Pick and Pack Services China: Complete Guide

By HX Wenli
June 20, 2022

This is a complete guide to pick and pack services in China in 2022.
In this new guide, you’ll learn:
Types of fulfillment warehouse
How to choose to pick and pack services in China
How to set up a pick and pack warehouse
Lots more
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Chapter #1 Pick and Pack Services China Basic

pick and Pack Services China Basic

What are Pick and Pack Services China?

The Pick and Pack Services China takes place in warehouses and fulfillment centers and is a crucial supply chain for many e-commerce firms. These services will start by choosing the stocks available to offer to their client’s customers. They will manage everything from making sure that the orders are complete, safe, and will arrive fast at the end site.  
After a customer puts an order at the online store, they will arrange it. Before they send them, the warehouse will first be packed them into proper packaging with labels, materials, and documentation. 

What is a China Warehouse?

A China warehouse is where you store all your products. This site also offers various services to help your goods become safe, stable, and fast-moving. 
Some examples of the notable China warehouses are:

  • Amazon Warehouse China
  • Best Buy Chino Warehouse
  • EPC Warehouse China
  • SHEIN Warehouse China
  • Walmart Warehouse
  • Bonded Warehouse China
China warehouses

What is the Contrast Between China Warehouse and Fulfillment Centers? 

There is a big difference between these two concepts in terms of the factors they play. China warehouses are only storage, so there are not many processes involved. On the other hand, these centers help bring your online orders to your customer’s doorstep. After someone buys from your store, they will arrange it fast and ship them. 

Why are Fulfillment Centers Important? 

Fulfillment centers are a big help when it comes to arranging your products and shipping them to your customers. You can eliminate the need for your own warehouse or physical store through these centers. It also provides benefits, such as:

  • Make room for other products
  • Customer service can be better
  • Boost your concentration
  • Reduce your shipping fees
  • Extend your horizons

How does China Pick and Pack Warehousing Service Works?

The pick and pack process focus on eight steps, such:

  1. Receiving stocks
  2. Inventory storage
  3. Order processing
  4. Picking
  5. Packing
  6. Shipping
  7. Delivery
  8. Returns processing

Chapter #2 Pros and Cons of China Pick and Pack Warehousing Service

China Pick and Pack Warehousing Service


Low shipping charges

There is a big difference between the shipping charges if you are to ship your products alone rather than if you work with a fulfillment center. Since these centers cater to a big volume, they were able to partner with multiple shipping companies. They also negotiate to reduce shipping charges.
For instance, if you decide to operate with the China amazon warehouse, you can send it to the nearest location. In this way, shipping rates will be lower. 

Low operating costs

Managing your fulfillment needs is not simple and comes with many fees. You have to arrange many factors to do this smoothly, such as:

  • China warehouse 
  • Warehouse renting
  • Additional workers and salaries
  • Equipment
  • Utilities
  • Management software

When you choose a fulfillment center, they already have what is listed above. You only need to pay them monthly or annually, then let them do the work for you. 

Focus on the task at hand

Processing orders and arranging the shipping are tedious methods for most people who run retail businesses. However, it will not be if you utilize a china pick and pack warehousing service. Using these services, you have the time to focus on other things to grow your business and others like:

  • Product sourcing
  • Marketing
  • Brand planning
  • Increasing sales
  • Sourcing products

Stock control

You must keep track of your stocks; however, this process is time-consuming and expensive. It is where getting a china pick and pack warehousing service comes in handy. The firm that offers these services will do all the responsibilities of monitoring, recording, and reporting inventory. 
They have all the means, software, and effective stock control systems. When you use this service, you will only access the information they have provided, know how many stocks you have and if you need to restock.

Delivery speed

Fulfillment centers solely focus on the logistic side. They process orders, package them, and ship them to the customers. They prevent delays because they are experts in this field, have proper employees, the right equipment, and can count stocks. Instead, they ship fast and increase customers’ happiness. 

