Best Baby Stroller in China

By HX Wenli
July 19, 2022

This guide will show you the best baby stroller in China.
Ways to find manufacturers and suppliers
Brands and suppliers
Best B2C platform for baby stroller
Lots more
So if you want to know everything about the baby stroller, this guide is for you.
Let’s get started.

Chapter #1 Stroller for baby in China Basic

People like to go out, walk around the park, and play with their families during spring and summer. For parents with babies and toddlers, they can’t go out without bringing this one thing: a toddler and baby stroller. It is a necessity that brings comfort to mothers and babies. 
There are different strollers in China, from their basic form to elevated features. For instance, a baby stroller with car seats, a baby stroller set, a set baby stroller, and even a baby doll stroller. 

What is the market size of baby strollers in China?

In 2018, the global market for baby strollers was worth $2.0 billion. However, in 2020, this market is expected to reach 21.3 billion yuan 2020. Based on the data provided by Grand View Research, the baby stroller will triple the market size by 2025. 

baby strollers in China

This rate has become a huge part of the popularity of these baby strollers among Chinese and parents worldwide. More and more parents now invest in a better stroller, which explains why standard strollers have become more popular. There are many strollers, from a 38.3% standard strollers rate to 46.4% light strollers. 

What types of toddler and baby stroller is profitable?

A baby stroller is essential for children’s growth, safety, and comfort. When having a baby, this product has become one of the primary things to shop and have. For this reason, their market size increased, and there is now a high demand for the best baby strollers. 
Based on thisTechnavio, we should expect that the stroller for baby and toddler market will rise by $1.10 billion between 2021 and 2025, at a CAGR of 5.58 percent. Because of this rate, many stroller baby vendors have the chance to take advantage of the market’s expansion. 
Although the market is divided, this effect will be more substantial in the forthcoming years. As per the data summary of CISION, the global baby stroller and pram market 2021-2025 is:

baby stroller

Importers have a favorite stroller for baby products to import and will have the most valuable growth in the future. You will not worry about having sales or marketing them as there will always be people looking for them. These products are:

Baby comfort stroller

Classic baby strollers
Baby buggies
Baby trend double stroller
High landscape baby strollers
Baby Jogger stroller 
Baby trend stroller 
Baby comfort pram
Baby joy stroller
1-to-2 baby stroller
1-to-3 baby stroller
Baby 3-wheeler stroller
Baby car seat stroller combo
Lightweight baby strollers
Baby stroller accessories
Baby tandem stroller
Double baby stroller

Chapter #2 Ways to find manufacturers and suppliers of baby strollers in China

Look for in the production base stroller for baby

Every product in China has its specific region or point of origin. In the same way, if you are to source a stroller for baby and toddler products, the best method to do is to look at their primary location. Whether you find a supplier online like Alibaba or when going to trade shows, these specific locations are crucial.

The leading baby stroller production bases based on China Toy Expo are:

  • Hebei
  • Anhui 
  • Hubei 
  • Zhejiang 
  • Jiangsu 
base stroller for baby

If toddler and baby strollers are among the niche products you will sell, this is the perfect place to shop. You can find a broad range of baby stroller companies, sellers, and factories. You can also find the best baby stroller-related items here. 

Search for manufacturers and suppliers online

One of the most convenient methods to find manufacturers, suppliers, and even baby stroller products is to look online. If you cannot visit China, you can search through google and China websites like Alibaba. To arrive at the most accurate search results, you can type in these specific keywords: Baby strollers manufacturer or Baby strollers manufacturer in China.
If you are looking for a distinct type of baby stroller, then some of the keywords you can type on these websites are:

  • Baby girl stroller
  • Baby boy stroller
  • Baby trend sit and stand double stroller
  • Baby trend jogger stroller
  • Baby stroller toy
  • Best baby car seat and stroller
  • Baby Jogger double stroller
  • Baby Jogger stroller

The best China websites you should look into for baby strollers are the big platforms like Alibaba, Made-in-China, or Global Sources. Even though the prices of toddler and baby strollers on other small websites are low, it will not be the same case with shipping prices. 
Since baby strollers are large and heavy, the shipping fee is high. These small websites also use air freight or air express as the shipping method, leading to higher shipping than the product. 
To avoid this, choose the most appropriate websites and the most cost-effective shipping method, sea freight.


