How can I tell whether a supplier is a trader or manufacturer?

When you work with a manufacturer, the prices are comparatively lower. Check the company name and visit the website to know what kind of services that company provides. In this way, you can easily get to know whether the company is a trader or manufacturer. You can even check the supplier’s registered capital to check the business type. You can also ask the supplier and get a picture of their license that is readable. A readable license can help you find out the services of that particular company. Besides this, to check if a supplier is a manufacturer or a trader, it is always good to ask them for live videos. Video calls and conferences are also becoming popular to see at a random time if a supplier can come on a video call.

You can ask them for different random and urgent samples. This would not be difficult for a manufacturer to manage, but a trader might not be able to comply with it. Certifications such as ISO-9001, ISO-22000, HACCP, GMP, and other accreditations are also an excellent way to check if a supplier is a manufacturer or a trader. It becomes difficult for a trader to obtain these manufacturing certificates and their process flow charts. Traders and manufacturers require completely different certifications to function in the industry. This will be a clear indicator.

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