Handling customer returns

One of the hard tasks of logistics is customer returns. This process will start with the original purchase, such as the materials and return labels. It is a big hassle, even stressful. When you work with a fulfillment center, they will handle all the customer’s issues, including the returns. 
Some of the brands’ warehouses that do a good job when it comes to handling returns are:

  • Shein warehouse China
  • Amazon warehouse China
  • Walmart warehouse in China 
  • Bonded warehouse China
  • Best buy chino warehouse
  • EPC warehouse china

Increase customer experience

Picking and packing, shipping, and returns are no longer a hassle with a fulfillment center. These centers and warehouses have all the resources, skills, and experience to make your products and services the best for your customers. They even double-check everything to ensure what they are sending to them. They also partnered with the best shipping firms so that these packages arrive in great condition. 

Have more time to scale your company

Since fulfillment centers handle one of the hassle parts of the retail business, the other side, which is scaling, is done by you. You have more time to plan, grow, and expand your business without worrying about the customer’s order. You will also not worry about running out of storage space for your products since they are all safe and sound in China warehouses.


Giving up control

It’s effective for business owners to control all their processes fully. So putting all the vital aspects—the logistics—in the hands of fulfillment services is a hard choice. If this is something that you like to take hands-on, you may buy a Warehouse for Sale China and then do the fulfillment yourself. 

Limit the creativity

When your business wants a gimmick for packaging, fulfillment centers will limit that. The common areas of options for these ruses are handwritten letters, notes, and unique packaging. However, your costs will be lower without these things, the process will be fast, and you will have more time to expand your business.  

Potential costs

If your business trades tiny amounts and volumes of products, the fulfillment center is a disadvantage to you. Since these warehouses and centers receive large orders each day, they may charge additional holding costs. Your company needs to work hard on marketing and selling your products fast to limit your fulfillment cost. 

Human error

Human error often happens to fulfillment services. You might not be aware, but they can damage them, sends too little or many products, or put the wrong products. These errors might not be noticeable, not until your customer complaints. You need to choose the best fulfillment centers and China warehouse to limit these errors. 

Chapter #3 The China Pick and Pack Service Methods

When dealing with picking, packing, and sending your products, you should use the methods best work for you. There are multiple “Pick and Pack Services China methods,” so you have many choices. At first, some of these methods will work best. But as your company grows, you’ll need to embrace new strategies.
Through this, you have the chance to reduce mistakes and returns, save money, and will have higher customer satisfaction. The four main methods that you can choose from are the following:

China Pick and Pack Service Methods

Zone Picking

Zone Picking is the best option for firms that need large China warehouses. Some of the firms that use these have a lot of storage space, fulfillment centers, and warehouses. This zone has a step-by-step process that starts with picking and ends with packing. For an in-depth explanation:

  • Assigned pickers to the China warehouse zone will handle all the picking of the products in that zone. 
  • They will send the ordered products to a worker in the following zone.
  • After passing all the zones, they will keep the items on the packing slip until an order arrives at the packing station.

This approach takes a lot of effort. However, this is the most effective method for the large enterprise’s china pick and pack warehousing service. 

Wave Picking

The hybrid of batch and zone picking methods is wave picking. It is a method where it splits the China warehouse into the zones. Then, the assigning workers will pick the orders in batches instead of a single order. After the workers finish picking them up, they will send them to the next zone for picking.

Piece Picking

One of the best methods for taking and picking single order is piece picking. This method will work best if you have a tiny firm, receive a few orders a week, and sell limited products. The process of doing this method is as follows:

  • The workers will pick up the products from the China warehouse. 
  • The workers will have a packing slip cater to a specific order, and then they will pick up the item using this manner. 
  • After getting all the items listed, they will take them to the packaging station. 

