5 principles to find the right factory

By justchinait
December 8, 2020

As for foreign traders, their natural abilities are of importance. Customers value you mostly because of the products you are marketing.

So it’s essential for merchants to select a proper partner factory for you will sink or swim together. I’m going to narrate how to choose an excellent supplier standing at a merchant’s perspective. If you belong to a factory, you might just read it to see whether you can meet the requirements. Eight NOs for choosing suppliers are as follows.

5 don’t

1.factories that produce commodities of poor quality are not accepted

We will only have longstanding cooperation with them after making sure that the quality is excellent. Before the formal collaboration, we generally require factories to send some samples. We will consider the following affairs after we suppose that their examples are qualified.

2.ill-matched factories are not accepted

Generally, some large factories (with lots of workers and orders) are arrogant, usually neglecting small orders and prioritizing large orders. We had found a factory which had 11 years of seniority. We considered it an edible plant, so that we went to have a negotiation with it and finally signed the contract. We didn’t expedite the plant out of trust but occasionally asking how it was going, and they said everything was fine. When it was close to the delivery date, we were going to take delivery and reminded them to be prepared. There were no responses first, and we finally came into contact with them, and they said the production was yet to finish. I felt that it was not right and went to the plant straightforward. Indeed, the production was on the right track, not including, nevertheless, our products. Then we knew that they had recently picked a large order of millions of dollars so that they delayed all the other rules. We queried why they hadn’t arranged the order since there were only five days to come and shouldn’t orders be in sequence? They stated that they would deliver the goods just in time. I said, “it’s not good for you to do such business. Let’s leave the contract alone. That’s how a plant with 11 years of seniority does the job?” At that time, the factory director was impatient, “Don’t you think we should finish the production from regular customers? Besides, your order is small, and the delivery date is yet to come. We will effect delivery on time.” As far as we know that the product assembling was complicated and it was not enough to finish it for 5 days. To avoid the unexpected, I searched for another plant, and thanks to the internet, we found a small workshop with only tens of workers within a day. Finally, 60% of the goods were produced by a large factory, and the rest were from the small workshop. After several twists and turns, we affected the delivery to the customer.

Although it didn’t lead to severe consequences, we can see that some factories are better than those of 11 years of seniority.

3.incredulous factories are not accepted

For some faddish products, it’s challenging to find a great plant. The market is chaotic, and there are many cheaters. Therefore, some managers of the plants are incredulous. We want them to send some samples. They not only think for a long time but also doubt if we are cheaters and refuse to send samples. Or they raise the price (Two times expensive than the regular price) and leave a message that “If you intend to cooperate with us, you won’t care about the cost of samples, right? We’ll send it back after closing the deal.” I am unable to refute but walk away silently.

If factory directors lack judgment and bravery, we won’t cooperate with them. They will only keep whining if any problem arises.

4.cunning factories are not accepted

The leaders of factories need to be righteous and honest. They should do what they have promised, and they’d rather suffer losses than have customers experience a lot. They are willing to take the risk. They shouldn’t be treacherous, or the cooperation will be unsustainable.

5.rigid factories are not accepted

Take the fingerlings monkey, for example. It’s in good demand, but foreign customers need original-edited products. Many factories select and use cheap circuit wafers and sensors, which result in incomplete function or insensitive induction. Therefore, I told the plant that we need fingerlings monkeys with full features and sensitive introduction. Still, the factory director supposes that there will be no profits because most products on the market are defective at low prices. If they produce products with high quality, the cost will be higher as well as the price. They can’t sell them if the price is high. I said, “We sell goods to the international market, so there is no need to compete with these defective goods. You won’t sell much in the domestic market.” The director shook his head and said, “The foreigners are not stupid. They won’t purchase Chinese products if they don’t speak highly of Chinese products.”

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