5 tips to make your consolidated orders lower freight.

Freight costs are parts of your company’s expenditure whenever you ship the goods. You need to follow some essential steps to lower the freight costs. These few tips can help in significantly lowering the costs.

1) Try not to categorize your every shipment as urgent. Do your complete research on the market rates and find the best option. Ship your cargo when freight rates are lower. Urgent orders cost more.

2) Maximize your loads in the container. The more you load products or boxes, the lesser you will have to pay for every product. Go for ocean containers as they only charge per container from one point to the other.

3) Make sure you choose the right transportation method. You can use different transportation methods such as ocean, ground and air. Research well and choose the most timely and cost-efficient mode of transportation.

4) Try to consolidate your cargo by contacting well-reputed outsourcing company. A company like Justchinait is the right choice. This will save your overall cost on the shipments and your delivery time.

5) Try to work with the logistics partners who can provide supply-chain visibility. Supply chains improve performance and lead times. All these steps save money and time in the future.

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