How much is freight from China? The shipping cost.

Freight and landing charges make up the majority of shipping costs from China to anywhere in the world.

Costs of shipping from China to the United States

The freight charges are generally estimated by looking at the weight or volume of the items being transported. Typical freight charges for various shipping methods range from:

  • From China to the United States, air express costs $5 to $9 per kg.
  • Airfreight from China to the United States costs $4 to $8 per kilogram.
  • Sea freight from China to the United States costs between $300 and $3900 per container.

These above-mentioned costs can vary from company to company for a particular shipment. Package consolidation and optimization can help reduce buyers’ costs. Reduced shipping costs are a benefit you get if you deal with JustChinaiT as your sourcing company.

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