How do I buy safely at Alibaba?

Alibaba is safe and reputable. The platform has rules and restrictions to streamline transactions within the platform. Probably you’ve heard of people getting scammed on Alibaba. Indeed, scammers are found in every online market today. To avoid such risks, choose reputable suppliers who’ve been selling for years on the platform.

While transacting at Alibaba, there are many things you can do to avoid landing in a scammer’s hands. The company itself provides trade guarantees and secure payment methods to protect buyers from fraudsters. Also, the company has online registration procedures to make sure all suppliers are legally registered and allows you to report any activity you suspect is not genuine. Just to mention, Alibaba has three filters for buyer protection: Gold supplier, Trade Assurance, and Assessed Supplier.

While searching for products, click the three little boxes containing these filters. Choose a Verified Gold Supplier who has been selling for many years. By clicking the box, you’ll get a list of verified suppliers who deal with the line of the products you’re looking for.

Trade Assurance protects your products from any shipment risk, such as the supplier fails to ship the product, the product doesn’t meet the demanded quality,  or the supplier breaks any rules.

It’s wise to take time to understand and select secure payment procedures before you make payments.

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