China sourcing company

Another best, safest, and most advised method for baby strollers is hiring with China sourcing companies. Sourcing companies are experts in finding the top suppliers and factories in China. In the same way, they will source top products like:

  • Baby doll stroller
  • Baby stroller with car seat
  • Baby trend jogger stroller
  • Baby trend double stroller
  • Baby Jogger double stroller

Chapter #3 Baby stroller brands and suppliers in China

Baby stroller brands

For many years, China has been stepping up its game of innovation and refinement. It is crucial for the baby stroller sector to boom and introduces new experiences. Because of this, they drove international businesses and entrepreneurs to source from them. 
If you are interested in the brands and which manufacturer to go for, here are the top 15:


Wonderland started in 1991 in Dongguan. It is among the top companies that have high-quality baby products. They are known for how careful and well-thought their process, beginning with the improvement, creation, and how they market all their baby products. Their company focuses on delivering world-class ODM and OEM services to well-known brands. 
The main products they are experts on are:

  • Car seats
  • Baby car stroller
  • Swings
  • Baby strollers
  • Playpens
  • High chairs

Quanzhou Dingma Baby Products Trade Co., Ltd.

Quanzhou Dingma Baby Products is a leading and professional OEM manufacturer of baby products. They excel in three areas: design, production, and sales. They guarantee that all the products are made of high grade and are safe. 
Some of the products they offer to their customers are:

  • Stroller for baby and toddler
  • Children’s playpen
  • Baby bouncer and rocker
  • Product for baby safety
  • Baby stroller with car seat 

Good Baby

Good baby is part of the group GB good boy and Happy Dino, which has a pervasive brand and reputation, and their market share has been at the top. The company was built in 1989 and focuses on R&D, production, shipping, and strollers for baby and toddler wholesale. Here are the main products are they offer:

  • Baby crib
  • Baby car seat stroller
  • Clothing products
  • Ultra-small folding baby stroller
  • Baby stroller sets
  • Hubei Tongba Childrens Appliances Co., Ltd.

In May of 1995, Hubei Tongba Childrens Appliances Co., Ltd. was founded their company. They are also among the major supplier of children’s appliances as they focus on creation, research, and sales. 
They can supply a large market since they have a company of over 80,000 square meters, a building space of over 46,000 square meters, and a green space of over 30,000 square meters. Their annual capacity for baby strollers is 1.5 million units and continues to grow. 
The main products they make are:

  • Baby stroller
  • Baby bed
  • Baby pram
  • Baby cradle
  • Baby walker
  • Umbrella baby stroller
  • 3-wheel baby jogger
  • Double baby stroller for twins
  • Pet stroller
  • Toy baby stroller
  • Baby bed and playpen
  • Baby feeding chair
  • Baby cradle and bounce
  • Baby stroller accessories

Sunny Love

Sunny love, founded in 2003, is located in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China. They are a top company focusing on product R&D, production, sales, and brand management for infant and child safety travel. They also teamed up with many brands, including Joovy, Britax, Inglesina, Chicco, and Thule.
Here are some of the leading products they make:

  • Baby strollers
  • Child car seats
  • Baby doll stroller
  • Baby car seat stroller
  • Other stroller baby trendy products
Sunny Love

River Baby

Riverbaby, founded in 2014, is one of the companies rising and developing their products, such as:

  •  Baby strollers
  • High chairs
  • Baby bouncer
  • Baby stroller with car seat 
  • Baby jogging stroller

Cixi Newborn Baby Products Co., Ltd

Cixi Newborn Baby Products Co., Ltd, located in Cixi City, Ningbo, is a company that has safe, beautiful, and top-quality products. They are experts in making baby products, exporting them to countries like Australia and the Middle East. 
Their “specialty” for a stroller for baby and toddler products are:

  • Baby walker
  • Baby stroller
  • Electronic cars
  • Baby car seat stroller
  • Bouncers
  • High chairs
  • Potty
  • Bathtubs
Cixi Newborn Baby Products Co., Ltd

Zhongshan Youyoubei Daily Products Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Youyoubei Daily Products Co., Ltd. is one of the leading factories of baby strollers. They are R&D experts, have more than 5,000 square meters of factory, and have more than 100 employees. Many importers chose them; since 2014, they have been exported to over ten countries like Brazil, Russia, and Korea.

