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JUSTCHINAIT is a leading full-service sourcing and China wholesale company in China, which have a dedicated team of sourcing agents to help you find the right products. The China Wholesale service offers the best prices to lower your costs, increase profits, achieve your objectives and grow your business.
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China wholesale Services That Will Maximize Your Profit

Thanks to the huge trade surplus in recent years, China is one of the largest exporters in the world. China’s exports increased by about 32.2% in June 2021, compared to the 27.9% recorded in May.

The increased trade with foreign partners like the US was triggered by the rising demand for Chinese products. Choosing our China wholesale services will allow you to profit from this trend. We have been in this business for more than 11 years, hence understand the ins and outs of the industry.

That’s why it is so easy for us to get you quality products at a lower price. With our China wholesale service, we guarantee quality products at the best price for foreign buyers. You can then get the most profit by selling them to your customers.

Contact us today to let us know what you need and our agents will get you the best deal possible.
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We are facing an excellent company with which I have had the pleasure of working. They were able to provide us with an incredible service on our importing from China that has met the specific needs, to help us get to the top of that growth in earnings that we want. It is a pleasure to work with them.
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Boost Your Margins with JUSTCHINAIT China Wholesale Services

When you use our China wholesale service to buy from China, you are sure to get quality products at an affordable rate. Our China wholesale services are customized to each individual or business needs. You will get:

  • Supplier research and qualification
  • Price analysis and negotiation
  • Product follow-up and quality inspection
  • Custom packaging and private brand solutions
  • Delivery arrangement

Transparent Prices For The Best China Wholesale Services

Choose our China wholesale services for that straightforward ordering experience your business needs. Right from our three main pricing plans to the custom quotes, rest assured you will get 100% transparency.

Our pricing structure is detailed to help you understand exactly what you are being charged for. You will also get complete access to our China wholesale service pricing and strategies.

Over the years, we have been sourcing affordable, yet quality products for foreign businesses and individual buyers.  We will ensure that you stay on top of the importation process—especially the pricing details.

Our China Wholesale products

We are a one-stop-shop for verified suppliers, wholesale insights, and wholesale experts to help you reach your business goals. In addition to the best sourcing services in China, we also sell a range of products from credible manufacturers.

Some of our wholesale products include automatic data machines, electronics and appliances, furniture, transmission apparatus, and clothing items. We get our products directly from the manufacturers in bulk, allowing us to negotiate for the best price.

Some manufacturers even offer us discounts for repeat business. Despite their affordability, rest assured that all our trade products are of satisfactory quality. Check out the reviews left behind by some of our satisfied clients.

What do China Wholesale services from Justchinait include?

Different businesses and individual buyers have varying needs when importing from China. Therefore we tailor every order fulfillment to the buyer’s specific needs. No wonder we have so many satisfied repeat customers.

Learn more about our China wholesale services:

1)Order Requirements Check

We help you get the best value for your money, whether you are buying from us or need to connect a manufacturer. To get a better understanding of what you need, we will require you to give us your product requirements.

We will require such details as your budget, minimum order quantity (MOQ), tolerances, and lead times.

Our team of experts will use this information to match you to the manufacturer/products that P meet your requirements.

2)Inquire and Compare

With our reliable China wholesale services, you will have all your order needs fulfilled.

Over the years, we have worked with individual buyers, wholesalers, startups, and chain businesses. We have a reputation for delivering what we promised efficiently and cost-effectively. Our identification and qualification methods vary from one supplier to another.

However, we always compare them to ensure that you are getting the best deal every time you buy from us. Once we get your order requirements, we contact multiple factories and visit them to get you what you need. This alone makes us the right choice for buyers who need different types of products.

We also offer sourcing services for clients who want to buy directly from a manufacturer in China. We are continually building a database of sourcing suppliers. This makes it easy and fast for us to match your order to the right manufacturer. With our China wholesale service, you can expect an accurate quotation within 4 hours.

Just contact us to get a customized quote. You can also give us a call during working hours for clarification on any issue you may come across. Give us a call at +86 150-1926-7452 to chat.

3)Suppliers Audit

We continually assess and audit manufactures to add to our credible suppliers’ list. Before signing the deal, we will carry out factory audits for all the potential suppliers. This confirms whether the manufacturers have adequate working conditions.

