11 ways to get your logo displayed on your product.

By justchinait
December 2, 2020

“How is Logo printing?”

“How you add my logo on product?”

“Is it any other way for my product logo printing?”

Quite a lot of customer asked us.

A custom logo is usually the best way to distinguish your product from other products. This article will share you with the 11 most common solutions which the factory will never tell you for adding labels/logos to your products.

Silk-screen printing

Silk-screen logo

Silk-screen printing is the most common and widely used method of adding your own logo on the product body and packaging. It can be applied to products made of almost all materials, such as plastic toys, glass bottles, stainless steel cups, rubber dumbbells, etc. And most Chinese factories can provide silk-screen printing services for free.

Heat-transfer Printing

Heat-transfer printing

The heat-transfer printing process is more complicated than screen printing, and it requires a temperature range of 140°C to 180°C. Therefore, it is a bit more expensive than screen printing and has some limitations in materials. Suitable for ABS, PE, PP, EVA, leather, stainless steel, wood and glass, etc. If you need to print exquisite patterns with gradient colors, then the thermal transfer will be your best choice.

Laser printing or laser engraving

Laser engraving

Laser printing or laser engraving can provide your products with a high-quality appearance. Usually it does not require a large MOQ because it does not require plate making.

Debossed & Embossed Printing

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Debossed and embossed printing

It refers to making your customized logo in the product mold, which means that the logo will appear when the product comes out of the machine. This solution can be applied to all products made of plastic, rubber or metal.



Embroidery is mainly used for items made of cloth, such as clothing, hats and handbags. Compared with the logo printed on silk, it is more durable and looks more advanced, and this solution does not have the problem of fading. However, it is more costly than screen printing.

Woven label

Waven label

Woven labels are usually sewn on the edges of items made of fabric, such as shoes, jeans, hats and bags. The label looks much better than a printed logo



Sticker are definitely the simplest, cheapest and most widely used method of all solutions. I really can’t think of anything that can’t be labeled.



If your packaging budget is limited, you can consider cardboard to customize your logo. Print the logo and all other information on the cardboard, and pack the goods in a cardboard box.




Hangtags are also one of the most economical ways to obtain private labels. It is usually used in clothing, toys, tools, fashion jewelry and other categories.

Printed plastic bag

This is also a way to customize the logo. Compared with other packaging methods, printed plastic bags are simpler for bulk commodities.

Custom box

Color box

Making your own design and printing it on a customized box is suitable for almost all products. Of course, this is the most expensive solution among these 11 methods. A beautiful exquisite packaging box can easily make your product look great. This is also a way to add value and sell at a higher price!

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