8 step for buyer to purchase goods from china

By justchinait
November 1, 2020

The basic workflow of a purchaser mainly includes the following eight significant links:

1. Purchase Plan

According to the enterprise user department’s demand plan, after verifying the accuracy of the purchase plan, communicating with the relevant planner or another person in charge, and confirming that it is correct, and saving the deposit slip, the final purchase plan is made.

2. Inquiry and counter-offer

The main work of this link includes the following two parts:

1) Send inquiry letter: After you get to know the supplier, you need to send an inquiry letter, let the supplier confirm the price, delivery time, payment method, after-sales service, etc., and return it with the official seal;

2) Bargaining: Considering the price, timeliness of delivery, payment method, and other methods, find out two or three and discuss further to cooperate with the company that can best protect the interests of the company.

It should be noted that the quotations of multiple suppliers are required to be as detailed as possible, to achieve the best source of details, and to have the effect of knowing the ins and outs of the shopping products, and use all means to verify so that the counter-offer is also reasonable. It is easy to meet expectations.

3. Make purchase orders and contracts

After the inquiry and negotiation are completed, the next thing to do is to make the order. After the request is completed, it shall be bound together with the written quotation, price comparison table, and the previously prepared purchase plan, plan confirmation sheet, etc. provided by each supplier.

Next, you need to make another version of the document, the contract. The contract version is basically fixed, but the company’s requirements should change it, the results of negotiations with the supplier, and the different needs of different materials.

4. Track the goods

In this link, it is necessary to understand whether the entire supply process is reasonable, to understand the contact information and address of the receiver, and to notify the supplier in time; on the other hand, after the supplier ships the goods, it is necessary to understand the contact information of the carrier. This makes it easy to track the status of the products in transit at any time.

5. Organize warehousing and receiving

This link is mainly to notify the warehouse management staff to prepare for receiving the goods, such as knowing when the goods will arrive, whether there are any accompanying documents, and so on. Many corporate purchasers will formulate a unified version of the delivery order for this, requiring the sender to copy it to the relevant department, and the purchase will follow up in real-time.

6. Organize quality inspection goods

This link mainly needs to do the following specific work: notify the inspection department in time after the contract is signed, so that it is ready for acceptance, including instruments, experimental equipment, reagents, and acceptance standards (including entry standards, national standards, contract standards, and some materials according to the supplier Enterprise standard), so that the goods can be checked and accepted in time and the acceptance certificate issued.

In short, do the preliminary inspection, mid-term inspection, and later inspection. Avoid the arrival of the goods before discovering that the problem affects others.

7. After the goods meet the requirements, warehousing, and warehousing

After the product is qualified, the warehouse will issue a warehousing list based on the acceptance list, and the purchaser shall collect the warehousing list, inspection list,

The quality inspection report is ready for payment. The main emphasis is on the smooth transfer of data in each link and mutual notification.

8. Settlement

Before payment, you must prepare the relevant documents in advance to pay in time by the contract. That is, “good faith” is mutual and essential to you and him.

The payment preparation materials are as follows: payment application form, invoice, warehousing form, quality inspection form, inspection form, contract or order, etc.

Buyers should act as a bridge between the company’s finances and suppliers, and promptly propose a settlement method that is beneficial to them.

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