Baking Paper Sourcing from China

By Sarah
December 27, 2023

Have you ever been to a restaurant and got paper that is quite resistant to grease? And helps even cook the food on it!

If yes, here is your catch — BAKING PAPER.

Coming up with tons of applications, it has dominated the cooking industry. Even food truck owners have it just to serve their consumers and do a better business.

Curious about what exactly it is? If yes, let’s discuss its current uses and future in the B2B and B2C industry.

1. Baking Paper Basics

1) What is baking paper?

Baking paper is a greaseproof paper that has a non-sticky nature. And helps in baking the food. In the food truck or commercial kitchens, you might have purchased sandwiches, hamburgers, and other food materials.


These are the baking papers that help in their cooking and packaging.

2) The importance of baking paper.

Don’t think of baking paper with one or two applications in the kitchen. Instead, they are bumper packs. Check their crucial importance in different industries.

● As a base

Making dough? Use the parchment paper as the surface. There will be better work without creating the extra mess. It helps keep your kitchen clean and tidy.

● Wrapping

If you have a shop selling burgers, zinger rolls, or sushi rolls, parchment paper is a good-to-go tool for you. It helps in wrapping all the rolls you want! Accessible business indeed!

● Making Cones

Let’s have some fun with the shapes of the parchment papers. Fold them and shape them into the cons. Fill it with the snacks and sell it to the child.

Is it even difficult? Not at all!

● Non-sticking

It doesn’t look perfect for the food sticking to your dish. It’s a messy situation!

But no worries, parchment paper is the jack of all trades. Its non-sticking nature prevents the food from sticking to the dish or base of utensils.

● Cooking

Baking dishes can have ups and downs, which may underheat or overheat. But in the case of parchment paper, you are free from the heating worries.

Parchment paper helps in the evenly cooking of the food.

● Separating foods

Cookies, cake, snacks, whatever you have, don’t let them mix. Parchment paper guarantees here, too. Keep it between each cookie you prepare, and the food is safe there.



● Design making

You won’t believe it, but parchment papers also help in design-making. For instance, shape it into a particular form and transform the precise shape of the foods guided by parchment papers.

3) Introduction to China’s role in baking paper manufacturing.

China has been at the top in the race for baking papers. It is even the world’s number one exporter in the baking industry, exporting millions of USD WORTH of inventory.


Here is some data to keep an eye on;

  • The market size of the BAKING paper industry will be 06 billion USD in 2023. By 2033, it will reach 1.7 BILLION USD globally. CAGR is 5.7%, which is quite significant. (Source: Future market insights)
  • China holds 28% of the FOOD PACKAGING market share. It is the biggest exporter around the globe. (Source: Factmr)
  • According to VOLZA export data, there have been exports of 3K shipments. China is the leading exporter with 4516 shipments.

Think for a moment about how China is dominating the market.

2. Different types of baking paper

Baking papers are not necessarily baking papers. Instead, if you enter the market, there will be many other types. Before you bulk purchase for your business, always under the different kinds of baking paper.

1) Parchment paper

Parchment paper has many names. Baking paper. Cooking paper. Or bakery paper. It has various applications in the kitchen, all thanks to its:

  • Grease-proof nature.
  • Non-sticky nature.
  • Heat resistance up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here are parchment paper uses.

  • Helps in cooking and baking of the food in the oven.
  • Can hold the food.
  • Used in packaging the food for various purposes.


2) Waxed paper

Wax paper is another popular type used in the food industry. It has water-resistant properties. But keep one thing in mind— it is not heat resistant. So, never think about using it for cooking or baking purposes in the oven.

It has the following uses.

  • Helps wrap food in the kitchen.
  • Non-sticky nature does the job of holding food with good taste in the kitchen.

3) Butter paper

Most often, we call it a SANDWICH paper because it holds the sandwich effectively. It has a non-stick surface and is not suitable for baking or cooking purposes.


So, where should you use them?

  • It helps in wrapping fatty meals and moisturized food.
  • You can also use it on the chopping board and cut the fish, raw meat, or vegetables.

3. The Benefits of Sourcing Baking Paper from China

As the data favors China as the number one export of the baking papers worldwide, is it a coincidence?

Does China offer quality and affordable baking papers that increase its exports? To answer all these questions, look at the benefits of purchasing from China.

