3 awesome inquiry template for communicating with Alibaba suppliers

By justchinait
December 17, 2020

Template 1:

Subject: “I’m interested in [Product Name]”  or “RFQ for [Product Name]”

Dear XX,

I’m very glad to know your name and address on the Internet. I’m very interested in your company’s product. I would like you to send me details of your various ranges, including sizes, colours and prices, and also samples about the production in other details.

If your prices and terms meet my requirements, I will be glad to start a business relationship with you.

Looking forward to receiving your early reply.

Yours XX.

Template 2:

Subject: A Company | Product inquiry: Justchinait Ltd.

Hello xx,

I’m xx the procurement manager for xxx company and I’m interested in receiving a quote for (product name).

If you manufacture (product name) please email me more information. In your response, include:

  1. Pictures of the product, and a photo of (product detail) (note: the detail can be anything just make sure it forces them to use pictures taken for you and not found elsewhere)
  2. The Minimum Order Quantity
  3. The price at the MOQ and [some other amount] (Note: getting 2 prices for different quantities lets you know their flexibility on a price and helps in negotiations later on) [the price to make any changes or customization that you want] (be specific on this part but you can skip it if you want a product as-is)
  4. What is the shipping cost of sending a sample?
  5. What are the shipping terms?
  6. The Closest port (note the port should be close to where they claim they are located if you’re dealing with a factory if it’s too far be cautious)

Thanks, I look forward to hearing back from you!

Your name

Procurement manager

Company name

Template 3:

Subject: “I’m interested in [Product Name]”  or “RFQ for [Product Name]”

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is [name]. I run my Japan Amazon. My main products are ….. I has a new product plan and I saw you have this product on your website. I would want to inquire for some details about your product, listed below:

  1.  Your product catalog
  2. Is it possible to put our logo on your product or product packaging?  If so, what is the MOQ and cost? My logo is attached.

I prefer that you send our requested information all-inclusive in one file, if possible. Thank you.

I look forward to receiving the information.

Best Regards

[Your name]

[Company name]

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