The Best China Sourcing Companies

By justchinait
June 7, 2021

With the development of foreign trade B2B platforms, such as Alibaba, Global Sources, Made in China. whether you are a rookie, or a sourcing expert, it seems that everyone can source from China very simply, so the market is becoming more and more competitive. Why more and more buyers start to work with China sourcing companies?

They start to evaluate China wholesale suppliers more deeply and carefully to make sure they are real manufacturers, compare and get competitive prices in order to survive in the competitive market.
If you want to get lower price, more controlled quality, shorter lead time, or smaller minimum order quantity for sourcing in China, this article is just for you. Because as a leading freight forwarder in China, we know a large number of China sourcing agents and can help you review the best China sourcing agents.
Here we share with you why you need a sourcing agent? How can you get a right China sourcing companies? What are the best China purchasing agents?
With these tips to improve your procurement capabilities and win more market-share immediately!

1. Why you should get a China sourcing companies?

Simply put, there are four reasons.
Cheaper Price
More Professional
Faster Delivery
Less worry Procedure

Cheaper Price

What does cheaper Price mean?
Do the math,when your purchasing lower from 9 to 8,your profit is double.
For each product in China, there are hundreds of China sourcing companies for you to choose.
There is no two different China sourcing companies have the same price, how to get the lowest price?
Then you have to keep comparing them, based on product quality, delivery, service and other factors consistent or similar, to get the best price.
The smartest way, but also the dumbest way, is to compare one by one, communicate one by one, negotiate one by one, there is no other shortcut, unless, you have been engaged in this product, and have bulit Chinese wholesale suppliers database, so others may be take a week to get things done, you can fulfill within four hours and do it better.

More Professional

Each product involves a lot of expertise, for example, even just logo, there are many kinds, plus a variety of sizes, color variations, it is not surprising to say that there are a thousand variations.

Faster Delivery

Time is money. Faster to get quotation,faster for delivery and faster everything.

Less worry

Give the order to a professional, standardized, sincere, cooperative, dedicated, serious and responsible China sourcing companies, you will reap peace of mind.
Production is a relatively complex thing, a conventional product, there may be 20-30 kinds of accessories and links, any one link error will lead to, the entire production process to stop.

2. How can you get a right China sourcing companies?

Today we use the 6W2H tool to analyze how exactly to choose a right China purchasing agent?
We are going to need someone who used to do this job everyday,they are professional,experienced,fast-response and responsible.


Why should I choose you?
What is the Payment terms?
What payment guarantee do you offer?
What kind of services do you provide?
Where is your base office?
If the agent’s office location is not in China, there is basically no point.
Must be close to the final origin of your China wholesale suppliers, for example, you purchase electronic products, because the main production areas are basically in Guangdong Province, if you get a Yiwu Zhejiang agent, that is totally no advantage,as it’s far more than 1000.00km.
Only one advantage your agent have than you that they speak Chinese.
Make sure the agent you get is near to your product area less than 300km.


Who is in charge of China sourcing?
Are they experieced?
How many people are in your sourcing team?
As a sourcing agent, the most core skills, is to deal with the factory and establish the supplier database.
If there are a big sales team,but just 1 or 2 person are working on the sourcing,it may better for you get China wholesale suppliers by yourselves.


Which factory are you going to work with?
What are your criteria for choosing the China source factory? 


When can you quote after you get a inquiry?
If there is a delay, for example, the factory does not deliver on time, what is your response strategy?


How do you find China wholesale suppliers? How do you differentiate or compare?

How much: 

How much do you charge?

3. What is the best China sourcing agent?

Normally a China sourcing agent is not someone just speak Chinese,it should be someone knows very well about your product,have China sourcing and exporting experience not less than 5 years,also have very powerful sourcing skill and built China wholesale suppliers database.
Even Walmart doesn’t sell everything.
So if there is a China sourcing agent are saying they are the best China soucing company in China, obviously it’s not true.
Or there is a list directly tells you the best purchasing agents regardless of any product,it’s absolutely wrong.
The right questions is what kind of product they are good at?or where is their China sourcing company located?
It is hard for someone who is not in this field,so the China purchasing agents must be very professional and very knowledgeable about the product,as they are going to compare the suppliers,bargain with the factory’s sales.
The factory’s sales is the one who knows the best about their product.
The list should be like the following:
The best electronic products sourcing agent.
The best clothing sourcing agent.
The best shoes sourcing agent.
The best mask sourcing agent.
There are only 4 points with sourcing,Price,Quality,Lead time and Service.
Let us try to find the best China sourcing companines against our needs.