  • Baby Stroller
  • Baby Pram
  • Infant Car Seat
  • Baby Diaper Bag
  • Mum Baby Bag
  • Baby trend stroller
  • Baby Jogger stroller
  • Leather Luxury Stroller C101
  • Baby Stroller C101
  • High-End Baby Stroller BJ01
  • High Landscape Two-way Baby Stroller B06
  • Baby Pram B09
  • Diaper Bag or nappy Bag
  • One-way High Landscape Stroller BJ-88

Road Mate

Roadmate, based in Zhongshan, started its operation in 1988. They are one of the companies with modern production equipment, workers over 3,000, and have continued to break their output capacity. 
They specialize in the following products:

  • Baby strollers
  • Baby carriages
  • Baby cribs
  • Rocking chairs
  • Hanging baskets
  • Toy baby stroller
  • Baby clothes
  • Other diverse baby products


Lerado, since 1988, has evolved to become a top firm that has specialized in the design, production, and sale of a broad scope of baby strollers and baby products. They have many products and niches you can explore, such as:

  • Baby strollers
  • Cribs and fences
  • Soft products
  • High chairs
  • Rocking chairs
  • Baby stroller with car seat
  • Electric bicycles
  • Ancillary products


Zhongshan Baobaohao Children’s Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 with HK $17.8 million. This company is a professional manufacturer of baby strollers and baby products. It is the most suitable company for importers looking for a unique, creative, and innovative production level. 
Here are the main baby products there produce:

  • Children’s Stroller
  • Baby Walker
  • Stroller for baby and toddler 
  • Children’s Tricycle
  • Children’s Scooter
  • Children’s Fitness Car
  • Children’s Dining Chair
  • Baby stroller accessories 
  • Baby car seat stroller

For baby

For baby is a top manufacturer that started its operations in 2002. Their products are diverse, and they export them to countries like the United States, the Middle East, Europe, and other countries in Asia. Some of the variety of products they have are:

  • Toddler and baby strollers
  • Baby walkers
  • Dining chairs
  • Baby cribs
  • Baby stroller accessories

Xiamen Homppy Trading Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Homppy Trading Co., Ltd., located in Xiamen, China, has been operating since 2016. They are a top baby product firm that exports its products to South America, Europe, and the United States. It is the perfect company if you have high product quality requirements, on-time delivery, and good value. 
Some of the products they have are:

  • Baby Stroller
  • Baby Playpen
  • Baby trend double stroller 
  • Baby trend stroller 
  • 2-recline Backrest Stroller
  • 5-recline Backrest Stroller
  • Baby Jogger stroller 
  • Baby Jogger double stroller 
  • Baby Carrier

Zhongshan Old Captain Daily Products Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Old Captain Daily Products Co., Ltd. has ranked first among all the suppliers and manufacturers in China. They offer high-quality products and have top-notch customer service. Its main strength is providing OEM service for any customers in the world. 
Their products are safe since they all meet EN1888 standards in all of their products. As a result, their product is super popular in places like the Middle East, Europe, and North America. 
Their main products include:

  • Baby strollers
  • Baby buggies
  • Baby chairs
  • Baby item covers
  • Baby stroller accessories
  • Baby trend stroller 
  • Baby Jogger stroller
  • Baby girl stroller 
  • Baby boy stroller
Zhongshan Old Captain Daily Products


SEE BABY, also known as Dongguan Chuanghua Industrial Co., Ltd., is a notable brand that produces baby strollers and products. Since its inception, they have prioritized innovation, high grades of products, and superb service. They have a top industry with sets of designs and production. 

Chapter #4 Best baby stroller in China

Best baby stroller in China

Baby doll stroller from China

Baby doll strollers are the top products that importers love to import. A baby stroller for dolls has many varieties. You can search baby doll stroller set to baby stroller toy, and many lists will appear. 
Some of the products under this category on Alibaba are a baby doll pram stroller from Wenzhou and a plastic chair stroller 5 in 1 baby toy dollhouse playset from Shantou. 

Super lightweight double baby stroller

This super lightweight double baby stroller is another product from Anhui. It comes in four colors such as black, green, blue, and pink. As its name implies, they are lightweight, foldable, made with aluminum materials, and can carry babies of 0-3 years old. 

