5 processes for international trade buyer to select suppliers

By justchinait
December 2, 2020

From the perspective of overseas buyers, they receive so many development letters from suppliers every day, so how do they select the most suitable one among the many suppliers?

Mastering the method for buyers to select suppliers can bring oneself closer to the buyer’s requirements, thus breaking through.

Search suppliers

Similar to the way international trade salesmen find customers, overseas buyers will also search for corresponding suppliers through search engines. Buyers will search for suppliers through certain keywords and choose according to the degree of matching between suppliers and keywords.

What suppliers can do according to the requirements of overseas buyers?

1.The choice of product keywords. Many keywords are popular but the competition is fierce. At this time, long-tail keywords are often used. Long-tail keywords are more accurate. Although the traffic of it is far lower than the main keywords, the people who can search for this word are accurate customers.

Make good use of Title, Keywords, and Description that are often mentioned in SEO.

How do I find a china manufacturer

Visit the supplier’s website

1. When overseas buyers find the supplier’s website, they will enter the website to browse the products they need. If the product description is detailed and the product picture is clear enough, overseas buyers will find the supplier’s mail and send an email to the supplier.

So what the supplier has to do is to ensure that the product description on the website is clear, the product picture is clear enough, and the supplier’s email address and other contact information should be written on the website so that the buyer can easily contact you.

2. If overseas buyers enter the B2B platform and see your product page, the customer will want to find the supplier’s website and contact information on the product page.

Screen supplier returns

Usually, the buyer looks at the price at first sight after receiving the news, and filters out those that don’t meet the budget.

Therefore, the supplier should write a quotation in a prominent place in the email when replying to the inquiry, so that the buyer can see your price range at first glance and make a selection.

How do you find wholesale suppliers

Compare profit margins

Buyers will choose suppliers with higher profit margins and check how much profit there is after deducting a series of costs. So on what basis does the customer select suppliers?

The first round of screening: compare quotations with domestic quotations. Customers generally won’t consider quotations higher than domestic prices.

The second round of screening: If the customer is a middleman, he will add his target profit to the quotation. Then compare the final price with the target price of the final customer. If this price is far from the target price of the final customer and the middleman cannot convince the customer to accept it, this part of the supplier will be screened out.

Therefore, the supplier must understand the market of the customer’s country to control the scope of the quotation, highlight the advantages of their products.

Make a decision

After the buyers have gone through the above steps, they should consider whether to continue to lower prices or directly purchase the supplier’s products.

So if the buyer is bargaining with you, it proves that you still have a chance to win the order. If there is no response after the quotation, unless the customer didn’t receive the email, it is generally because the customer has chosen someone else and you have been eliminated.

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