The best global sourcing companies and agent operated by foreiner:

If the whole procedure services is very important to you, and price,quality and lead time demand moderately.
Then it is recommended to choose the following China sourcing companies and agents provided by foreigners, they may have offices in your imported locality, the most well-known ones are as follows.

1. QuiksSourcing

Office Located: Canada (Not in China)
Advantaged Product: didn’t indicate.
Product sourcing and quotes from Chinese wholesale suppliers
Consulting on import and export, compliance certifications,
Product samples,
Verify supplier’s legitimacy
If you are importing to Canada,and the serivce is the most important to you,it would be a good idea to choose this agent.

2. Guided Imports

Some Amazon sellers are afraid of sourcing products from China because of delays in completing projects. This may result in bringing about a breach of contract.
But don’t feel that way. Created Guided Imports to simplify the process without delays and inconvenience. In addition to importing products quickly from e-commerce, the sourcing process is affordable and uncomplicated.
When running a business, you have many things to take care of. As a result, you may not have enough time to shop for quality products. This is where Guided Imports can play a key role.
While Guided Imports handles the sourcing of products from China, you can focus on other important aspects of your business.
Office Located: Singapore and U.S.A.
Advantaged Product: didn’t indicate.
Sourcing Manufacturing
Quality Inspection Control
Product Compliance
Shipping and Freighting
If you are importing to Singapore and U.S.A,and the serivce is the most important to you,it would be a good idea to choose this agent.

3. Easy Imex

Easy Imex is a China sourcing agent for medium to large companies. Like the other China sourcing agents on this list, the company was founded to help companies from the US, Australia, and the UK source high quality and low cost products from China.
Previously, Easy Imex was a small China sourcing company to enable companies to turn their goals into reality. Now it has become a single import facilitator offering a wide range of sourcing services to people from all over the world.
Office Located: Britain,Australia,Netherlands,Shanghai(China)
Advantaged Product: didn’t indicate.
Product sourcing
Factory Audits
Quality check
If you are importing to Britain,Australia,Netherlands,and the serivce is the most important to you,it would be a good idea to choose this agent.

4. Sourcing Allies Global

If you are looking for a manufacturing agent or a China sourcing company, then you have come to the right place. Since 2006, Sourcing Allies Global has been helping Western clients manufacture and source products from China as well as India and Eastern Europe.
As a China sourcing agent, Sourcing Allies Global is particularly good at – sourcing products from China. They guide you through the process of obtaining quotes, evaluating factories, and managing the complexities of manufacturing and shipping. Sourcing Allies Global ensures that your goods are delivered when you need them – all for the best price, quality, and delivery time.
Office Located: USA,Sweden,China(Zhejiang)
Advantaged Product: Die casting, Metal Stamping, Plastic Iniection Moulding
Sustainable Sourcing
Die casting
Metal Stamping
Plastic Iniection Moulding
If you are importing to USA,Sweden,and the serivce is the most important to you,it would be a good idea to choose this agent.

5. Linc Sourcing

Link Sourcing was founded in Sweden in 1995 and is dedicated to providing European companies with manufacturers from Hong Kong, China, and other Asian countries. Link Sourcing has been the first choice for companies of any type and market segment with decades of quality service.
Today, this Chinese sourcing company has a network of more than 100 standardized manufacturers from different industries.
Whether looking for an experienced or committed China sourcing agent, you have come to the right place!
Office Located: Sweden,China (Shanghai)
Advantaged Product: furniture and furniture parts, interior design for shops and retail stores, water treatment products, electric cables, EV chargers, automotive parts, medical rehabilitation products, window fittings, construction hardware, kitchen appliances, various consumer products, products to the agriculture industry, etc
If you are importing to Sweden,and the serivce is the most important to you,it would be a good idea to choose this agent.

6. Bay Source

Bay Source is committed to giving customers the lowest total cost of ownership for turnkey manufacturing solutions.
Daily and weekly progress reports, including photos and videos 30+ member team, US and China staff
Bilingual, integrity-driven professionals committed to customer service
This China agency embraces the principle of complete transparency, allowing their clients to focus on growing their top-line business. And eliminate the high cost of managing overseas campaigns with dedicated US and China account teams for each client.
Office Located: USA,China (Shanghai)
Advantaged Product: Consumer Products,Industrial Products
Product Development & Manufacturing
U.S. Sales and Distribution
China Market Strategy
Plan Your Factory Visit
China Manufacturing Altematives
If you are importing to USA,and the serivce is the most important to you,it would be a good idea to choose this agent.

