What are special warehouses?

Special warehouses, as the name suggests, are designed for specific purposes. Following are its primary type:

  1. Hazardous Warehouses: These warehouses store hazardous materials like chemicals, drugs, or substances dangerous to the environment and humans. Special protocols are followed to ensure the safety of the goods and the surroundings.
  2. Cold-Storage Warehouses: These warehouses store frozen foods or goods that require customized temperatures.
  3. Archive Warehouse: This is a unique warehouse since it doesn’t hold any goods but stacks of files. This type is used by big companies who need to store their data, such as files, paperwork, etc.
  4. Bonded Warehouses: Importers opt for these warehouses to store goods without paying their taxes or duties.
  5. Ambient Warehouse: This type of warehouse can store goods and products of all types. The products can be stored at room temperature in these warehouses; therefore, they hold many goods.

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