1) Diversity of suppliers

China is a significant manufacturing sector. Hundreds of factories are working in a single niche. For example, you want baking paper with some of its variants, like wax paper.

Believe me, there will be hundreds of suppliers having complete manufacturing plants offering the same products. It increases the overall diversity of the products.

2) Easy Sourcing Processes

Since you get access to thousands of suppliers, sourcing becomes easy. Another benefit here is that there are hundreds of reliable sourcing services.

That means sourcing is a no-brainer!

3) Premium Quality

If you look at the quality control in the manufacturing setup of paper baking companies, one thing is for sure — STRICT QUALITY CONTROL.

It ensures you get premium quality baking papers. Plus, sourcing agents help you get it.

4) Competitive prices

Do you know the secret behind the immense popularity of Chinese suppliers? It is the LOWEST PRICE!

All credits go to the low labor fee and raw material costs. So you get the lower prices for your products.

5) Reliable shipments

Apart from manufacturing, China is on the frontline of the shipping industry. There are many reliable services like Maersk, which ship products globally.

Say goodbye to all the worries surrounding the shipments!

4. Navigating the Sourcing Process

Whenever you are sourcing products from China suppliers, there are some steps you should focus on:

1) Explore top suppliers in China

Keep an eye on the top supplier. Don’t pick randomly. Check for reputed suppliers. For example, ask your business friends about the leading baking paper company in China.

They might suggest one of the top names they have worked with.

2) Specify the reputed manufacturers

It is time to list 5-10 suppliers, which must be:

  • Suit your needs
  • Have quality
  • Easy to work with
  • Negotiate the price

Doing so will get you the reputed suppliers that are the most effective for you.

3) Understand the Product Safety Certificates

It is time for product selling globally. If you belong to the US or Europe, selling products from China is a big problem. You might not get entry into the market unless you show them ISO certificates.

Remember one thing. The US requires different certificates than the European countries. Based on that, you need to search for the certificates.

4) Work with sourcing agents

Sourcing agents are the crown of the king! They are local purchasing agents who help get the local best companies. Know the Chinese language. And explore suitable suppliers.

Their professionalism can help you get the right deal!

5) Crack the best deals

Whenever you find a cost-effective deal, jump for it. Test the quality. Confirm the price. And then buy the baking papers.

That is all you have to do.

5. Selecting the Right Manufacturer

Do you want to know which supplier is your best choice? And how to get it?

If that is your question, then relax! Here are some ways to get an efficient manufacturer.

1) Assess your demands and match it

Think about your baking paper project for a moment. Know what exactly you need. The quantity, quality, and specs of the baking paper.

Once you make the list,  it is time to match it with the list of suppliers you already have in your hand.

2) Check production capacity.

B2B deals may or may not be one-time. Customers want to go for bulk orders to avoid the hassle of purchasing and shipping.

So, measure the production capacity of your manufacturers and know whether it fulfills your inventory needs.

3) Monitor the production process.

It is a troubled job, but you should manually check the production process. Assess the quality. And then proceed.

I have an easy suggestion for you. You can ask your sourcing agents to test the quality for you or get you the inspection companies that are the best in the town.

4) Get Lead times

Lead times will give an idea of when you can grab your products. Based on that, you can order from your supplier.

For instance, you want products on December 30, and today is December 10. You need to get the lead times from all the suppliers and understand which supplier offers the products within the range without compromising the quality.

5) Ensure the supplier has quality control.

Some suppliers have quality production. But not all. It is the right time to filter them out.

How will you do that?

Simple. Ask the supplier how he will ensure the quality. You can hire inspection agents or visit yourself to check the quality manually.

Is it even difficult? Not at all!

6) Establish relationships with manufacturers

Having a long-term goal always ends in a good relationship. You are not getting inventory one time. In B2B deals, the probability of a long-term link is high. If the quality is good. Pricing is the best. Let’s mark the supplier as a favorite. And go on grabbing the best deals!

6. Top 10 Baking Paper Manufacturers in China

Forget all the efforts of finding the baking paper manufacturers. There is one critical risk. You might land the fraud suppliers.

To be your wild guide, I have listed the top 10 baking paper manufacturers in China.

1) Taian Baichuan Paper

It is one of the top paper manufacturers in China. Not only do you get access to the baking paper. Instead, it offers:

  • Bible paper
  • Gold-foil base paper
  • Calico paper
  • Metal heat transfer paper


Apart from these, there are many other types in the list of this manufacturer. It was founded in 2002.

