How much are customs for AliExpress?

The custom differs basis on the country you live in. Other than this, the amount of your order is another important factor in customs.

That amount also decides whether you need to pay custom or not. For example, in the United States of America, you can purchase $800 in a day and not need to pay any custom.

This is because anti-dumping measures aren’t implemented. If your total amount in a day exceeds $800, you’ll get an arrival notice. Then, you will need to complete the customs declaration, which can be done online.

You will need to provide a commercial invoice and proof that you have made the purchase. Then your payment will be completed. For European Union countries, there is no low value anymore.

Instead, 175 to 27% will be charged and added to the cart. For the orders that cross the limit of €150, the customs will not be included in the order amount.

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