Baby trend double stroller

Among the best baby trend double stroller products is the baby trend sit and stand double stroller. It is among the best strollers, especially for parents with multiple children of varying ages. Its features include five-point protective gear, two full-sized seats, and a gearing covering perfect for safety. 
It also holds a 3-point safety harness and a standing platform that helps the baby to sit in the jump seat. The stroller is also foot-activated and has a one-hand fold, a big help for storage and transport while standing. They are effortless to maintain and clean too because of their material. 

Huizhou baby stroller car seat

This product is among the best baby stroller and car seats in China. It has a compact design and is available in three colors: black, white, and brown. They have many features that make it attractive to importers, such as, it has a two-way foldable seat, aluminum alloy frame material, and Leather /PU material. This product is perfect for 0-36 months babies but can go up to 0-3 years old.

Baby Fond 3-in-1 baby stroller

This baby fond is another brand that produces various kinds of baby strollers. They are among the highly rated store on Aliexpress, with positive feedback of 94.3 percent. 
Among their products is this 3-in-1 baby stroller available in three colors, brown, white, and baby pink. The design of this baby stroller is most sought-after because you can easily carry them. It also includes many features, such as a baby cradle and car seats. 
This stroller also includes a variety of accessories like a baby stroller car seat, a portable sleeping cradle, and a mosquito net. It also has a strong stroller frame and 360-degree wheels. 

Multifunction baby stroller

The multifunction baby stroller is a favorite stroller design of many. It has all the features and functions a parent and baby need. Some of the multifunctional have a carrying basket that serves as storage. 
A multifunction baby stroller usually weighs about 6.8 kg, which is light, despite having additional accessories. This baby stroller is perfect for keeping an eye on your baby because of the basket’s direction. However, the problem is that your baby can only sit or sleep in one position since it’s not adjustable.

Light Weight 5 in 1 Baby Stroller

This lightweight baby stroller has multifunctional functions, such as the following:

  • Have a smooth and safe ride in the stroller.
  • Pedal down as slider tricycle mode.
  • It has a rear-wheel folded way.
  • Fold rear wheel and PYT pedal like a bike mode.
  • It has a position push handle and parent pushing mode.

Hot mom baby stroller

A hot mom baby stroller is another top toddler and baby stroller product. As you search these products on Alibaba, you can get the total result from many companies, including the “Travel system baby hot mom pram baby 2 in 1bugaboo stroller manufacturer” from Anhui. Or this “Wholesale high-quality hot mom foldable pram Dearest Diamond luxury 3 in 1 Baby Stroller” from Youya(Guangzhou). 

Baby stroller set 4-in-1

4-in Baby strollers are a popular type of baby stroller in the market. For instance, this “New Design 4-In-1 Foldable Baby Stroller With Flash Light And Music, Suspension and 5-Point Safety Belt” is a top product many bought. It has a foldable design that allows babies to move freely and comfortably. 
It has a variety of inclusions, such as soft seat padding, a backrest, and 5 point safety harness armrest. Its push bar and backrest are adjustable to meet the babies’ comfort. It also has powerful shock absorbers and a compact volume to adapt to the new inclusions. 

Mstar custom jogging baby stroller

This baby jogger stroller is weightless and compact. It is available in three types: double jogging strollers, twin jogging strollers, and single jogging strollers. 

Sun Angel Store baby stroller 3-in-1

This product comes with many features. It comes in eight colors and has a complementing color combination to the baby car seat stroller and basket. It also has large and smaller wheels on the front for an elevated and comfy feel. 
This baby stroller’s wheel is safe due to its shock-absorbing and spring-loaded components. This product has many inclusions like a mosquito net, sleeping mat, and cup holder when you order this product. 

Henan Baby Stroller With Baby Carry Basket

This baby stroller from Henan is made of high-quality material, starting with its aluminum metal frame and linen. It also has rubber wheels, a load-bearing of 15kg, and a net weight of 12kg. These strollers give an advantage to parents because of their height-adjustable. 

Baby Feeding Metal Chair 3 In 1 Kid High Chair With Wheels

This product is a baby high chair with wheels made of PU. It is available in many colors and designs, including blu, pink, brown, and printed arts. Parents can use this product to feed their babies and when they’re playing. 