Batch Picking

Batch picking is the process where the workers pick up goods in batches. Each bach order goes through being grouped in the same China warehouse. Most of the time, the products are in the same are to combine them fast. 
If your company sells trendy products, is always sold out, and is in high demand, this method works best. It can save you money by stopping the need to walk back and forth to pick up single orders. You also have the means to select an item for many charges and redistribute it to the demands that require it.

Chapter #4 Types of Fulfillment Warehouses

Fulfillment Warehouses

China Furniture Warehouse

China furniture warehouse is a space that caters to all furniture items. In China, the best warehouse location you can put and work in is in Northeast China. This site is the home of the furniture industry making the storage simple and easy. 

Amazon Warehouse China

There are many china amazon warehouses in all parts of China. At most, they have 15 of these spaces. Because of how many these sites are, they were able to offer same-day delivery and returns.

China Automated Warehouse

As per Catalyst, the number of automated warehouses will rise in 2020. This rate will grow to at least $30 billion between 2020 and 2026. This solution and type of warehouse lessen the use of human labor. Instead, they put up new tech to support the pick and pack process. 

China Shoe Warehouse

Buying a “Shoe Warehouse for Sale China” is the best option if your products are always in-demand. Most China factory is in the southeast coastal regions like Fujian and Zhejiang. 

China Steel Structure Warehouse

This type of warehouse mainly caters to steel products, like:

  • Steel columns
  • Steel beams
  • Purlins
  • Other structural steel 

There is also a steel counterpart which is the glass warehouse. An example of this is the china glass warehouse lofts.

China Warehouse Clothing

Many clothing brands in China have warehouses like SHEIN warehouse china. Because their products are always in-demand, ready, and fast-moving, they need to invest in a “Warehouse for Sale China” or work with fulfillment centers to make their process smooth and fast. 

China Warehouse Service

This type of hold center offers varieties of services, including:

  • Storage site
  • Low-cost warehouse
  • Pick and pack
  • Labeling
  • Shipping

Chapter #5 How to Choose Pick and Pack Services China

.Choose Pick and Pack Services China

Are you looking for the best “Warehouse for Sale China” or perhaps in need of a china pick and pack warehousing services? Here are some of the items you need to consider before choosing:

Warehouse fulfillment price

One of the reasons why firms choose the china pick and pack warehousing service is to save money. The costs are critical since they can affect your product prices and transaction. To do this, you have to weigh the recurring monthly or yearly fees, per-transaction fees, and if there’s an additional hidden charge. 


The goal of choosing a China warehouse is to make sure that the products will arrive at their intended location on time. The closer the China warehouse address to the customers, the faster it will be delivered. It is why the location of the warehouse and fulfillment centers matter. 
Based on GlobeNewsWire, from 2020 to 2024, same-day delivery will increase by $9.73 billion. This rate will push e-commerce enterprises to reduce the time between ordering and arrival of the products to the customers. To add to this growing need, Amazon, among the most extensive company today, expanded their China amazon warehouse. 

China warehouse cost

When working with a China warehouse, you should expect the upfront and long-term costs you will pay. Each of these— for instance, Guangzhou China Warehouses, has varieties of range fees. However, they have one thing in common: you can save money long-term. For this reason, they will handle everything, including labor, packaging supplies, overhead, and other costs. 

China warehouse system

One of the most critical aspects to ponder when choosing fulfillment centers is the efficiency of their system. This system helps support the warehouse fulfillment center. Many centers utilize 3PL and SKU systems to save you time and money when warehousing.

China warehouse shipping

The way of shipping is tricky, so you need a helping hand. Your chosen warehouse fulfillment should manage all your shipping processes. They need due process and freight services so that the products will arrive at the customer safe and sound. 
These warehouses should also be able to handle several items with extreme care. They should also offer basic warehousing, shipment faculty, and methods like batching. 