Our factory audits are thorough and Target three main areas. We start with system audits to gauge the management systems for each potential supplier. We ensure that all elements and processes are effective, including:

  • Factory profile.
  • Factory facilities, including their equipment and machinery.
  • Production capacities.
  • Organization and workflow charts.
  • The functioning of their quality assurance systems.

With our product audits, we can verify whether the products are compliant with performance standards. We also check to ensure that their products and services meet our customer’s and government's quality standards. We visit the local factories in person to assess their actual working conditions.

We also carry out process audits to ensure that the factory processes are efficient and within their established limits. In this case, we check the effectiveness, operation time, and responsiveness of each process specification.


If you choose to negotiate with foreign suppliers, you will come across multiple o stacked like unfamiliar ideologies, laws, and governments. Such differences in culture can affect your negotiations in several ways.

JUSTCHINAIT helps you overcome such challenges while negotiating for the right quality, terms, and price. To get you the best deal, our negotiations focus on the total lead times and the incoterms used. For instance, we will insist on FOB Shenzhen, and help you avoid CIF terms when necessary.

In addition to reasonable payment terms, our negotiations address common intellectual property rights issues. All in all, we will ensure that you get transparency and access to the manufacturer’s information, product specifications, quality standards, and certifications.

5)Sample Testing

After we find the perfect manufacturer, our sourcing agents will get samples or prototypes for your review. You want to see and feel the actual product before ordering, right? We will get samples from several factories and test them to find you the right products.

This is the best way to tell whether a supplier is up to the task. We will test the product design and overall quality and compare them to industry standards. Sample testing will help you assess the manufacturer’s ability to deliver acceptable products.

We can get and test different sample types from different manufacturers, including:

  • Production samples.
  • Factory samples.
  • Custom-made product samples.

By comparing samples from different factories, you can simply choose the one that offers the best quality. Again, you will have a backup supplier in case you run into problems with your first choice.

6)Order Management

You don’t want your chosen trading company to rush the process. If they rush, you could end up with poor-quality products. On the same note, you do not want them to take too much time and cause delays in your supply chain.

According to our sourcing professionals, about 98% of factories in China do not have a dedicated project manager. To avoid any inconveniences, you should monitor the process in person. This can be challenging if you are not in China.

Lucky for you, we take care of all the steps required to import from China, including order management. We will monitor production and keep you updated throughout the process. If there is a problem or delay, we will visit the factory to resolve it since we are already in China.

7)Quality Inspection

For foreign importers, we also offer quality inspection services. The objective here is to ensure insistent manufacturing quality and reduce defects. Our structured quality assurance processes are customized to the needs of each order.

We start by reviewing important parts and certifications. We’ll then visit the factory to review the integrity of their production line against ISO standards. Secondly, we several quality inspections—when the product is 30% complete, 80% complete, and on the finished product.

Our professional team of agents will review the white label company for any potential issues. They will also inspect every production batch for damage or defects as well as track the products to the Whitehouse. We also keep in touch with the factory to ensure that your products are delivered in time.

8)Delivery Arrangement

Delivery management is an optional add-on for our China wholesale and shipping services.

Whether it is your first time or are an experienced importer, this service can be of immense value. Our logistics and supply chain professionals analyze this final step and give you suggestions on how to save time and money.

They will optimize your production and order schedule to improve efficiency. This ensures that receive the products precisely when you need them. We will help you ship the products from China to your seaport, airport, or doorstep.

We offer multiple freight forwarding packaging to meet your budget and time requirements. For accurate recommendations and quotes, contact us online.

As a full-service China wholesale and shipping service, we will match your shipping needs to one of our channels. We support express rail, air, and sea shipping Channels. We also offer private label solutions as well as cargo consolidation/split services.

We can personalize every aspect of China wholesale and delivery to your business needs. This allows us to offer an unmatched level of customization when it comes to wholesale and delivery services.

Why Would You Need Professional China Wholesale Services?

Are you unsure about the value of professional China wholesale services in China? Well, there are several factors you should consider. For instance, think of the cost savings you will get for high-quality products. This will directly increase your margins and make you more competitive.

