerous options for suppliers and products. It eliminates the need to go through high waters to find the best ones because they are already in one place. It also provides a wide range of MOQ options. Lastly, they give better deals. 

Is a license needed to import from China?

Licenses are not needed when you buy from china wholesale legit websites. However, some products that are harmful and toxic might need a license. 

Chapter 9: Conclusion

Buying in china wholesale legit websites is one of the best decisions you can make. Today, hundreds and thousands of suppliers have taken steps to market what they sell online. And In the same way how buyers all over the world choose to buy wholesale from China. 
Because of the demand and need of the sellers and buyers, their bridge is the china wholesale website listed above. These pages offer safety and convenience, as well as eliminate the challenges of risks. 
JustChinait has produced various guides on using these sites and their advantages. We also provide services to help you get the data, suppliers, and products you need on these websites. If you want more information, you can contact us here

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