What kind of supplier is qualified?

By justchinait
October 20, 2020

Suppliers are companies and individuals that supply various required resources to companies and their competitors, including the provision of raw materials, equipment, energy, and labor services. How their situation will have a huge impact on the company’s marketing activities, such as raw material price changes, shortages, etc., will affect the company’s products’ price and delivery date, and will therefore weaken the long-term cooperation and benefits between the company and its customers. Therefore, marketing personnel Must have a more comprehensive understanding and thorough analysis of the supplier’s situation.

So to understand whether a supplier is qualified, you can evaluate from the following 7 aspects:

1.Field trips

Generally, it is best to visit the factory before working with suppliers. Large factories usually give people a sense of psychological security, because small workshops may close down at any time. If you cannot come to China, we are happy to verify the factory for free!

Although there is no advantage in price over small workshops, large factories generally have stricter quality requirements.

2. The attitude of the boss

If the overall scale of the supplier is not large, but you still have the intention to cooperate, then you should communicate with the supplier’s boss more and determine what kind of person he is and what kind of attitude he has towards cooperation from the chat process. Whether he can give you a sense of security is very important. In addition to professionalism, those bosses who are sincere and objective will be more popular with customers.

3. Price

Price is definitely a very important factor in promoting cooperation. For products of the same quality, customers are definitely more inclined to lower prices, which can maximize customer profits.

4. Quality

Price is linked to quality. Quality not only refers to product quality, but service quality is also very important. There is no supplier that will never go wrong, there are only suppliers who can’t handle it well.

5. Positivity

Customers like customers who have been actively communicating and have shown a strong desire for cooperation from the beginning of the offer. Being positive is also a major criterion for evaluating suppliers. Many suppliers do not actively make a second offer after the first quotation because the customer has not placed an order. At this time, if there are a patient and motivated supplier, the possibility of him getting orders will be greatly improved.

6. Professional

You can be a foreign trade company but you must be professional. Unprofessional suppliers may not know the product process, which will cause a lot of trouble

7. Character

Respect Ethics Honest Integrity Signpost Meaning Good Qualities


Customers do not like to cooperate with people who have no business ethics, even if the price, delivery time, and quality are all very good.

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