Useful tools | 13 most used tools for Amazon sellers in 2020

By justchinait
October 10, 2020

Log in directly with an Amazon account, and you can view daily orders, real-time sales changes, and product traffic conversion tracking reports. Of course, there is not much difference from Amazon’s backend, but it is more clear.

The biggest advantage is that you can follow the ASIN changes of your competitors!

The charging tool can be tried for ten days, and you can clearly see the purchase volume and transaction value of competitors’ listings!

It is estimated that this is the biggest selling point! Research other functions by yourself! Of course, everyone can study the review club!

It should be a tool for Amazon buyers to monitor a certain listing price changes over the past year and set a reminder. If the price of the other party falls to this level, you can send an email reminder.

This can also be a browser extension and installed directly on the browser!

Such sites also include:,, etc.

A tool that can directly connect to Amazon Seller Central and directly call Amazon data.

The operation is relatively simple. How to use it, please register and log indirectly. There is a 30-day trial. Of course, it is recommended to try an amazon computer just in case. In fact, this tool is a bit like a caravan tool, grabs data; there is no problem with any computer login!

It’s a bit like the genius above.

Fees, similar to am tracker, but more powerful than am tracker

Scan the commented website and research it yourself

Still similar to am tracker, see the picture for specific instructions!

The general function is more similar to am tracker, but I think this function is more powerful! To have a PayPal account, 0.01 USD trial! This website is the same website as

The power of this tool is that it can compare the keyword traffic of sites in various countries!

Each tool has the characteristics of each tool! This one also needs to try Amazon’s MWS; it is not complicated; just follow the instructions!

The so-called software for checking sales, rankings, and keywords seems to be many, but due to Amazon’s limited data, they are all the same. You can choose one at random!

You can check the sales, but Amazon has limited open data, and software like the Purple Bird Data Cube also has this function.

Almost another am tracker!

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