7 must-have language translation apps to go to China

By justchinait
January 8, 2021

1. Baidu Translation


Baidu Translation is published by Baidu, relying on Baidu’s powerful search engine, extensively collecting resources from all parties, and using big data technology to integrate and delete complicated and simplified translations. Only the most accurate and concise translations are selected to provide users with better services. Baidu Translator currently uses the most advanced translation technology to provide users with the most advantageous translation results. With a good reputation, users are increasing.


2. Youdao translator


Youdao Translator is developed by NetEase, and all its translations are from the Internet. Youdao supports 107 language translations, which can meet the various needs of all users. It is known as the translation software that understands Chinese best. It is a very concise, easy-to-use and very simple translation software.


3. Google Translate


Google Translate relies on Google’s powerful engine, with a very rich language library, with more than one hundred languages. Not only can input translation, but also take photos and input translation. Even if you are offline, you can translate fifty-two languages, which is very convenient to use.


4. Translators abroad


Users can easily understand the meaning of 29 languages by using the overseas translator. There is also a unique navigation of attractions, so that you are no longer confused when traveling abroad. There are also travel guides for 13 countries, whether you want to ask about food, accommodation or attractions Circumstances, it has everything and is very careful to make your travel more convenient.


5. Flitto


Translate supports 23 languages of various countries and regions, has a unique database, and not only supports language translation, but also supports image translation, which is very intelligent. If simple software translation can’t meet your needs, you can look for a live translation online, and ask a translator by your side at a cheap price, so that your life is not lost.


6. Voice translator


The language translator supports translation in 22 mainstream languages including Chinese, Cantonese and English. The language translator’s translation is more spiritual and can translate very long sentences more accurately without being too blunt. The operation is very simple, and the interface is very simple and clear.


7. Kingsoft PowerWord


It provides services such as online translation, online dictionary, spoken English, English learning materials, Chinese dictionary, etc. It is the first choice of 50 million English learners.


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