7. Dragon Sourcing

Your friends have probably recommended Dragon Sourcing several times. What makes it stand out from other China sourcing companies? Well, its service is as incredible as you might imagine. Plus, the cost of the sourcing solution is so low that it won’t break your bank.
As one of the largest China sourcing companies, Dragon Sourcing has offices in the US, Kenya, Turkey, Italy, Austria, Brazil, South Africa, the UK and Vietnam.
Dragon Sourcing also has offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong, China. Due to this, the company offers a better choice for many people. In addition, they have access to a wide range of well-liked manufacturers.
France,Turkey,Spain,Italy,Russia,Brazil,Argentina,Mexico,Vietnam,India,South Africa,Kenya,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,China
Advantaged Product: Packaging,Industrial Items
Procurement Intelligence
Procurement outsourcing
Benefits Delivered
If you are importing to the above country,and the serivce is the most important to you,also the field match, it would be a good idea to choose this agent.

The best China sourcing companies and agent operated by Chinese:

If better price, quality and delivery are more important to you, then you need to use a service provider that is operated by Chinese, don’t forget to check where is the agent located.
It is important to find the China sourcing agent that near to the production area.
For example,if you want to buy China electronic product,shenzhen’s agent is much better than other place.
A yiwu,shanghai or ningbo agent,it’s totally useless,as the production area is almost 1000.00km to your agent’s location.
China is a very big country,let’s see the largest exporting Province Ranking List
No.1 Guangdong(Major cities: Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Dongguan)
No.2 Jiangsu(Major cities: Nanjing,Changzhou)
No.3 Zhejiang(Major cities: Yiwu,Ningbo,Jianghua,Hangzhou)
No.4 Shanghai
No.5 Shandong(Major cities: Qingdao)
No.6 Fujian
No.7 Beijing

No.1 Guangdong

(Major cities: Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Foshan,Zhuhai,Jiangmen)

Office Located: Guangzhou City

1. IMEX Sourcing

Imex Sourcing Services is a perfect China sourcing company. Similar to other China sourcing agencies, Imex Sourcing Services offers a wide range of sourcing facilities. Its parent company, IMEX Liaisons, is located in Guangzhou, China.
What makes it stand out from the competition of China agencies is that they give their clients full access to a customized online portal. For this reason, it makes it easier for China sourcing companies to track and even manage the purchase order process.
From day one, Imex Sourcing Services has been committed to providing competitive pricing and incredible customer support.
Advantaged Product: didn’t indicate.
Vendor background check
Quality inspection
Factory audits
Office Located: Shenzhen City

1. FBA Sourcing China

FBA Sourcing China is a China sourcing company specializing in Amazon FBA.
With years of experience in the industry, FBA Sourcing China has become part of millions of Amazon sellers in Hong Kong, Asia, and Europe.FBA Sourcing China promises to provide its valued customers with top-notch service in addition to corporate pricing.
It is a worthy and meaningful China sourcing company to work with the best sourcing partners.
FBA Sourcing China specializes in electronics, including accessories related to the health and fitness industry.
Advantaged Product: didn’t indicate.
Sourcing for FBA
Supervising the preparation process
Handling the logistics
If you are a Amazon Seller and buy something from Guangdong,it would be a good choice.

2. Maple Sourcing

It is frustrating when the product you ordered is not delivered as you planned. It can cost you hundreds of dollars because of delays in the delivery of your merchandise. Sometimes the risk of potential customers being lost to competitors is also higher than expected.
At Maple Sourcing, you can say goodbye to late shipments. As the best sourcing agent in china, they value your time. No matter the nature of your project, Maple Sourcing can assist you in finding Chinese wholesale suppliers.
As one of the best China sourcing agents, they have professional quality control inspectors to ensure that customers receive their products safely and correctly.
Advantaged Product: didn’t indicate.
Product Sourcing
Manufacturing Control
Quality Inspection
Order Monitoring
If you are buy something from Guangdong,it’s a good try.

3. Sourcing Bro

Sourcing Bro is another China sourcing company you can’t afford to miss as a hub for global trade services. From a wide range of products to an experienced team of professionals, this China sourcing company has it all.
Advantaged Product: didn’t indicate.
Tracking Support
If you are a seller which are running eCommerce and buy from Guangdong,it would be a good choice to try.

4. China Purchasing Agent

Are you looking for a competent, certified, and licensed sourcing agent in China?
As one of the preferred China sourcing agents, China Purchasing Agent never ceases to amaze its clients. From unparalleled commitment to extensive expertise, China Purchasing Agent is ready to serve you.
Whether you run a business in Europe or the United States, it can be difficult to source products from China. This is especially true when you are a beginner.
Don’t worry anymore! The experts at China Purchasing Agent are just a phone call away! They will never leave you behind until you find a proven Chinese supplier.
Advantaged Product: didn’t indicate.
Sourcing Services
FBA Services
Logistic Services
Taobao Agent
Shipping Calculator
Dropshipping Services
They support very small quantity,it’s a bright points.

