What are 7 tips for consolidated delivery?

Consolidate delivery process is quite an important yet sensitive task. From properly packaging to loading and to securing. The entire delivery process deserves significant attention.

– The delivery process is packing the freight in the correct way. If you transport fragile items, you must pack them properly rather than throw them into the box.

– It is better to put the items together like goods and pairs. Putting them close and arranging them can reduce damage risk.

– Pack the fragile materials such as peanuts in bubble wrap or expandable foam.

– Make sure to load large items with care on a shipping pallet. In this way, your goods will remain compact and have less risk of getting damaged.

– Use the interlocking stock method for the shipping items that come in bags. This way, your goods get greater stability.

– Load your freight properly. Avoid pallet overhang and by using undamaged pallets.

– While delivering the consolidation, use proper load protectors edge boards. These will protect your packages.

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