Here is why you should choose this supplier.

  • Eight advanced production lines. One of the best things about them is their large production setup. You can cope with the bulk needs of your products.
  • High-quality baking papers. No questions about their paper quality. It is the next level, all thanks to their strict quality control.

2) Hangzhou Yisaka Paper Products

When it comes to the paper industry, how can you forget the name of Yisaka paper products?

Established in 2013, it has its production lines in Zhejiang. They have a manufacturing setup covering a 10,000-meter square area.

It has many types of papers.

  • Wax paper
  • Hamburger wrapping paper
  • Baking paper
  • Food packaging paper
  • Quality assurance. They ensure their quality is the best. And offer international standards for the papers.
  • Complete shipment facility. They have a network in more than 20 cities and ship products globally.

3) Zhejiang Halberd Paper

Zhejiang Halberd paper has deep roots in the paper industry since its inception in 2003. Having one of the best manufacturing setups, you can get the following types of papers.

  • Greaseproof paper
  • Baking papers
  • Vegetable papers
  • Packaging papers.

Here are some reasons that guide you through this supplier.

  • Large manufacturing setup. Around 130,000-meter squares of the manufacturing setup are pretty enormous. You get bulk production at ease!
  • Effective quality. They have a sound-quality production system. So, you can expect good quality products.

4) Hangzhou Guanglian Complex Paper

Hangzhou Guanglian complex paper always pops up in my brain whenever I think about the paper industry. It was founded in 1994 and is located in Yuhang.

Here are the types of paper.

  • Silicone-made baking papers
  • Greaseproof papers
  • Food packaging papers
  • Food grade glassine paper


Here are some reasons why you should choose this supplier.

  • Highly experienced. They have been working for the past 29 years. That is a pretty remarkable experience.
  • Affordable prices. Prices of bulk paper production are pretty cheap.

5) Shaoxing Shangyu chunri

It is also a top manufacturer focusing on the paper industry. The production setup covers an area of 116700 meter square.

You can get the following benefits when choosing this supplier.

  • International standard inventory. Their primary focus is the European market. So, they offer quality inventory as per their standards.
  • Eco-friendly production. They use the cellulose that is 100% biodegradable. So, no impact on the environment helps them advertise eco-friendly papers.

6) Shandong Cenglory Import & Export

You can’t ignore the Shandong Cenglory Import and Export for the baking papers. They offer paper boxes to global consumers.

Founded in 2019, it has the following benefits.

  • Global shipments. They are more about exports. So, you can expect international shipping to your doorstep.
  • Quality papers. Many customers have appreciated the efforts of Shandong Cenglory Import and Export for their flawless quality.

7) Shandong Runjia New Material

Founded in 2015, it is one of the top-level paper quality manufacturers from China. Not just the parchment paper, they also have the wax paper, steaming paper, and barbecue paper.

Take a look at the benefits.

  • Excellent Quality. Quality is relatively high compared to many other companies in the industry.
  • Affordable prices. The prices are competitive. You can make higher profit margins.

8) Asia Symbol Pulp And Paper

It was previously known as the Shandong Pulp and Paper Company. Founded in 2015, it has served thousands of consumers.


Here are some pros of this company.

  • Eco-friendly. They dedicate their efforts to the environment and try to make sustainable products. So you can rely better on their products.
  • Standardized inventory. They follow International ISO standards. That means you can sell their papers in the international market as well.

9) Hangzhou Hongchang Paper Products

It is one of the top names in the domestic Chinese markets. You can purchase their variety of papers and export them through your shipping companies.

Hangzhou Hongchang Paper Products was founded in 2010, and it serves its consumers to date.

Here are positive points about it.

  • Best quality. The sole reason behind adding this supplier to our list is the quality. You can’t deny they have the best paper products
  • Variety of papers. Not only one or two types; instead, they have 10+ paper kinds. Easy buying!

10) Shanghai FU TE LAI

It was founded in 2016 and serves not only businesses in China but also the UK, the US, and Europe.

Here are some pros of this supplier.

  • Premium Paper quality. Paper quality is high. You can rely on them.
  • Excellent customer support. They have a quick response rate and resolve your issues quickly.

7. Cost and Pricing Strategies

Cost is vital. What is your purpose in the business? Make more sales and earn more money.

