Case Study | How to make your China supplier deliver on time?

By justchinait
December 24, 2020

Jack Lee is a businessman who has lived in the United States for many years. He started sourcing products from China in 2017. Jack knows that it is normal for Chinese suppliers to delay delivery, so he usually places orders in advance. But this time, he temporarily needs to purchase 10,000 headsets. Because there is no advance plan, the supplier must deliver the goods within 25 days. Otherwise, the customer, Jack, will miss the sales opportunity.

Jack was very worried about the supplier, so after placing the order, he approached JustChinait to help follow up on the order’s production and ensure that the supplier delivers on time. How does JustChinait do it?

1. First of all, JustChinait will figure out all the order details so that it can follow up on the order more accurately.

Product: Headphones

Printing: logo

Package: gift box

Sticker: barcode


Quantity: 5000PCS Black and 5000PCS white

2. Communicate with the supplier on all product details to ensure that the factory understands all the details to prevent errors: confirm colors, logo, packing file, barcode, sticker (size and position)

3. Production steps(3+7+5+7+3=25)

List the production steps of the product. Follow up the progress at each critical time point to ensure that the supplier’s progress is reasonable.

Shell, 7 days

Wire, 5 days

Plate, 7 days

Battery + speaker, 5 days

Carton (logo printing), 5 days

Assembly + test, 7 days

Packing + boxing, 3 days

We understand that suppliers mainly produce shells, assemble products, test products, and packaging. Since the supplier makes the shell, the shell proofing can be completed within 3 days at the earliest. Wires, plates, batteries, speakers, and cartons are purchased or produced from other factories and can be carried out at the same time. So it takes about 7 days to prepare all the raw materials. Then the factory needs 7 days for assembly and testing and 5 days for packaging. In the end, the supplier should be able to complete the order within 24 days.

After knowing the product’s production steps, Justchinait will follow the factory’s production schedule every day, especially at some critical time points. For example, on the 7th day after confirming the sample, Justchinait will check whether all the suppliers’ materials are in the warehouse. If the supplier says that the wire is in storage, Justchinait will directly contact the wire factory to ask about the progress or go directly to the wire factory to help solve the problem.

if anything goes wrong, just get why and how to figure it.

Why delayed? get a solution face to face.


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