Pick and Pack Services China

Every China pick and pack warehousing service should offer varieties of services. Typical services you should look into are warehousing, order fulfillment, and shipping. You can also note the ability of these warehouses to be creative and adapt to your demands. 
Before choosing which fulfillment centers to work with, you should research their services. Moreover, the details below are other custom services you can use as reference:

  • Custom Packaging
  • Pick and Pack
  • Custom Shipping Logistics
  • Kitting

Customer service

Customers’ satisfaction is an essential aspect of many businesses today. If there is a higher rate of customer happiness, it’s possible that the spending will increase. So, it’s best to focus on things and ways to make a solid customer experience. 
Among the firms with top-notch customers happiness on this list is Amazon. Their China amazon warehouse can cater to all the products of their sellers. For this reason, they were able to improve their systems, such as delivery, order process, returns, and more. 


You will be putting your customers’ delight into the hands of your China warehouse. It means that it’s best to work with a warehouse fulfillment center with the necessary experience. Even though there are temptations to work with a low-cost service is strong, you might want to avoid that and work with a proven fulfillment firm instead. If you are a seller on Amazon, you can use Amazon Warehouse China to store your products and shipping processes.

Chapter #6 FAQs on the Pick and Pack Services China

Is Buying a “Warehouse for Sale China” Worth It?

Buying or even renting a “Warehouse for Sale China” is best for firms that ship daily and have large volumes. Renting these warehouses can also give you the same benefits, such as:

  • Shipment packaging
  • Storage for both short and long term
  • Cargo consolidation
  • Stock control

Is it Best to Outsource your “Pick and Pack Services China”?

If your business has reached your fulfillment capacity, it’s time to outsource them. This process will help you save money and allows rooms to expand.

What are the Ways to Reduce Fulfillment Costs?

As the popularity and importance of B2B firms grow day by day, fulfillment centers and China warehouses find it hard to lessen the fees. Companies should find a way to keep the costs within their reach. Here are some of the ways to effectively reduced high costs:

  • Rent a Warehouse for Sale China and do the fulfillment yourself
  • Keep your style and internal process in your own offices
  • Include an omnichannel strategy
  • Minimize packaging and shipping
  • Use new tech
  • How to Set Up a Pick and Pack Warehouse?

In setting up a pick and pack warehouse, you need to cover everything from building, resources, business goals, sales market, etc. It would help if you also become experts when it comes to the process, which includes seven:

  • Receiving inventory
  • Storage
  • Order picking
  • Order packing
  • Shipping
  • Delivery
  • Refunds

Is Shipping Included in the Fulfillment Process?

Choose Pick and Pack Services China

Yes, the fulfillment procedure includes shipping.

How is China Warehouse Shipping Calculated?

Each shipping company has its rules for calculating the cost. To know the dimensional (DIM) weight, you need to multiply the box’s length, width, and height for the usual steps to know the dimensional (DIM) weight. To know the DIM in pounds, you also need to divide the cubic size (in) by the DIM divisor. 

Chapter #7 Top 22 Fulfillment Centers in China

China Amazon Warehouse

Amazon is an e-commerce forum that provides anyone with the services you need. They have 15 “Amazon Warehouses China” with 800,000 square meters. It is the largest supply chain of Amazon outside of the United States.
If you are a seller from Amazon, you can utilize the China amazon warehouse and all the services. For instance, you can use the FBA services, where you can send your products to an Amazon Warehouse China or a location of your choice. 


Shipwire is among the most prominent logistic firm in China. They are a subunit of Ingram Micro, and they have over 154 fulfillment centers in 45 countries. ShipWire has its main base in Europe, but they have other Hong Kong and China warehouses. They have their fulfillment center in Shenzhen, while they have a warehouse and an office in Hong Kong. 
ShipWire also works with various shipping firms like DHL and FedEx. Through this, they give their customers the freedom to choose the best one. They also offer a variety of services, including:

  • Storage
  • Same day pack and delivery
  • Return of parcels
  • Made to order packaging
  • Kitting
  • Order efficiency
  • ZhenHub