Learn more about the specific benefits of our China wholesale services:

1)Decrease Your Sourcing Cost

We only buy our products directly from local manufacturers in China. We normally talk directly to the company owner. Therefore we can get better terms and prices for any product. Having worked with many factories in the past, we also get special discounts from time to time for repeat business.

As an established China wholesale company, we only add a minimal mark-up to our products. As a result, you end up buying the products at a lower price than you would elsewhere. Most of the trading companies you will find on B2B platforms are not straightforward—making up to 30% in profit.

We can offer a lower sourcing cost because of the reduced overheads—sometimes a low as 5.0%. Just do the math:

  • Most trading companies will charge you $10 for a product they bought for $8.
  • As opposed to such traders, we will charge you $9 for the same item.

So, you will save $2 when you buy the product from us. Lowering the buying price allows you to make more profit when you resell the product.

Why is this Important?

 Whether you are using our factory sourcing service or buying directly from us, you will always get the best deal. Reduces sourcing cost allows businesses to make more profits, which is a good thing.

Again, our products are of high quality, which gives your business a competitive edge. Contact us today for a free quote then compare it to other traders in China.

2) Improve the Quality of the Products You Source

Lead time is an important consideration for businesses that import products from China. You should be able to avail items to your customers in the shortest time possible. This will give you an advantage over your competitors.

Again, reducing the delivery time reduces the cash flow needed to maintain the supply chain. Therefore, we work so hard to reduce delivery times for our customers. To begin with, we have multiple suppliers for different product categories.

This is meant to prevent shortages even when one manufacture fails to deliver. We are a one-stop shop for different product types and categories. This alone saves you the time you need to get assorted products from different manufacturers.

Our efficiency allows your business to build a consistent supply chain. The ability to manage different orders at the same time also saves our customer’s time. Our China wholesale services have some of the shortest lead times.

3) Save Your Sourcing Time

Lead time is an important consideration for businesses that import products from China. You should be able to avail items to your customers in the shortest time possible. This will give you an advantage over your competitors.

Again, reducing the delivery time reduces the cash flow needed to maintain the supply chain. Therefore, we work so hard to reduce delivery times for our customers. To begin with, we have multiple suppliers for different product categories.

This is meant to prevent shortages even when one manufacture fails to deliver. We are a one-stop shop for different product types and categories. This alone saves you the time you need to get assorted products from different manufacturers.

Our efficiency allows your business to build a consistent supply chain. The ability to manage different orders at the same time also saves our customer’s time. Our China wholesale services have some of the shortest lead times.

4)Optimize Your Supply Chain

According to a G2 research, 79% of the businesses that have an optimized supply chain achieve revenue growth. Optimizing a supply chain is all about refining it to operate at its best. This often requires you to optimize your inventory placement and reduce operational costs.

Our China wholesale services are designed to help you optimize the supply chain in your business. This, in turn, reduces costs and improves the overall business performance. Streamlining your supply chain will also improve customer satisfaction in your business.

With our professional China wholesale services, the objective is to offer our customers lower costs and higher margins. To make this possible, we establish and maintain transparent communication between our customers and Chinese suppliers.

This guarantees timely fulfilment of orders while preventing any confusion that may arise. Our multi-channel approach to demand and supply will help you to forecast trends. Such an effort has been helping our customers plan for their businesses.

Optimizing your supply chain also requires you to get quality merchandise at affordable rates. This is one of the areas we excel at. Check our customer reviews for further assistance.

5) Maximize the Competitive Edge in Your Business

The outsourcing market in China is growing at a rate of about 30% annually. When outsource your sourcing needs to use, we will take care of everything from product creation to delivery. The main objective here is to give you a competitive edge with your customers as well as within your industry.

Successfully sourcing products from China means that you can sell the products for 30 to 50 percent less than your competitors. We will handle your supply chain in a way that spearheads maximum profits, optimized savings, innovation, and improves customer satisfaction in your brand.

We also work towards maximizing supply chain partnerships for your business. Such relationships will positively impact on your supply chain cost, sustainability, and the timeline commitment.

