What is Consolidated Shipping?

Consolidated Shipping is a process in which a large number of small shipments are combined. These are then sent to the same location as one consignment. All these small shipments are carried to a consolidation warehouse. From there, they are shipped as a single cargo.

There is a simple rule for the shipping costs. If the volume of the load is greater than normal, the cost per unit will be lowered. The transportation costs are then shared as the shippers combine. Reduced rates of shipping is one of the most significant benefits of freight consolidation.

There is less usage of fuel, and the cargo capacity is usually shared with other shippers. The transits are still faster no matter how slow the shipment consolidation is. The delivery deadlines are always met.

As the freight handling is limited, there are greater chances of shipment safety. Consolidated Shipping is the best transportation method for fragile items. These are regularly sent in the same direction.

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