What are 5 important steps in the consolidated delivery process?

The consolidated delivery process is a sensitive and crucial task. Any carelessness can cause financial or product damage, even reputation damage. There are few essential steps in the consolidated process.

1) It is the order placement where a business receives an order from a customer. It is sent to the order management system. The team will determine the target warehouse. This will save transit time and delivery costs.

2) They pick products from inventory. Then a notification is sent to customers. They must be picked sooner so that they can be packed and shipped at the earliest. Employ picking strategies like pierce picking, zone picking and batch picking.

3) There is a sorting step where products are separated as per their final destinations.

4) The packing process is where items are carefully packed in shipping boxes. Here products are labeled with instructions and recipient’s addresses.

5) Lastly, there is the shipping process. The orders are either sent to the consolidation or to the customers.

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