One of the best “Pick and Pack Services China” is Zhenhub. This firm allows you to control international shipping routes, such as sea and air freight. Because of this, they work with shipping businesses like China Post, SF Express, FedEx, and DHL. They also offer varieties of services, including the following:

  • Product Storage
  • Pick and Pack Services China
  • China Warehouse Shipping
  • Co-packing
  • Returns

Zhenhub offers unique services wherein you can run all your fulfillment facilities, handle global shipping, and handle stock. This platform also allows you to compare shipping charges to many destinations using an online calculator. They also partnered with e-commerce brands like Shopify, Amazon, and Woocommerce. Zhenhub has many fulfillment centers cited in many countries in the world. Some of the places you can see their centers are:

  • Mainland China
  • Hong Kong
  • The United States
  • The United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • France
  • Australia
  • Taiwan
  • The Philippines
  • Korea
Choose Pick and Pack Services China

Morning Express Logistics

In 1987, Morning Express & Logistics Limited started a firm to offer shipping services. As of the moment, they run two warehouses that provide enough space for their clients. Some of the services they have are:

  • Pick and pack
  • Labeling
  • Bundling service
Morning Express Logistics

EPC Warehouse China

EPC warehouse China delivers support warehouse, pick and pack, and shipping services. They used FedEx as their main shipping half, but they may use other carriers in some cases. 

Kroger Fulfillment Center

Kroger fulfillment center is among the biggest pick and pack services and logistics in Northeast, California, and Florida. 

Shein Warehouse China

Shein is a clothing brand that is super popular today. Shein warehouse china is big enough to cater to the growing needs of its brand. This warehouse is in Foshan, Guangdong province. Even though Shein warehouse china is the main center, they also put up a site in the United States.

DHL Hong Kong

DHL is the world’s leading logistics company. Their China warehouse has an area of at least 27,000-square-foot. However, they also have offices in Shanghai, Beijing, and Taipei. They provide fast delivery within 1-2 days via Express Shipping and 1 to 4 days if it’s worldwide shipping. 
DHL also launched a china pick and pack warehousing service in Hong Kong, which they offered numerous services. Their top services include overseas delivery, courier services, transport, and many more such as:

  • Inventory
  • Outbound cargo
  • Stock control
  • Pick and Pack Services China
  • Handling of returns
  • Deals on Service Levels
Morning Express Logistics


Easyship is a shipping platform that offers services to connect couriers with sellers and their buyers. They partnered with shipping firms like FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc. This platform allows e-commerce sellers to handle all their orders and shipping on one site. It also enables the sellers to select the cheapest delivery options to many countries. 
Easyship supports e-commerce platforms like Alibaba, Shopify, and Amazon. They offer their china pick and pack warehousing service for B2B and B2C shipments. Some of the services they offer too are:

  • Product Storage
  • Pick and Pack Services China
  • China Warehouse Shipping

Moreover, it began its operations in Hong Kong in 2014 and made its way up to become one of the tops “Pick and Pack Services China.” They now have many China warehouses in Singapore, Australia, the Netherlands, and the United States. 


Bonded Warehouse China

Bonded warehouse china is a warehouse with a special customs monitoring area where they housed dutiable products before duty payment. It means that all your products are handled differently than those that are not. Some of the services you can get through a “bonded warehouse China” are:

  • Import 
  • Manufacture products
  • Assemble all the materials
  • Re-export overseas


One of the best fulfillment companies based in Hong Kong is Floship. Their company started in 2015 and became a top company that offers many services, such as e-commerce and crowdsourcing fulfillment. They also provided certified logistics plan services and others, like:

  • Product Storage
  • Pick and Pack Services China
  • China Warehouse Shipping
  • Quality Control (QC)

Like other firms on this list, Floship supports e-commerce platforms. It means they have a strong bond with Amazon, Shopify, and other big brands. They will connect the sellers with the best transport firms to deliver their goods.


