How can you detect scams on Alibaba?

Customers can get scammed by illegitimate suppliers on Alibaba. You need to be careful while transacting on the platform, for there are some scammers on Alibaba.

This eCommerce platform is not different from other online markets; scammers are everywhere today. While some suppliers are on the platform to do business honestly, some are there for a different goal altogether. Some suppliers have been caught up in scamming scandals. Alibaba has enforced some restrictions to save its users from scammers. Even so, it would help if you were careful.

There are genuine suppliers on Alibaba and other people who intend to scam customers. Many indicators help you detect a scam as you transact on the platform. They include:

A supplier selling a product at very low prices than normal: Attractive prices that are very low beyond the normal prove that something fishy is happening. The product is probably substandard or a fake brand or rejects that sellers want to get rid of.

Suppliers who increase the quoted price after you’ve placed an order: If such a thing occurs, it’s something that should raise your eyebrows. Genuine suppliers on Alibaba are sober and can only change product prices during bargaining time before the customer places an order.

Suppliers presenting forged product compliance certificates: Fake compliance credentials prove beyond doubt that the supplier in question is illegitimate.

New suppliers are collecting money and exiting the platform: The platform verified Genuine suppliers on Alibaba, and their business names appear in search results. Such suppliers are reputable and have been trading for a long time.

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