4 Steps to Activate Your Supply Chain

China warehouses are technically called, 3PL which stands for third-party logistics. 3PL’s are responsible for warehousing and shipping of the consignment. Following are the four steps involved in developing an effective supply chain.

  1. Warehousing: Once an importer purchases their product, it must be safely shipped back to their country. Usually, shipping a consignment to another country takes time, so these warehouses provide safe storage.
  2. Packaging: When the product is delivered to these warehouses, the staff will take care of it. It is then properly packaged and labeled.
  3. Inventory Management: China warehouses maintain the quantity and the quality of your products.
  4. Shipment: The warehouses will ship the consignment to its required destination to end the supply chain. They are liable for the safe loading of the consignment. Once the shipment arrives, the chain supply completes.

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