Profits depend on the differences between buying and selling prices. So, an effective strategy to buy at lower costs and sell at higher can save you the hassle!

Let’s look at such points.

1) Individual costs vs. Bulk production cost

Individual costs are high compared to the bulk.


You need 1000 pieces of baking paper. One has a price of $1. The total would be $1000. It is a theoretical price. The supplier gives a 10-20% discount on bulk orders. They might give you 1000 pieces for just $800 or even less.

If you plan on long-term buying, go for the bulk. It saves you costs. And increases your margins.

2) Get quotes from multiple suppliers

Not all the suppliers give the exact quote.


I got quotes from the top 5 suppliers.

  • Supplier 1: $1000 for 1000 baking papers
  • Supplier 2: $900 for 1000 baking papers
  • Supplier 3: $1000 for 1000 baking papers
  • Supplier 4: $700 for 1000 baking papers
  • Supplier 5: $500 for 1000 baking.

Why so much difference? It is the approach, quality, and material that determines the cost. Get multiple quotes to keep the diversity of prices. And elevate your margins if quality is good.

3) Negotiate price

Take some time to negotiate. You can bring a supplier with $1000 to $900 or $800 just with negotiation.


Convince him you are a potential customer. Will buy products for extended periods. And prove to be a long-term deal for them.

4) Maximize your profit margins

No hiding! Everyone aims to grab the higher profits.

It is possible when you keep a difference in buying and selling prices. Work with good quality baking papers that have low fees.

8. Transportation and Logistics

Want to ship from China? If you are new, it can be a big deal. But no problem. I have listed some key ways to import from China.

1) Find Shipping Service

There are many shipping services. The surprising fact is the prices and reliability. Most of the shipping services are reliable and offer lower prices!

Why so?

Because of the large number of companies, competition decreases overall costs. Find your shipping service!

2) Determine whether they get you customs clearance

In cross-border shipments, you must have clearance from your country’s customs.

Not all companies offer customs clearance. You should ask your shipping service about it to clarify your deal.

3) Prepare import/export documents

Have documents? Customs need:

  • Bill of Lading
  • FIATA Bill of Lading
  • Road Waybill
  • Air Waybill
  • Rail Waybill
  • ATA Carnet
  • TIR Carnet.

You must have these documents. Look. Documents might vary from country to country. So, it is better to check local customs rules.

4) Ship during off-peak season

Shipping during peak seasons has many disadvantages.

  • High shipping fees.
  • Delayed shipping risks.
  • Damage risks.

Want to avoid it? Simple! Don’t ship during the peak season. Ensure the shipping service is reliable and offers affordable rates.

5) Define the shipping method and shipping options.

Air, sea, or railway? What shipping do you prefer? It depends on how much weight you have.

100kg is adequate for air shipping. Less than 30 kg is suitable for express shipping. And if you have 500kg, then go for sea shipping. It will be affordable for you.

6) Get Real-Time Tracking

Want to know the location of your parcels? Tracking ID can help in this case. Work with the shipping services, which offer real-time tracking.

9. FAQs

1) Can parchment paper go in the oven?

Yes. Parchment paper has non-stick and heat-resistant features. That means it can operate at a high temperature that is often cooking food in the oven. So, parchment paper can go in the cooker.

2) Can you bake parchment paper?

Yes, you can bake the parchment paper and heat it without any problem.

3) What is parchment paper made of?

The primary manufacturing material of the parchment paper is the cellulose fibers. Some parchment papers might have a silicone coating as well.

4) Is parchment paper the same as wax paper?

No. Parchment paper often has silicone, while wax paper has a wax coating. Parchment paper is heat resistant. You can heat it to 450 degrees Fahrenheit! On the other hand, wax paper does not have heat properties.

5) Is parchment paper safe for health?

Yes and no, both answers are VALID. If you use BLEACHED parchment papers, then chemicals are there. They can affect your health when using the food cooked on them. Unbleached PARCHMENT papers are safe for health due to no chemicals!

6) Is the wax paper oven safe?

No. It depends on the heat resistance properties whenever you consider the paper. Since the oven has a high temperature and wax paper is not heat resistant, you can’t use it in the oven. If you do, the result will affect the taste of the food, and even smoke might appear!


Baking paper is in demand. But you need to know your suppliers very well. Grab the best deals. And come up with profitable products.

That is the shortest route to business success!

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