How do I cut shipping costs from China?

It’s essential to select a reliable freight forwarder who can meet all of your shipping requirements. They may also provide you with a variety of shipping savings regularly. You may save money on shipping by taking advantage of shipping cost reductions.

Quality shipping services will enable you to develop your worldwide market. You don’t need to to worry about the high costs of international shipping. One of the best ways to reduce shipping costs is consolidated shipping.

Consolidated shipping is when you procure products from different suppliers. These supplies are then combined into one consignment. This you don’t have to pay the shipping on each product separately.

Take the time to research the firms and compare them to make an informed decision about a freight provider. Below are a few tips that can reduce your shipping cost significantly:

(1). Find the Right Shipping Company

(2). Choose the Best Means of Shipping, i.e., Air Freight or Sea Freight

(3). Use Air and Courier Only When Needed

(4). Measure and Weigh Your Packaging

(5). Buy Larger Quantities to Reduce Shipping Costs

(6). Comparison between Shipping Costs

(7). Use the Online Shipping Calculator

(8). Optimize Packaging to Reduce Volume/Space

(9). Goods Consolidation – Combine Smaller Quantities of Goods Together

(10). Route Planning and Optimization

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