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With Suppliers Database and billions of data points powered by years of industry-leading expertise, JUSTCHINAIT creates a China Sourcing-driven strategy to help buyers buy cheaper and ship cheaper from China.
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How is this possible?

We integrate high-quality suppliers, logistics, warehousing, and other resources to provide foreign buyers with the products they want at the most reasonable price and provide them with a series of follow-up China sourcing services.

Through these China importing services and our dedicated and high-quality suppliers Database, we have helped thousands of foreign buyers and brought millions of dollars in profit growth to our customers' businesses.


Our high-quality resources and professional team provide customers with an unparalleled China importing experience. Our experienced team's understanding of the Chinese market and our suppliers' database help achieve our customers' business goals.

What is the Supplier Database?

Supplier's Database isn't a general China Importing tool. It has a vast system of resources, from sourcing to shipping. In this supplier database, you can find the supplier status of various products. Including supplier scale, capacity, delivery time, and so on.
Collect quotations from source factories to make better decisions
Compare the prices of homogeneous products to save more costs.
Through the suppliers' Database, we find cheaper factories for our customers. Our customers have surpassed their competitors in the past ten years and enjoyed a more convenient and affordable Chinese importing service, achieving their most ambitious goals.

Bring Sources

We measure our success through the success of our customers. It is the purpose of setting up the JUSTCHINAIT website. Our Suppliers Database brings sources to our customers and helps them buy cheaper and ship cheaper.

Suppliers Database provides our customers with a complete set of services that simplify their China importing process from sourcing to shipping goods. It also demonstrates the power of our resource integration — by the total profit growth we've generated for clients.


Speed Quotations

Our resource-driven strategies and industry-leading expertise do more than helping you collate quotes from source suppliers — they also speed quotations. With Suppliers Database, our clients get efficient quotations.

Through Speed Quotations, we have saved our customers at least 50% of importing time from China. The reduction in importing time allows our customers to continue to start their business faster, grow their teams, and increase their profit.


Make Improvement

We can provide customers with source factory quotations and help you find cheaper suppliers for the same product. Whether quantity, standard, model, specification, packaging, etc., we can find a similar factory. And the factory we found will be cheaper than the supplier you work for.

We have facilitated thousands of transactions for thousands of customers. Through the complete set of services we provide, their imports from China have greatly improved. With such a variety of Chinese importing services and our professional team, we can make Customers complete China's imports at the lowest cost while increasing profit margins.


Measure growing

With the power of the suppliers' Database and the potential profit margins of Chinese imports, our customers have achieved considerable success in their industry. By focusing on integrating high-quality suppliers and logistics channels, we have minimized importing costs.

As a result, since its establishment in 2010, our customers have earned millions of dollars in profit growth. With our data-based strategy and unparalleled expertise, our customers have increased their income and created jobs, supported local communities, and more.

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A Long List of Client Success

As early as 2010, we established our expertise in the field of China importing. At the very beginning, we could only provide inquiry and quotation services from the source factory. In the past four years, our team pays attention to the actual needs of customers and thus develops more diverse services.
Proven performance
Our service is not mysterious. They originate from the real needs of customers. Through the supplier database, we meet the real and tangible needs of our customers.
Resource-Driven Insight
We have collected billions of proprietary data points for decades, providing our customers with competitive source factories and logistics channels unmatched by other China importing service agencies.
Satisfied customers
Our commitment to customer success is the reason behind our industry-leading customer retention rate of 95% and customer recommendation scores that are 200% higher than the national average.

We've delivered over 21,776 cheaper for clients. Find how we can help your business growing.

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