5. Laz Panda

Lazpanda provides Amazon private label services, including sourcing, labeling, and shipping to FBA. lazpanda has over 5 years of experience in helping small businesses source products from China to the world.
With experience and customers, Lazpanda has been proven to be one of the good sourcing agents in China.
They offer sourcing, supplier verification, product inspection and shipping arrangement services, and business travel guides, and other China business tutorials.
Advantaged Product: didn’t indicate.
Sourcing Services
FBA ServicesSuggestion:
Their charge rate is very clear,you can compare it with other agent very easy.

Office Located: Foshan City

1. Riwick

Riwick is both a China sourcing agent for household products and a supplier of furniture materials and hardware.
They have been providing home sourcing services since 2015, focusing on providing one-stop furniture sourcing solutions for residential, commercial and business. riwick’s products include furniture, windows, doors, building materials, bathrooms, tiles, lighting and more.
Since 2020, Riwick has not only provided sourcing services, but also become a supplier of furniture materials and furniture accessories and furniture hardware and furniture accessories.
Advantaged Product: Furniture
Wholesale Furniture Sourcing Solutions
Focus and good at Furniture,highly recommended.

2. Foshan Sourcing

Who doesn’t want to work with one of the best China sourcing companies? Everyone dreams of sourcing products with the help of a reputable sourcing agent.
Foshan Sourcing has been a China sourcing agent for over a decade. In the ten years of being a sourcing agent in China, their reputation is different.
In addition to their skills in sourcing products from China, Foshan Sourcing also specializes in building ceramics and other materials. Foshan Sourcing’s team also consists of different cities that are responsible for various business clusters. Chenghai, for example, is exclusive to toys. Chaozhou is responsible for sanitary products. Chaoyang for underwear. Foshan for tiles, furniture, doors, and windows.
Advantaged Product: Furniture,Light,Bathroom fittings,Tile,Kitchen Cabinet,Windows and Door
Shipping Delivery
Focus and good at their field ,highly recommended.

Office Located: Zhuhai

1. China 2 West

Do you need a single point of entry when it comes to sourcing products from China? Are you looking for an expert who deals with concepts and marketing? Whatever your situation, China 2 West is there to support you.
They offer certification, layout, product development, production, tooling, prototyping, quality control, and logistics.
Having worked hard to achieve excellence, China 2 West has acquired a great database since 2005. This database contains information that allows the company to develop its services to the satisfaction of its target market.
Advantaged Product: shelf products, metals, electronics or complex projects with multiple parts.
Supply Chain Management
Quality Control
Assembly & OEM Manufacturing
Product Development
Focus and good at their field,highly recommended.

Office Located: Jiangmen City

 1. EC4U LTD

Ec4u Limited has been the company of choice to assist companies in sourcing and producing non-food consumer items in China, Hong Kong, Europe and other corners of the world.
Ec4u Limited will get the job done in accordance with existing industry rules and standards and can deliver at a time most convenient to you. They complete product development and quality inspections as efficiently as possible.
Ec4u Limited does not offer a universal sourcing service. Before anything else, they consider the requirements of their clients to ensure their satisfaction and happiness.
Advantaged Product: Tableware, Kitchenware, Home textiles, Outdoor

  • Product Sourcing
  • Supplier Selection
  • IP Protection

Focus and good at their field,highly recommended.

No.2 Jiangsu(Major cities: Nanjing,Changzhou)

Don’t have good sourcing companies or agent.

No.3 Zhejiang

(Major cities: Yiwu,Ningbo,Jianghua)

Office Located: Yiwu City

1. Jing Sourcing

Jing Sourcing is another name for the industry. He established A Chinese sourcing agency to assist small businesses in importing goods in China at the highest quality and best prices.
For over a decade, Jing Sourcing has been providing the best service worldwide, facing 1,000 manufacturers on popular platforms such as Alibaba.
In addition to being a great founder, Jing Sourcing is surrounded by at least 40 local Chinese workers. So you can be sure to work with a Chinese sourcing agent who knows the industry inside and out.
Advantaged Product: didn’t indicate.

  • General Sourcing
  • Dropshipping
  • Graphic Design

Any sourcing from Zhejiang,will be a good ideas.

