10 Price Comparison Stats You should Know

Here are a few pricing statistics that might help you in pricing your products correctly and also help in marketing them

  1. 90% of consumers spend time online to find the best deals.
  2. 86% of consumers believe in comparing prices between the brands and suppliers.
  3. 71% of consumers feel that you can get better deals online than in physical stores.
  4. For 60% of consumers, pricing is the single factor that influences their buying decision.
  5. Only 26% of companies or brands consider the prices of their competitors.
  6. 77% of consumers like to buy at the lowest price.
  7. Only 10% say that they rarely compare prices before buying.
  8. 27% of consumers use price comparison services.
  9. 39% of consumers get service from a broker to do the job for them.
  10. 26% of adults spend more than £100 to £499 a year on comparison services.

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