Newborn baby stroller 

This newborn baby stroller has a creative, sleek, and trendy design. It’s also lightweight and simple to fold; it will give you proximity, security, and comfort throughout use. It is the perfect baby stroller for newborns up to six months old. 

Chengdu stroller fan for baby

This fan is a great baby stroller accessory on hand when outside. It has 2-3 hours of charging time and can last up to 2-8 hours. It has three power sources: battery, USB, and electric, as well as numerous features.

Twins baby stroller

This product is among the perfect products designed for twins. It has many features, such as its colors purple, pink, and blue. They also have a broad base and larger wheels in the back but are still narrow to make it easy to glide even in outside places. 
Another feature it has is the basket with its adjustable shade. These strollers also have a footrest, making them suitable for ages 0-3 years old. Both strollers are foldable and sturdy, so many will be able to use this for several years.
This product’s only disadvantage is that the angles cannot be adjusted, so babies or children cannot sleep properly. Therefore, this product is perfect for outdoor use, where babies and kids are awake.

Craftchild custom baby bassinet stroller

This custom baby bassinet stroller for Crafchild is made of alloy and polyester fiber. It has mesh sides that are breathable, comfortable, and handy for mothers to observe their babies. This baby stroller is appropriate for children aged 0 to 18 months. 

JIESHAN Hope Baby Stroller

Jieshan store has been one of the top baby stroller sellers on Alibaba, with positive feedback of 99.8 percent. Among Jieshan’s best-selling products is the hope baby stroller made of standard design. Like any stroller option, this one has many colors, including Fuschia, blue, grey, and light green.
Furthermore, this product has many features, such as solid shock absorbers that safeguard babies from rough surfaces. It’s also foldable and easy to transport. You can also adjust from 105 to 180 degrees from different angles based on your baby’s sitting and sleeping position.

Baby Strollers 4-in-1 multifunction luxury baby stroller

This product is a 4-in-1 baby stroller with many features, including how lightweight they are. It has a key to close the car’s aluminum alloy frame, with a five-point seat belt, car hook, and a PU wheel. This baby stroller also has three main modes: safety, basket, and stroller. 

BABALO YOYA baby stroller (5.8kg)

This BABALO YOYA baby stroller is a product of Joy Baby store, a notable stroller brand for babies and toddlers. This product is super popular on AliExpress for many reasons, such as, It has a modern style design and comes in a wide range of colors. It also has a sturdy brown handle that is comfy for parents to hold and push around.
This brand and products are shippable to different countries like Russia and Europe. It also comes with various features, such as a weight of 5.8kg. This weight is small enough that you can carry them on the plane. 
It also has a lightweight aluminum frame, push handle, and handlebar made of PU leather that can be folded and removed when needed. It also has an adjustable backrest based on your comfort liking.  

Chapter #5 Baby stroller made in the USA and outside China 

Baby stroller made in the USA and outside China

Peg Perego Agio Z4 and Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido Twin Travel System

This Peg Perego baby stroller is one of the best you will find in the US. It has a dynamic look and offers more flexibility outside, in tight areas, or in crowded places. It has a clean, polished appearance with a car seat or a bassinet. It also contains many features, including a folding seat, extendable pagoda hood, and dual-stage cushion system. 

UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Stroller

The UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Stroller in Jordan is a great baby stroller brand in the US. It is made in leather and mesh and has many features. The spring-action all-wheel suspension and slightly softer comfortable tires for babies are among those features. It also has extended canopies with zip-out fabric, a higher back, and a deeper footrest. 

Baby Jogger stroller

This baby jogger stroller is the best compact and smooth product to bring outside. Numerous baby jogger stroller products are best-selling in the market today, such as:

Baby jogger city mini stroller

The baby jogger strollers in a mini version are a comfortable ride daily for parents and babies. They are ideal for outdoor areas because of their lightweight design and soft textured fabrics.

Baby trend stroller

Many baby trend strollers are in high demand on the market. Some of these products under this brand and category are:

Baby trend double stroller

This product is a perfect stroller for babies and toddlers that are twins. Here are some of the unique baby trend double stroller products:

LISI baby doll stroller

This Lissi Urban Baby Doll Pram is popular because of its design; it has an adjustable umbrella top and handles that parents can turn into a lie-down or chair-style pram. It has a reversible and adjustable handle and front wheels that swivel. This product is perfect for babies and children as young as three. 