2. Meeno Group

Located in Yiwu, China, Meeno Group is another famous sourcing company customized for both domestic and international clients.
Serving the sourcing industry for many years, Meeno Group is known in China as an experienced and talented professional. This Chinese agency achieves a high level of professionalism, good work ethics, integrity, and excellence.
Despite the demand from the Chinese market, Meeno Group has a smooth and efficient process that allows them to meet the ever-changing needs of their valued clients around the globe.
Advantaged Product: didn’t indicate.

  • Sourcing Consultancy
  • Factory & Market Guide
  • Factory Audits
  • Orders Management
  • Logistic Forwarder

If you import from Zhejiang,China,you can try this one.

3. Supplyia

Suppose you want to find a trustworthy and reliable sourcing company. If you have been working with an inexperienced sourcing agent for a few months, then Supplyia is an excellent choice.
Whether you run a small business or have difficulty finding China wholesale suppliers in China, Supplyia can help you. Product sourcing will be like a fish out of water, and unnecessary risks are avoided. The cost is also reasonable and fits the budget.
Let’s admit it! Sourcing products can be tricky and risky. This is especially true for beginners or even experienced companies. At Supplyia, they mitigate any security issues from start to finish.
Advantaged Product: didn’t indicate.

  • Product sourcing
  • Samples
  • Consultation for import and export
  • Inspection quality
  • Warehouse storage
  • Arrangement shipping
  • Price negotiations
  • Production follow-up
  • Photography
  • Packaging and private labels making
  • Inspection reports and audits
  • Graphic design

If you import from Yiwu,Zhejiang,China,you can try this one.

Office Located: Ningbo City

1. B2C Sourcing

B2C Sourcing offers services that can customize to meet your needs.
B2C Sourcing ensures that your China wholesale suppliers are compliant in fulfilling your orders and will show customers details of the factory’s legal credentials, as well as details of its production capabilities.
Pre-Shipment InspectionLetting your products ship without inspection is a surefire way to build a bad reputation due to defective products.B2C Sourcing helps you inspect your products to ensure they are adequate. Their quality inspectors are well trained and can be of great benefit to your business.
Advantaged Product: didn’t indicate.

  • Product Sourcing
  • Supplier Audit
  • Samples Forwarding
  • Samples Evaluation
  • Product Photography
  • FBA Prep
  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Freight Forwarding

If you import from Ningbo City,you shouldn’t miss this one.

Office Located: Jinghua City

1. Sourcing Wise

Whether you represent a small business or a large wholesaler, SourcingWise has the right solution for you. As one of the leading China agencies, SourcingWise makes sourcing in China smooth and cost effective.
SourcingWise offers a complete solution with a strong supply chain covering multiple industries. Selected Chinese wholesale suppliers have quality products and services that can greatly reduce your trade risk and save you time.
SourcingWise offers a full range of services for e-commerce sellers such as Amazon, Shopify, Ebay and others.
These services include customization, quality control, labeling, packaging, and home delivery.
Advantaged Product: didn’t indicate.

  • Yiwu Agent
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Amazon Sourcing Agent
  • Product Inspection
  • Factory Audit
  • Shipping from China
  • Production Management
  • Shipping from China
  • Export Agent

If you import from Jinghua City,you shouldn’t miss this one.

2. Keen Sourcing

Have you ever tried Ec4u Ltd. and were not satisfied with its services? If so, Keen Sourcing is a good choice. They are experienced and will not leave you behind when you need them most.
In addition to their expertise, Keen Sourcing has an unparalleled dedication to assisting overseas shoppers and businesses in sourcing products from China.
And that’s not all! Keen Sourcing strives to improve quality control. They also strive to comply with the existing laws of the country. The cost of sourcing products is also cost effective.
Advantaged Product: didn’t indicate.

  • Product sourcing
  • Quality Control
  • Factory Audit
  • Sourcing Service for Amazon FBA Seller
  • Quality Inspection
  • Production Monitoring
  • Order Follow-Up
  • Lab Testing

If you are a amazon sell,this agent would be a good idea for you.


Office Located: Wuhan City

1. Leeline Sourcing

Leeline Sourcing is one of the first Chinese agencies in China. It can get the best price directly from the factory. No hidden fees.
Leeline Sourcing performs factory audits for you and checks the products one by one before shipping. It can also negotiate with factories on your behalf and track production to ensure product quality.
Ship from China and get the best shipping rates. Reduce your shipping costs by up to 50%.
They also promise to provide 1 month free warehouse storage for your shipments.
Advantaged Product: didn’t indicate.

  • Product Sourcing
  • Amazon FBA Sourcing
  • China Inspection Services
  • China Quality Control
  • Pre Shipment Inspection
  • Factory Audit Services
  • China Dropshipping

It seems wuhan is far from any place of origin.

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