The inside story of a Chinese wholesaler: “I can buy goods 10 times cheaper than my peers!”

By justchinait
January 5, 2021

How to buy at the cheapest price in the Chinese wholesale market?

Avoid being seen as “novice”

You should use professional purchase terminology as much as possible.

Wholesalers will be from the buyer’s words and “dress” to see if you are “primary purchase” , and then give you a price.

I suggest you try to ask the price: “How to wholesale? ” “minimum quantity? ” If you buy more, you can ask “how much to pack? ”. Try not to ask, “how much is this one? ” or “How many can you take? ”. Because that’s what retailers usually ask! If we’re unlucky enough to run into unscrupulous wholesalers,. they will raise their prices or be less willing to talk to you.

If you really do not grasp these terms, you can directly with the wholesaler said, I am a new store, not very familiar with the market, let the wholesaler to introduce you. General wholesalers will give you the introduction, after all, perhaps you will be a big customer!

1. Don’t purchase too much for your first purchase

For the first purchase, the novice is often somewhat at a loss, does not know how much to take and what is appropriate, as if they think this is OK, that’s Ok; But after they taking the goods and check again, they find the products are not as good as they imagine. Try to avoid this problem by doing the following:

2. Don’t bring too much cash.

Only buy the amount within the budget. In this way, we can compulsorily control over purchasing. When you arrive at the wholesale market, you may feel that it is rare to go there once and get more goods, or you may be infected by the “environment” and “on a whim”, or you may be influenced by the clever talk of the wholesaler.

Don’t lose your own opinion and be completely swayed by the opinions of wholesalers. Some novices go to pick up goods because they don’t understand and are familiar with the market at all, so they take whatever they see others take. Such a purchasing attitude with no self-assertion often results in product confusion, difficult to match, and no way to talk about personal style, so you must analyze your product positioning before going.

3. Security, protect your property

Wholesale markets usually have a lot of people, especially on holidays, where there are more thieves. Lost wallets, mobile phones, and laptops often occur at stalls in various wholesale cities. It is recommended that you do not wear gold and silver when you go to the stall to buy goods, try to dress frugally, and keep your ID card and bank card separately, so as not to attract the attention of thieves.

4. Prepare to take notes

Don’t rush to get the goods when you arrive at the wholesale market. You can shop around first and ask for a business card if you see something suitable. There are so many products, you can shop around and compare the quality, style and price. Make the overall arrangement of funds after the overall shopping. A little trick is to use your mobile phone to take a picture of the business card and the corresponding product. Otherwise, if you took a lot of business cards, you couldn’t remember what product they are selling. However, some stores do not allow you to take photos.

In addition, you can also use paper and pen to record to facilitate comparison of the conditions of various wholesalers, for example: price, quality, minimum quantity of goods, return requirements, packaging, ease of replenishment, etc. Organize and compare the information you have collected, and then confirm it.

5. Resist the confusion and sweet words of the stall owner

Most wholesalers have years of experience and are very good at speaking. As long as you enter their store, their sales will make you pay for it.

There is a word that often appears in their sales pitch: hot money

What is hot money? It is a particularly good product!

6. Find a reliable transportation company

After buying good goods, what now needs to be considered is how to ship the goods back to your own country or region? I believe this is also the trouble that many buyers will encounter when purchasing in China.

In fact, it’s very simple. You need to find a reliable transportation company or a well-known local foreign trade agent, he will help you solve all the tedious customs clearance problems, and help you easily and without burden to transport the goods to the designated collection in your country. Shipping address. In addition, the transportation company can provide invoice service (invoice) upon request, so that you can file tax returns later.

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