Nuna TAVO Next Stroller

This TAVO baby stroller is perfect, especially when traveling. It has a comfortable, spacious seat and a built-in Free-flex suspension-TM for a smooth ride. This baby stroller also allows a one-hand, four-position flat reclining backrest and adjustable calf support.

Bumbleride Indie Jogging Stroller

This Bumbleride Indie Jogging Stroller is available in seven colors and has many features. It is a stylish baby stroller with excellent maneuverability, storage, and a comfortable car ride. Among this list, it has good ratings for ease of use, safety, quality, and weight. 

BABY JOY Baby Stroller

This baby joy stroller is made from rubber, aluminum, and linen materials. It has 2-in-1 features, such as a removable basket and an adjustable seat. It also has additional features, such as:

  • Lockable rubber wheels 
  • Adjustable backrest and canopy
  • Foot cover and a diaper bag

Baby trend car seat and stroller travel system

One of the products under the Baby trend is the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System. It is perfect for babies weighing 50 pounds, with a maximum height of 42 inches. It has a lightweight steel frame, terrain bicycle tires, and a multi-position reclining padded seat. It comes in three colors: Bubble gum, Elixir, and Millenium. 

Sit N’ Stand Double Stroller Baby Trend

This product is a perfect stroller for babies and toddlers. It has a rear seat that parents can remove to convert to a traditional Sit N Stand. It also has a quick, simple one-handed fold with a large storage basket. 

Chapter #6 Best baby stroller on the B2C platform

When you look at the best baby strollers on each platform, you can result as follows:


  1. Pivot Baby Stroller 
  2. Graco Modes Pramette Stroller
  3. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller
  4. Britax B-Clever Compact Stroller
  5. CYBEX AVI Jogging Stroller


  1. Fashion Baby Stroller 3-in-1 Folding Pram 
  2. Baby Stroller Free Ship Leather 3 in 1
  3. New Baby Stroller 3-in-1
  4. Light Foldable Baby Stroller
  5. 2021 New Baby Stroller 3 in 1


  1. 2020 New Baby Stroller 3-in-1
  2. High Landscape Baby Stroller 3-in-1
  3. Luxury Baby Stroller 3 in 1
  4. Babyfond High Landscape Baby Stroller 3-in-1 Basket 
  5. Luxury baby stroller 3-in-1 high landscape

Chapter #7 FAQs when looking for the best baby stroller in China

Where do toddler and baby strollers mainly come from?

Toddler and baby strollers mainly come from the plant bases: Hebei, Anhui, Hubei, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu. 

What problems may occur when importing toys from China?

Baby strollers are one of the products that many buyers are looking for. The problem is that many countries have set strict laws and rules for shipping these. Apart from that, importing baby strollers for dolls has other issues, making them tricky. Some of the issues and problems that are likely to occur are:

  • Problems when it comes to compliance and safety.
  • China customs require commodity inspection.
  • Shipping method. 

How do baby strollers import from China?

There are many ways you can do to import baby strollers from China, such as weighing the following options:

  • Long-lasting: Look for a durable baby stroller that lasts at least 3-4 years. Take advantage of the warranty from various suppliers and brands. 
  • Safety: The most key aspect is how safe and valuable the products are. Ensure that it’s high-quality and will remain stable. 
  • Canopy: Canopy is a vital material for baby strollers. It helps protects the baby from the sun and weather changes. 
  • Storage: Storage is an excellent idea to include in the toddler and baby strollers. 
  • Additional Material: Any added things should be made of high grade and quality. It will ensure that the baby stroller is unique and can fit in the market.

What are the problems with shipping a baby stroller from China?

One of the challenges when shipping baby strollers from China is the shipping costs. Since stroller for baby and toddler is large and heavy, sending them via air freight or express is not an option. The average price of the baby’s trollers, shipping fees, and commodity inspection will be very high. 
Instead, the most cost-effective method for shipping baby strollers is sea shipping. However, if you intend to import less than three baby doll strollers or baby strollers for dolls, you should buy locally rather than directly from China.

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