How to use China warehouse for your business?

As discussed in the previous two questions, there are several ways to use a China warehouse. The basic purpose is to store goods in a safe and controlled environment. China has big warehouses in nearly all its major cities and near its ports. An importer has to find a warehouse specializing in storing your specifications products. They are an integral part of the business in China, not just for the foreigners but the local businesses as well. Another way to use China warehouse is to ship the products directly to the customers. Those importers who cannot store inventory in their country nor have a small business can rent a warehouse in China. They take orders from customers and then ship products directly from the China warehouse to the customer’s address. The warehouse is also used to store products for a longer time and then ship them to the importer’s country. It can also store medicine, frozen foods, flammable material, liquids, and surgical instruments. These products get affected by external factors. Therefore especially designed and controlled warehouses are used to store them.

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