8 reasons why foreign buyers are willing to cooperate with trading companies

By justchinait
October 23, 2020

Many people are curious about the fact that the factory price is lower, why would customers be willing to cooperate with trading companies? We want to answer with our example.

We help a buyer from a company in Northern Europe purchase accessories, and our prices will be higher than the factory. Buyers know that we are a trading company, so why do they choose us?

1. Accept both large and small orders

Everyone is happy with an order worth millions of USD but as small as 50USD or even 30USD, which factory will take it? We accept their order worth millions of USD and any small orders that the factory is not happy to make, even small OEM orders. And the requirements for large and small orders are equally strict.

2.Quality control

Quality control is the foundation of a company’s survival. If you often purchase things from different factories, you will know that many China factories have no quality requirements.

We once helped a buyer to make a batch of corduroy hats. The lining was black. In the end, some blue striped linings were mixed in the goods. We picked out all the blue strips and found that this batch of goods was dusty—— To be honest, there will inevitably be dust and fine cloth foam from the cloth edges during the hat’s production process. After the discovery, all of our colleagues mobilized and used a vacuum cleaner to clean the hats.

Sometimes the product has a color difference. Unless we think that there is no big problem or a slight problem, we will find a way to remedy or redo it, instead of using junk to test the buyer and ask if the buyer can accept it. This is what happens when there is no choice.

Our company’s own quality control is stricter than that of buyers.

Many customers selling goods on their own platforms or on other platforms cannot have too many return rates and defective products. Only with the growth of customers can our suppliers grow. The factory does not understand this truth, but we understand.

Only by strictly controlling the quality, can we let customers start on the right path, otherwise, what about long-term cooperation?


Everyone doesn’t want to encounter this kind of problem, but what is the attitude of the factory when there is a real order problem?

Decline with all kinds of risks, try every means to reduce the loss, or not pay. Let customers face all the mess alone. When our company encounters problems caused by ourselves, we take the initiative to bear it. If the delivery is late, take the initiative to write an email saying that it is our problem, change to air transportation and bear the air freight.

4. Broader product range

The salespersons of trading companies do not have much in-depth expertise in products, but we strive for cross-shaped development, that is, we strive to understand one type of product in-depth, and then understand many other products horizontally. Our colleagues are working very hard to learn their own products and related products, keep growing and improving, and collect more factories to provide buyers with more products. We do not have factories, but it can also be said that all the factories in the world are our factories. It is also a great advantage to provide customers with various similar products at once and send them together.

I remembered last year, the buyer asked me if I could find the body chain, and I said yes. We can try it even if you want to buy a plane.

5. Efficiency:

The foreign trade company responds to customer inquiries and samples/materials faster than the factory.

6. Service:

1) International trade companies can do their best to grasp every opportunity, and for a model, they can drive/take a train/fly over to negotiate with customers. Be ready to find customers at any time, and this mode of work is something a few factories are willing to spend money, time, or energy to do.

2) In addition to orders, trading companies have resources to extend the surrounding area to help customers solve a series of problems.

7. Thinking

The factory relies on the thinking of a group of people and always does things from the factory’s perspective. And trading companies can gather the thinking of multiple people, and from the perspective of customers, proactively solving problems is the most basic quality of trading companies’ survival.

8. Flexibility

Trading companies will analyze and classify most factories in the entire market and classify different customer groups simultaneously. High-end terminals and bottom-end markets can be matched to different customer groups under the two-way index of price/quality. However, factories seldom have such in-depth research and grasp of the market, and there is no professional department to complete the matching of customer positioning and factory positioning.

In summary, as long as the customer’s price budget is not particularly tight, it is not surprising to choose a trading company.

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