8 kinds of suppliers that customers should stay away from

By justchinait
January 11, 2021

A qualified purchaser not only needs to be familiar with the market and master professional purchasing knowledge but more importantly, be able to discern people and select suitable suppliers. The following 8 types of suppliers are recommended that buyers stay away from them.

1. Suppliers who really want to do business with you but don’t want to make samples, can’t even provide product basic information and often urge you to place orders.

2. Promise to make a sample and say that it will be sent out immediately, but find various reasons for not sending samples later.

3. Not delivering on time and not telling you the actual production schedule

4. Some special materials can only be supplied by a certain supplier. When you need it urgently, they will set the price up.

5. Suppliers that can’t produce this product but contact the buyer every day, and always say something meaningless

6. Suppliers whose samples are not up to standard and the proposed improvement plan cannot be achieved.

7. Some suppliers are refusing to lower the price when negotiating with the purchaser. When the purchaser gave the price to the boss for approval, he will immediately reduce the price if the boss call him to negotiate the price. The boss will accuse the buyer of incompetence.

8. Some suppliers praised the quality, price and production speed of their products before cooperation. After placing the order, they regretted it, for example, the product quality was inconsistent with the sample, and the price was adjusted for various reasons. In short, there is no integrity at all.

Have you ever met these suppliers?


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