10 largest shopping websites in China that every international buyer should know

By justchinait
December 18, 2020

1. Taobao


As the first e-commerce platform to appear in China, Taobao has a large number of users. Its product categories cover various industries and all aspects of life. The annual Double Eleven is a shopping spree for Taobao to reward users, with numerous discounts. At present, there are many overseas brands settled in, so it is very convenient to buy goods.

2. Pinduoduo


Pinduoduo is a shopping APP that has only been launched in recent years. Its product content covers many aspects of life. It also sells related products for food, clothing, housing and transportation. Preferential purchases are mainly made through group purchases or bargaining with relatives and friends. This is characterized by low prices and the target customers are middle-aged and elderly people.

3. JD


JD.com is a platform that specializes in electronic products. Its electronic products will launch discounts from time to time, such as mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, home appliances, etc., which can be purchased on the platform, which supports door-to-door delivery, which is very convenient.



Vipshop is an e-commerce platform for brand sales. Female users’ apparel, shoes, bags and beauty products account for most of the product categories, creating an innovative e-commerce model with “brand-name discounts + limited-time snap-up + genuine guarantee”. Regularly update products of different brands every day, bringing consumers super cost-effective products.

5. Tmall


Like Taobao, Tmall is an e-commerce platform under Alibaba. The products sold cover many aspects of life. It is an upgraded version of the original Taobao Mall. The products will be discounted from time to time. At present, Tmall International has been launched. Provide domestic users with imported goods overseas.



MOGU INC is an e-commerce platform that focuses on women’s products. It has a large number of women’s clothing to share. You can choose suitable clothing through the live broadcast of the platform’s masters. Different products are updated every day and the search function is powerful.

7. Suning


Suning.com is an e-commerce platform in China. Its product categories cover many aspects of life, such as traditional home appliances and daily necessities. It has door-to-door delivery services, and can also shop online and pick up in offline stores.

8. Xianyu


Xianyu is China’s largest second-hand trading platform, allowing any user to buy or sell second-hand goods here. Xianyu’s predecessor was “Taobao Secondhand”, a mobile client product launched by Alibaba Group in October 2012. On June 28, 2014, Alibaba Group changed its name to Xianyu. Currently Xianyu does not support the web version, only Xianyu APP can be downloaded

9. Amazon


Amazon is the earliest e-commerce platform, currently operating a variety of products, the main products are books, electronic products, furniture products, etc., covering good things from all over the world, overseas direct mail.

10. NetEase Koala Overseas Shopping


Kaola.com is a member e-commerce company mainly engaged in cross-border business under Alibaba. It was publicly tested on January 9, 2015. On September 6, 2019, Alibaba Group announced that it would acquire Kaola.com wholly-owned for US$2 billion. On August 21, 2020, the strategic upgrade was officially announced, focusing on “member e-commerce”. The sales categories cover mother and baby, beauty and cosmetics, home life, nutrition and health care, global cuisine, clothing and luggage, digital home appliances, etc. Kaola.com is 100% authentic, low prices every day, 30-day worry-free return, and fast delivery, providing consumers with a large number of overseas goods purchase channels.

Kaola.com focuses on the concept of self-support and direct sourcing. It has branches or offices in the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. commodity. Eliminate counterfeit goods from the source, save many intermediate links while guaranteeing the quality of the goods. They are directly shipped from the place of origin to the country and stored in the bonded warehouse under the supervision of customs and national inspection.

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