Our China Wholesale products

At JUSTINCHINAIT, our China wholesale services offer an all-round experience, which includes:

  • In-depth supplier research and audit.
  • Order requirement check and customized fulfillment.
  • Price comparison
  • Negotiations and sample testing
  • Quality inspection
  • Delivery arrangement

Plus, we guarantee you the lowest prices for high-quality products even when you are ordering fewer quantities.

How did we become the “Go-To” trading company for foreign companies, businesses, and individuals? By only working with handpicked, certified, and ethically-accredited factories. We also follow the five key principals of sourcing:


Getting a supplier that matches your needs is just the first step when sourcing for products from China.

The cost of your merchandise will directly impact on your meetings, profitability, and overall business performance. That said, the price of products in China is directly proportional to their quality. Again, calculating your profit margins based on just the unit price is not the way to go.

Most traders will try to complicate the pricing just to charge you more.

As such, you may end up paying more than you should for your order.

You can save on your purchase by hiring us to manage your sourcing, product development, tooling, quality inspections, and laboratory testing. You will only be charged for what you ordered with our China wholesale service. Our custom quotes are detailed to help you understand exactly what you are paying for.

Most quotes will include tooling costs (for customized products), sample, quality inspection, social compliance audit, and laboratory testing charges. Our China wholesale professionals will work with you throughout the process and advise you on how you can save money and time.


Product quality is what will keep your customers coming back for more.

Although we always try to find you the most affordable products, we never compromise on product quality. Our primary goal, in this case, is to get you high-quality products at the best prices. Buying quality products at lower prices will improve your profit margins and cost-effectiveness.

You need to understand that Chinese manufacturers have different price points for different qualities of the same product. The supreme quality products fetch a higher price while the lower quality ones are more affordable.

This is why you need to set clear expectations for product quality. Ensure that our China wholesale professionals understand exactly what you need—including a detailed specification of products and materials.

We normally have different suppliers, each offering a different quality, for the same product type. For example, we can offer you three different quality levels for most household appliances. While this is the case, rest assured that all our products meet the relevant quality standards.

At JUSTCHINAIT, we have a strict Ethical Sourcing Policy, that we can show you upon request. Our suppliers list only has the manufacturers that were carefully selected and are continually monitored for quality and compliance.

When we get your order, we try to understand your desired product quality and value. We then find a manufacturer that is best suited for your order requirements.

We then check their compliance, and visit their factories to ascertain that they are what they claim to be. Even after choosing the right manufacturer, we carry out a series of quality inspections—including pre-production inspection, in-process inspections, and pre-shipment inspections.

We will tailor our China wholesale service to your specific business needs to ensure that you get exactly what you ordered for.


Our delivery service will help you handle all the necessary paperwork and nature and requirements. We will then have your products delivered to wherever you want. International shipping can be expensive and complicated.

When importing goods from China, pay attention to the shipping companies and methods. Each delivery is tailored to the nature and requirements of the respective order. Our freight professionals will work with you to choose a delivery method that suits your budget and timeline.

With that in mind, different shipping methods may be used to deliver your merchandise. Here are some of the cost-effective shipping methods we often use:

  • Ocean Freight

This is the most common international shipping method in the world, accounting for about 90% of all shipping. Ocean shipping vessels can transport enormous quantities and weight. Such aspects make it the most cost-efficient delivery method for importing goods from China. The downside to this method is that it takes long and the ports are often congested.

  • Air Freight

This is the fastest delivery method you can use to import products from China. It is the right freight method for importers who are time-sensitive. Air freight is reliable, safe, and only takes a few hours for the order to be delivered. The problem with this method is that it is very expensive—about 16 times more expensive than ocean freight and five times costlier than trucking.

  • Express Freight

This is the best delivery method for transporting products on a short notice. It makes use of couriers like FedEx, UPS, and DHL. Such a method is only cost-effective when transporting small items from China.

Right from the paperwork and packaging to the actual transportation, our logistic experts will help you choose a the best solution to suit your budget and time needs.


We always try our level best to improve the way we interact with our customers. Whether you need our factory sourcing services or just want to buy from us, you will get all the attention you need. We have a dedicated customer support team in place to respond to your concerns during working hours.

In this regard, you can contact us online through the Contact Us form or just give us a call. Additionally, we have a team of professionals who are always ready to assist you source from China. Our China wholesale service is meant to expand the sourcing platform in your business.

