What are 9 tips for consolidating orders?

In Consolidated Shipping, order consolidation is a significant task. Each company has a unique order processing procedure according to the customer needs. There are some important order consolidation tips you must consider.

– Automation in consolidating orders. Automation improves shipping functions and other general order fulfilment processes.

– There is demand forecasting, where a customer’s past buying trends and his profiles are analyzed.

– Stock level accuracy plays a crucial role. A well-organized and accurate inventory will increase order efficiency.

– There must be proper warehouse management. It will decrease costs and increase productivity.

– There is partial order processing in case the company has limited stock. It partially ships orders for customer satisfaction.

– Customer satisfaction is very important in the order consolidation process. Tell them when their orders are underway.

– Inventory control is crucial in determining the number of products available.

– Using enterprise resource planning, ERP, that collects information from all company departments. It is quite helpful for the tracking order process.

– Barcode scanning and mobile picking is the important tip in the consolidation of orders. The mobile devices and scanners help pickers to scan barcodes on ordered products.

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