Best Buy Chino Warehouse

Best buy built the best buy chino warehouse with the first best buy stores in China. This brand is an electronics retailer located in the United States and entered China in 2006. They also bought a large stake in Five Star Appliance Co. and began running 136 Five Star stores across various regions. 

SF International

SF is a Shenzhen, China-based shipping and logistic firm. They have over 100 bases in locations like the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and Germany. They also offer varieties of services, such as the following:

  • Overseas fulfillment
  • Packaging service
  • Heavy freight
  • Regular and budget express services
  • Storage

Guangzhou China Warehouse

Guangzhou china warehouse has the best location for storage and fulfillment processes. This region has many factories and industries that produce top products. This place is also the home of the Canton Import and Export Fair, and it is ranked 8th as the world’s busiest port in China. 

V Logic

V logic, based in Hong Kong, started its operations in 2000. They are among the firms that offer china pick and pack warehousing services. They also provide the following services:

  • Pick and Pack Services China
  • Stock control
  • Regional and global delivery
  • China warehouse and storage
  • Global freight
V Logic

Send From China

Send From China is a Hong Kong-based firm that offers china pick and pack warehousing services. They are a subsidiary firm of SFC services and a sister company of EXchain. Because of how big they are, they offer various services, including:

  • Product Storage
  • China warehouse storage
  • Product labeling and quality control
  • Package scanning
  • Shipping

This firm also gives a much more easy online shop interaction that allows the sellers on their platform to track orders. Sellers can also handle their stocks, track their products, and process their orders. 

Send From China

Walmart Warehouse

Walmart warehouse in China is one of the biggest since it has 20 warehouses that support 420 outlets in 180 cities. The first distribution center started in 1999 in Shenzhen. Currently, Walmart plans to invest around $1.2 billion to improve its logistics. 


La Poste and Swiss Post introduced Asendia in 2012. They offer varieties of china pick and pack warehousing services, such as: 

  • Stock control
  • China warehouse
  • Fulfillment solutions
  • Postal services 

This company has 17,000 square feet in its three China warehouse and delivery locations. They operate across many countries, such as Europe, North America, and Asia. Asendia also ship across 200 countries in the world. They even offer complete “Pick and Pack Services China” in countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United States. 
Ascendia is also known for being a sustainable firm. They aspire to do good for the environment. For instance, they use efficient energy and support projects that lessen carbons. 



Among the firms that offer various “china pick and pack services” is Borderless360. They have numerous China warehouses, mainly in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. 
Most of their services focused on shipping and logistic needs. They also provide hybrid, express, and postal keys. Borderless360 allows you to create shipping papers and retail invoices with their software. 
Here are more of the services they offer:

  • Fulfillment solutions
  • China warehouse
  • Shipping


ChinaDivision is among the best firms in China. They have various services that include warehousing, shipping, and order fulfillment. Their main base is in Shenzhen, China, where their clients get up to 30 days of free storage. 
Some of the services that this firm offers are:

  • Pick and Pack Services China
  • China Warehouse 
  • Inspection
  • Handling of shipments
  • Handling of returns

This company also offers an FBA service, which includes the following methods:

  • FBA labels
  • Packing
  • FBA labels
  • Invoice filing

CFC-China Fulfillment Center

The China Fulfillment Center, also known as CFC, is a fulfillment center based in Shenzhen, China. CFC is ideal for importing, exporting items, and shipping them to the best state. They work with the best shipping firms worldwide and ensure that they have the best “Pick and Pack Services China.” 
Here are some of the services CFC offers:

  • Fast order process
  • Packaging and shipping
  • Low service fees
  • 50+ different shipping channels
  • After-sales service

SINO Shipping

SINO Shipping specializes in freight forwarding, and they are responsible for shipping fulfillment. Some of the services they provide are the following:

  • Quality control solution
  • Product sourcing
  • Packing services
  • Supply chain
  • China warehouse

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