As an extension to your business, we kind of rely on your business’s success to succeed. As such, we work tirelessly to help you get the kind of products and prices you need to succeed. We are transparent in all our dealings with foreign buyers.

With our help, you will have better control of the importation process, including quality controls and logistics. Think of us as your eyes and ears in China.

To guarantee a better customer experience, we segment the customer base by support expectations and value. We also go a step further to segment the type of support device we offer according to competitive advantage and impact.

Our China wholesale professionals are well trained on how to choose the right supplier profile and location for each type of support they offer

With their help, it will be easier for you to establish the right framework and manage your supplier relationships. All in all, we offer our customers the best customer service so that they can shop for the right products.


Buying products from China is relatively safe. However, not all Chinese suppliers are honest. It is still possible to lose your money or incur losses while importing from China. You can avoid such inconveniences but hiring a reliable sourcing partner in China.

We help our customers avoid fraud, find the best manufacturers, compare suppliers and prices, and get the best value for their money. We also equip our customers with the right information to help them buy safely.

We also carry out negotiations on your behalf and explain the technical terms for easy understanding. For example, we will advise you on the right bilingual contract to sign if you need to protect intellectual property.

We also advise our customers not to release payment until we have audited the supplier and approved them. By so doing, we ensure that foreign buyers have the best experience while sourcing from China. This makes them want to buy from China over and over again, which creates more jobs for the locals.

Why Partner with JUSTCHINAIT for China wholesale Services?

Simply put, we are the best at what we do. There are several reasons why you should consider our China wholesale services, including:

1)Experienced Purchase Staff1.What is China Clothes Wholesale?

Any industry expert will tell you that experience is an important consideration when looking for a Chinese wholesale company. We have a team of experienced sourcing and wholesale professionals who have plenty of experience and proven track records.

There are many facets involved in sourcing products from China. Choosing China wholesale professionals who understand all the key moving parts is essential. You can check our case studies, and client testimonials just to be sure.

2)More than One Hundred Thousand Suppliers

Versatility is another thing that sets us apart from other traders in China. We currently have a list of more than 100,000 suppliers for you to choose from. All the manufacturers on this list are handpicked and thoroughly audited.

This makes it easy for use to link you to the right factory depending on your order requirements. We have a deeper understanding of the industry and have sourced different product types for customers in the past. All these will ensure that you get precisely what you seek at the best price.

3)11 Years on Sourcing and Exporting

JUSTINCHINAIT has been in business for more than 11 years. Initially, we only sourced products for our clients. With time, we diversified into China wholesale, price comparison, and shipping services. Throughout the years, we have been dealing with factories and shipping companies on a daily basis.

This familiarity is very essential when negotiating prices with such companies.

4)Hundreds of Satisfied Clients

A Keen eye for details coupled to valuable sourcing and China wholesale expertise has made us the China wholesale company of choice. We handle each order individually to ensure that every customer gets what they want. This level of customization leaves our clients happy and satisfied.

No wonder we have so many repeat customers.

5)Dedicated Customer Manager

Every customer—new or otherwise—is treated like a VIP at JUSTCHINAIT. We will assign you a dedicated customer success manager. This professional is supposed to prioritize your needs and goals. Your manager will seek to understand your order requirements.

They will then offer you a timely value proposition on how to save money and time importing products from China. The professional will assist you every step of the way to ensure that you grow and achieve your business goals.

6)Full-Services from Buying to Shipping

Think of us as a one-stop shop for all your product and manufacturer sourcing needs. Our services include manufacturer sourcing and vetting, product testing and quality assurance, packaging, and shipping.

If you need different product types, we will source them from different manufacturers, consolidate them and send them as a single consignment. We will take care of everything from product sourcing until the product is delivered to your location.

Get Profit-Driven China Wholesale Services for Your Business

Ready to source products from China for better margins and improved profitability?

Choose JUSTCHINAIT and our year-experienced team of sourcing and China wholesale professionals—they are equipped with the required certifications, skills, and experience. These professionals will help you buy quality products at the lowest prices possible.

Contact us at +86 150-1926-7452 to speak with an experience China Wholesale professional.

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